Joe Lee Johnson, Teravista teachers finalists for H-E-B Excellence in Education awards

[MUSIC] I have an incredible pleasure to work with Allie Duffy, who’s an incredible educator. She works so hard to understand the story behind every student. Their experiences that they bring to the classroom, what’s important to them, what’s their motivator, what’s their driver. Not only does she educate the kids in the classroom but she’s extremely committed to growing herself as a professional and supporting her peers, her colleagues, and professional growth as well.>>I want to leave the place that I am or where I am better than I found it. And I think with education we get to do that everyday. Whether it’s just one interaction with a child who just needs some extra time, or if it’s taking him through a whole year. And supporting him academically, socially or emotionally. As teachers, we have the impact to impact the future generations who are going to grow up and serve our country. [MUSIC] >>Stephanie Stoebe is such an amazing teacher because she does so many things in her classroom to make learning engaging with her students. She is a next-gen teacher, that does a lot of extra technology lessons with her students. She uses a lot of Google Classroom. She does a fabulous job of getting the students engaged and just enjoys doing everything that she can for the kids.>>At the beginning of every year, I meet with each student and we set academic goals. This is really important that every child has something that they’re personally working on to better themselves as a student. And it’s important that it comes from their heart and their own self-reflection. It’s not that every child passes the test or every child reaches a certain level. is that child better at the second month of school than he was at the first month of school? Is he a stronger reader at the middle of the year than he was at the beginning of the year.
And I’m going to get buy-in from students when I help them set their goals and they take charge of their learning. I’m extremely proud of Ms. Stoebe at Teravista Elementary and Ms. Duffy at Joe Lee Johnson Elementary for being finalists in the H-E-B Excellence in Education Awards. And what that also indicates is that those two teachers are indicative of the great teachers we have in Round Rock, and we have over 3,000 teachers, but we’re so proud that H-E-B has recognized the work of these two.
It’s so critical that the future of our great state is dependent on how well we educate our students. So by highlighting our teachers and public education in general, H-E-B goes above and beyond but also sets the tone for the importance of why we should all support education. [MUSIC]

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