Jody Brook Grand Challenge Focus – Closing the Health Gap

fetal alcohol syndrome is one of the leading known causes of preventable birth defects and so for every woman who is able to reduce or ideally completely eliminate her substance use while she's pregnant we have a preventable birth defect that's impacted and so this grand challenge of reducing and preventing alcohol misuse and its consequences is directly linked to interventions that take place in the public child welfare system I was involved with the implementation of a parenting intervention or substance abuse affected families in the Kansas child welfare system and what we learned by evaluating the intervention is that children were reunified with their families over 200 days faster and we have followed this these families for about five to seven years after reunification and we know that these children are not re-entering the foster care system it can benefit these families children can reunify more quickly and and they do so safely now we're trying the same intervention with two other states for example we're using it with a population that is largely family preservation we're using it with an all Latino population so we're taking the same intervention and we're trying it out with different different families to see how it works in different situations to understand more about the intervention its efficacy and how it applies

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