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(upbeat music) – Hi guys, welcome back to. – [All] That YouTub3 Family! – And today we’re going
to be playing Jewel Thief! Now, you guys have
probably wanted this game for probably a year. We are finally playing Jewel Thief. So how we are playing this game, there may be lots of
versions, we’re playing it that one person is the the thief; they have this awesome jewel. They’re trying to keep the
jewel away from everybody else. Everybody else wants to
catch the jewel thief. Now, if they tag, if the
jewel thief gets tagged, then whoever tagged them gets the jewel and they have to now run because they’re getting
chased by everybody else. The goal of the game is
to get to five points. Every time you get the
jewel, you get one point. We’ve set up boundaries here in the park, that if you go out of the shade, into the sun, you get minus a point. – Dun dun dun. – First player to five
points will win this game. Who wants to get one free point and start off with our jewel?
– Me! – Me! – I’m going to let Jake start us off. I’m going to secure the jewel in this box, and tape it up, because
our jewel is so real, it’s very heavy and it has a sharp point. – [Jordan] It’s valuable. – It’s very valuable,
so we wanna protect it in the box. You’re off
– Okay, 10 seconds. – One. – [All] Two, three. – [David] What’s your strategy? – Run as fast as I can.
– Five. – [David] What’s your strategy? – Try and grab the jewel out of his hand. – [Kids] Eight, nine. – [David] What’s your strategy? – Run as fast as I can! – [David] Okay, go! – [Jordan] Go go go! – [David] Oh man, he’s way up there. – [Katie] How did he get there? – [David] I don’t know,
but I have a feeling he boxed himself into a corner. Oh no. Oh, there goes the jewel thief. Oh, Jordan got him! Jordan is now the new jewel thief. Oh no, it’s Ty, Ty got him. I thought it was Jordan, but it’s Ty. Ty’s the thief. He’s running right into Mom, I don’t know if he knows Mom’s over there. – [Kids] Seven, eight, nine, 10! – [David] Uh oh, uh oh, here comes the mob trying to get the jewel thief! – I’m gonna get you! – [David] Go Ty Ty! Can he get away? – [Katie] Oh ho ho! – [David] Oh, he got caught by Audrey. – [Katie] One, two. – [David] Hey Audrey. – [Katie] Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. – [David] All right, here
comes the jewel thief. Go get him! – I’m letting the boys go after her because I know she’s really fast, and I’m already tired. So I’m letting the boys go after her. – [David] Let them chase her to you? – Yeah. – [David] There you go. – [Jordan] That’s my
strategy for this round. – [David] There she is up there. Ty’s going after her. Ty’s got one point. Jake’s got one point;
Audrey’s got a point. – [Katie] Oh, Jake got her. – [David] Oh, Jake’s got two points now. – [Katie] He’s got two points. One! – [All] Two, three, four, five, – [David] Jordan, you gotta
chase to get the point. – [All] Six. – [Jordan] Gotta get this one. – [All] Seven, eight, nine, 10! – [David] He’s going out on
the edges, there goes Jordan. I think she’s determined
to get a point this time. Oh no, but Ty’s coming in,
Ty’s gonna try to steal it. Someone’s gonna go around
the tree to get him. Who’s it gonna be? Oh, he’s running up the hill. Oh, Jordan got him! – This is a heavy jewel. – [David] Okay, are you ready? Everybody’s spreading out. Katie’s at the top of the hill. – One, two, three. – [David] Audrey’s in the middle. – [Audrey] Four, five. – [David] Jake and Ty
are down at the bottom. – [Audrey] Six. – [David] Jordan’s running
up over the other side. – [Audrey] Eight, nine. – [David] Will her strategy work? – [Audrey] 10! – [David] Oh, Jordan’s
getting chased by a bear. A bear joined the race. Oh, here comes all the kids. Can she stay away from them? Time will tell. Oh, Jake got her! Jake now has three points. Jake, do you think you’re gonna win? – Yep! – [David] All right, he’s going
to the far end of the park. – Man, I was trying to blend
in as a person at the park and I went on the swings
and they got me still. – [David] Didn’t blend too well. (laughs) All right. Mom and Jordan’s up here. Audrey and Tyler’s down there. And, go! – I see him. – [David] You see me? (Audrey laughs) Go get ’em, Flash! Uh oh. Can Jake get away? Oh, so close! He made it, got away from them! Oh, no, Katie’s coming
down from the top end here. And, oh, Katie gets a point. – [Katie] Woo, my first point! – [David] Looked like jake gave it to her. Did Jake hand it to Katie? – Yeah, he’s tired. – [Audrey] How many points do you have? – [David] He’s tired? – You want to share points? – [David] How ’bout– – Yeah, you take it and run. Go, ’cause I’m in flip flops. You can go faster than me. – One, two.
– You better get running. – [Kids] Three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, 10! – [Katie] Oh, no, Jordan’s right there. Jordan’s gonna get him. He didn’t know Jordan was up there. – Uh oh. – [Katie] Ah, Jordan got another. How many points, Jordan? – Two. – [Katie] Two. So Jake and you are tied? – Yes. – I didn’t see Jordan up there. – I was taking a water break. – I thought I was going to get away. – Jake has three. – [Katie] Oh, three,
he only needs two more. – Good luck. – One, two, three four, five, six, seven, eight, I’m the only one counting. – [All] Nine, 10. – (squeals) Oh, Ty got me! – [Katie] Ty got her this time. Oh, he’s going, he’s going. – I’m going! – [Katie] Oh, no. Oh here he goes, here he goes. Oh! – Intermission is over. We repaired the jewel box. It is safe and secure now
with a lot of duct tape. – Hey that’s what happens
when you’re running around with precious jewels. – Yeah, gotta make sure it’s
packaged correctly, so– – [David] Okay so how
many points do you have? – I have two.
