Joey Doesn't Share Food | Learn English with Friends

43 thoughts on “Joey Doesn't Share Food | Learn English with Friends”

  1. 😂😂 Joey always makes me laugh! How about you? Check out all of our lessons with hilarious Joey clips like this one! 👉👉

  2. the coolest channel on YouTube!👍👍👍👍I will definitely recommend it to my friends💪🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝

  3. I like the way you teach through TV series n their subtitles also plz Make some vdo's on "learn English with movies" ,it will also help to learn more better through Hollywood……..

  4. I have a strange feeling as I've already seen this lesson.
    Oh, I found out. I simply watched the original video.

  5. I think joey has a point hahah they order a garden salad and then eat your food. i had a very similar experience with a girl i was going out with, we got on pretty well she was well put together, but she had that weird and indecorous habit of ordering salad and lighter food and then taking your food, also she was constantly rambling on about veganism and how it affects your health and blah blah blah so i just ended up ghosting her

  6. This video is very effective… Regards to the people who uploaded this video …This unique teaching technique helped me much

  7. I like your video bro but I'm learning and sometimes I can't understand you maybe you can speak a little bit slow. Please

  8. How can you use clips of friends series and avoid copy rights on YouTube??
    thanks for this great work

  9. Thank you for your efforts you are always putting it for your worthwhile videos best way to improve your english 🙂

  10. Oh hoo!Great,i really love your channel and hope you will create lots of video like this one,especially about Friends series

  11. 10:58 "you wouldn't let her have a grape"..why is she using "would" instead of For example " you didn't let her have a grape? just say it in the simple past ?

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