Jim Rohn – How to Turn Knowledge into Action (Jim Rohn Motivation)

JIM ROHN► don't you sometimes wonder why so many
immigrants who come to America can build a new life and a fortune while many of
the people who were born here are barely surviving they have a dream a defined
goal ambition aside from the pioneers that cross the prairies and the
mountains to reach their vision of hope and future promises there are other
amazing examples of how ambition has shaped America take Ben Franklin for
instance when most people think of Ben Franklin they remember the kite and the
lightning bolts and the discovery of electricity what a lot of people may not
know is that Ben Franklin was one of the first riders to address self making when
Franklin started Poor Richard's Almanack in 1732
he used the blank spaces between the crop data and the weather information to
insert clever bits of moral and practical advice I'm sure you've heard
the saying fish and company start to stink in three days well that was one of
hundreds of Ben Franklin's comments on life another was diligence is the mother
of good luck you know it's amazing how hard working smart working people have
all the luck we sometimes hear of a brand new musical group and overnight
success they must have been in the right place at the right time knew the right
people had a friend to help them out but if
you've ever watched an interview with some of these folks you'll probably hear
that their overnight success took several years diligence is the mother of
good luck now in addition to these witticisms Ben Franklin gave us three
principles of success and ambition that have withstood the test of time
number one happiness doesn't come from big pieces of great success but from
small advantages hammered out day by day what mr. Franklin is saying here is that
we must be happy with what we've got when we're in pursuit of what we want
too often we say oh I'll be happy when I just get that promotion I'll be happy
when I just land that contract I'll be happy when I just have more money I'll
be happy when I just just what you won't be any happier when you reach your goals
than you are right now it just doesn't work that way Abraham Lincoln said it
best he said you'll be as happy as you make up your mind to be right now
whether you're on your way whether you've already gotten there
you'll be as happy as you make up your mind to be now right now being happy on
the way doesn't mean you can't aim for great things after all look at
everything Franklin accomplished in his lifetime
it means that big achievements come one small advantage at a time it means that
you've got to enjoy the journey it means that you must enjoy and take pride in
your little accomplishment it means enjoying who you are becoming
in pursuit of your eager desire every day every single day
Ben Franklin second principle said that life is flexing within each of us is the
power to mold mold ourselves and mold our environment it is up to each of us
to begin this molding process with a final product in mind and it is within
our power to work it and form it every minute every day every month every year
by using your mind and your abilities and your attitude to work a little each
day on molding your life you'll soon see how magnificent your power is to gain
those small advantages each day the little steps it takes to build up to
success principle number three success is a pleasure success is a pleasure if
what you are doing today isn't satisfying gratifying guess what
you're really not successful if you are not fulfilled with what you are doing
today you cannot possibly be successful it doesn't matter how many worldly
possessions you may have how many cars how many toys how much money if you're
not happy with your life as it is you cannot be successful
now I know that success is a relative term it means different things to
different people to a school kid success may mean a star on top of his latest
test to a homemaker it probably means that she has a well-run household and a
wonderful family to an outside professional it's most likely the thrill
of closing a major contract or the pride in accepting a performance bonus or
being named the top producing salesperson but the one thing you will
hear from everyone who is successful is that they are happy with who they are
and what they are doing they are happy content satisfied success is a pleasure
what have you done today that makes this day successful think about it and write
it down if at the end of the day you can jot down the things that have made it a
good day you will soon see patterns for me this really is a good habit to get
into when you can see a pattern of pleasure you'll know you're on the road
to success so take note of mr. Franklin's three principles of success
and ambition number one big achievements come one small advantage at a time one
step at a time one day at a time number two you have the power to mold
your life to make it whatever you want to shape it and reshape and number three
success is measured through pleasure this is the key one success is measured
through pleasure you've got to be happy along the way you've got to learn to
give yourself a pat on the back good job you need to tell yourself I'm proud of
me today you've got to be happy you've got to learn to enjoy the process these
are really common-sense ideas they're practical and William James agreed he's
another American great one of the most notable philosophers and psychologists
in our history and he founded a philosophy called pragmatism to be
pragmatic is to be practical to test the validity of a concept by its practical
results to actually question something and rate its usefulness by what it can
do for you to hear a method of doing something and figuring out if it's even
worth your while one of the issues mr. James dealt with in his lifetime was
what does it mean to be a success a significant person after years of
pondering this question William James described success as a
combination of two things number one and inner ideal which is followed
persistently with courage and number two outer achievement related to that ideal
let's go back to number one and inner ideal which is followed persistently
with courage I take that to mean defining a goal and having the resolve
to complete it no matter what I'll do it or die promise yourself you'll read the
books until your skills change go to the seminars until you get a handle on it do
it until it makes sense practice it until you've got it right don't give up
until you get where you want to be however long that is step by step piece
by piece book by book seminar by seminar do it
until go for it until is a very important word it's magic it means that
you'll never give up don't miss the chance to grow to pay the price until
you learn change grow you'll discover some of life's great treasures when you
pay that price William James second part to success dealt with the outer
achievement related to that ideal you need both aspects to really be a success
but what dr. James realized about his philosophy of success was that the first
part is indeed more important than the second going for it as long as you're
working toward your inner goal your dream then success is possible but once
you give up your inner vision then you can never become success
you never will become successful until doesn't even matter
now maybe the person who's been working on a project for 10 years can be
successful in his own right if he's honestly working toward it doing
everything to make himself worthy of reaching the dream really happy with
where he is

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  2. Ive been listening to Jim Rohn for a while now very inspirational im going to do it raise a glass to the late , great Jim Rohn

  3. I love this idea of writing down what made each day a good day and looking for patterns of pleasure. So many of his principles have contributed to my success as an online entrepreneur!

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