Jodi Guy – FINALIST – 2019 Premier’s Awards for Excellence in Education

Jody just encourages everybody to do a
little bit more and to think about kids first. She can just take any situation
and break it down and makes you realize what’s important and who we’re here for
every day. She does an outstanding job of
interacting with the students and the families and it’s benefited the schools
that she’s worked at greatly. She’s created a comfortable environment where
families feel like they can bring their families in to talk about how we can
support their child to be the most successful young person they can be.
She’s irreplaceable, quite frankly. I’ve won a lottery working with people who
are like-minded and we always are striving for the best in kids and I’m
very proud of the work that we do here. It’s a great privilege to me that
families allow me to help them. I love it here.

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