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Green is life Green is harmony green is progress Green is freshest yeah Rinus tranquility find every shade of green in your new
world and turn into the new world of sony but
global city your city your world yeah … ok and explore every shade of green and
every you of life that rest comfortably in the lab of nature yeah yeah yeah the megacity has been efficaciously
planned and is being developed by General reality a unit of the leading
industrial conglomerate OB gineral it’s easy accessibility to Delhi from the
proposed metro station and NH one makes the computing experience a smooth affair
proximity to rajiv not the educational city or I sports complex and the
upcoming SE said of dlf and on average use of cutting-edge technology and
contemporary design have been the emblem of excellence for gentle reality the
same as imminent as one enters the grand entrance with broad roads started with
trees all along let your eyes feast on the central
landscape spanning 80 acres be aesthetically done landscaping
embellished with ornamental plants and evergreen trees sued your senses and
captivate your mind yeah yeah the 399 acres of general residency give
you a heavenly field and the dwelling units surround you with eternal bliss crafted into woodside woodrows woodland and woodcrest the house is
symbolized the quintessential charm of Anna dilek life with manicure box and
explicitly develop surroundings sony but global city provides farm
village which revel in the glory of opulence in global city at sony bug
Windsor Viceroy I didn’t are an emblem of colonial
architecture yeah yeah and ID impressed yeah and Primrose gives you a feeling of
contemporary styling and if you believe in your own piece of herb and your own
piece of blue you can opt for open plots and build your dream home as you wanted
to be the exquisite choices extend further to meticulously designed
apartments that elevate your lifestyle to a whole new level traffic snarls and delusion would be
passing the commercial areas stretched over 30 acres has been planned at bar
with global standards on the team of work leisure and fun at one place catering to the aspirations and needs of
corporate houses and business enterprises choose your style statement
from an extensive range of global fashion brands that would be available
at the mall to make sony but global city the most complete township on every
parameter it has its own institution area this area will have state-of-the-art
education facilities outdoor and indoor play areas hospital sports area recreational space and plenty of other
amenities to give you a unique lifestyle experience yeah yeah enhance your global lifestyle further
with a celebrated top-notch grand elite club hit some cases at the tennis or
squash quads enjoy an invigorating different to the swimming pool relax
recreate and refresh ok yeah yeah yeah there’s more to life that you will
relish all through discover new joists of green living at sony but global city
your life your city your world For More details and bookings contact Sumeet Alakh @ 8800694574 Email at [email protected]

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