50 thoughts on “Job Interview Skills – Questions and Answers”

  1. ı love you Ronnie !!! you're always helping to myself , ı'm glad to found you hehe this's right sure

  2. You the best rony, like what you do, i actually learn more by following your educational videos, thank you for that

  3. Hi Ronnie..i recently lost my job due to unfortunate events..now i have decided to work at home..online job..was looking for videos with helpful tips and answers to interview questions for ESL tutors and luckily i happened to see your vid..and you really made me laugh..your tips are quite helpful..but would you also be able to make one that's related to tutoring? I really appreciate if you have the time to answer this..

  4. You have talking personality – really great – good in computers – good answer but customer service job is what I am going for — how fantastic you are- why – won award or done a great job and why should we hire – I am team player – work well with other players – assertive – the best get job done CV – experience and qualification – have you had conformation at you – how did you resolve it – we communicated and had meetingpositive traits 5 – negative traits 5 – always tell them 1 –

  5. I have an interview in 2 hours and I’m way more confident than I was before watching this. Thank you!! If I get the job, I’ll come back with a follow up comment.

  6. Thank you Ronnie, I'm looking forward to work at a Call Center bue to the current situation of my country.

  7. My first job, the interviewer asked me why I want the job. I literally said "because I need money". It was a labor role so not really much to say.

  8. teacher can you make a video about study abroad interview – question and answers
    Thank you very much, teacher. 🙂

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