21 thoughts on “Joe Satriani Private Lesson "Official"”

  1. The student is great ok but Satriani explain him a lot of things that only a good Master can explain.

  2. I think it would have been better if the prize had gone to more of a beginner. This guy just wanted his ego massaging.

  3. If he explains modes the student is a robot he memorized. The solo but doesnt know what scale yeah he needs this

  4. To the untrained ear, they may sound similar. But personal timing inflections, vibrato, and mood really define Satriani. Subtleties can never be discounted, and Satriani is the antithesis of a guitar shredder… Every note matters. It's worth mentioning the importance of originality too.

  5. What a goldmine of a lesson- great perspective on how practice leads to development of a voice and something unique from your sound & style. And holy crap Rick you have guts to go get a lesson like this from your hero – I salute you!

  6. Here’s the cool; You have the Alien of the planet, Otherworldly cool!, in your presence and you get to sit and listen to him speak in the tongue of music. Gatemouth Brown
    said “ I make this geetar talk and say what I want it to”. Chet Atkins said “I stole all kinds of stuff and then make it my own” SRV playing Pipeline listened and got the feel of the song, then made it his own. What a treat for this guitar player, and the best? He listened, enjoy the time and enjoyed the journey. Thank you for the post. Never a whose better, always a how can I, we make it better, enjoy the journey
    “You’re doing a great job”

  7. This was SO good. It wasn't just a bullshit celebrity meet and greet posing as a "lesson". Nope, Joe gave great insight and actually taught. You could see that he's a teacher at heart. The guy who won the lesson deserved it. Great dude, terrific player, and could really absorb what Joe was teaching. Loved every second of this and learned a great deal myself.

  8. Basic stuff. The real secrets are never reveal, they are hidden behind talks of modes. There is true darkness deep with in, melodic minor abounds, whole tone in everything, even major scale, minor 7th flat 5 is your friend it grips its self around your heart. 2 fingers are enough Jango proved it to play it all. The direction you play is all wrong the guitar is a puzzle and I figured it out.

  9. The myriad of thoughts and considerations going on in Joe’s brain connected to every note and action is astounding. He’s clearly put in the time and is a master craftsman at levels way above mortals.

  10. Joe looks so young!! I'm 45 and he was a super star when I was a teenager. HOw old is he here in 2014? He looks 25!!!

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