– Two. – One.
– One. – Two.
– Two. – I have two. – [David] Three? – [Jordan] Jake! – [David] Uh oh, I think Jake’s ahead. – [David] All right, Jake, ready, set, go! Oh wait, Audrey. – [Katie] Audrey’s it, one. – [Jake] Three. – Two, four, whatever. – [Together] Five, six,
seven, eight, nine. 10! – [David] Where’d she go? She’s missing. I have a feeling she’s over by that tree. – [Katie] You should run. You should, I wanna run. – [David] Oh, Jordan got her! – [Katie] I was hoping she’d come back– – [David] Another point for Jordan. – My strategy is to let
the kids chase the thief and corral them towards me,
and then I just jump out from behind a tree and grab them. – [David] There you go, that’ll work. – It’s only worked once. Jake kinda handed it to me. What is she doing? – [David] Okay Jordan is– – [Katie] She’s rolling down the hill. – [David] Missing. I don’t know where she went.
– Eight, nine, 10. – [Katie] I have no idea what– – [David] Jake’s over here. Audrey and Ty, oh, there she is. I saw her for a brief second. – [Katie] Oh, she’s gonna get caught. – [David] Oh, no, she’s gonna get caught. Ty’s right on her tail. Oh, Ty got her! Good job, Ty. Ty has three points. Oh here they come. They’re all coming up
the hill now to get him. Wait, I see Jacob, Jordan. Oh, there’s Audrey, way over there.
– So tired! – [David] Uh oh, he’s running up to Katie. Is she gonna intercept him? Oh, he gets past Katie. Oh no, Jake’s gonna take the low road. If Ty swings down, Jake could be right in the perfect spot to get him. Oh, looked like he gave
up and gave it to Katie. – [Katie] All right, David’s
filling in for me and running ’cause I have flip flops. – I’m the pitch runner.
– Ready run! – [Katie] Oh no, no strategy, just run! – [Jordan] Five, six, seven. – [Katie] Where’s he going? – [Kids] 10! – [Katie] Oh, okay. He thinks he can blend in? Or he’s trying to fake ’em out. Good job, good job. – Okay, so Ty’s at four,
Katie and Dad are at two, Audrey’s at two. – Three. – Three.
– Three. – [Katie] Ty’s in the lead. He only needs one more. – [David] Here, Ty. – Nine.
– 10. – [Katie] Uh oh, he crisscrossed over. Oh, where is he going? He’s clear off there. – Flying down the mountain! – [Katie] Whoa, he’s runnin’ for his life. – I’m gonna wait for him to come up here. – [Katie] Where did he go? – [Audrey] The pavilion. – [Katie] Oh my goodness,
he’s clear down there. – [Audrey] Oh, Jordan got him. – [Katie] Jordan got him. – [Audrey] Dad’s hiding behind the tree. That’s his strategy. – That’s my strategy. And then I’ll just reach out and grab him. – Me too.
– Jordan’s running. – They’re chasing me! No! – [Audrey] Well that was easy. You just gave up. – I got three points. – [Jordan] Man, running uphill is so hard. – Seven, eight, nine, 10. – [Jordan] Ty’s gonna win. No one’s gonna go for it? Oh no. – [Katie] Uh-oh, uh-oh. Oh no, oh no, oh no. – I can’t run uphill, man.
– He got away. (shouting) – Yeah! – [Katie] You didn’t want Ty to get the. – Okay. – Okay, I’m at four, now. – [David] Five, six,
seven, eight, nine, 10. Oh, she fell and she’s
rolling down the hill. – [Jacob] She didn’t
fall, she did that on– – [David] There goes Ty! He’s gonna intercept it! Ty got the jewel! Ty, Ty won the game! He won! Okay, winner has to run
around the whole perimeter. Ready, go! (Audrey laughs) – [Audrey] This is how you
get everyone super tired so they go to bed at night. – Yeah. What did you do to win, Ty? – I just ran. – [Audrey] Word of advice, just run. – [Jordan] You’re just
a very fastly runner. – Okay guys, that was super
fun playing Jewel Thief. If you know another way
that, to play Jewel Thief, let us know in the comments down below ’cause maybe we’ll play your version of Jewel Thief. – Maybe with scooters? So that way we don’t get tired. – That would be so nice. – We’ve got scooters at home;
let’s do it with scooters. – Scooters would be cool. So let us know how we should play this, where we should play this next time. Guess what time it is guys. – [All] Mail time! – This first package is
from Carter in Kentucky. He sent this cool cool emoji. A fidget– – Emoji pillow! – Yeah, a fidget spinner for Ty. – That’s really cool. – And a picture for Dad. – [David] Aw, thank you Carter. – Thank you! – Thank you so much! – Thank you. – Okay, so this next package
is from Gabby in Florida and they are going into the sixth grade, which is super awesome, and they also sent,
along with their letter, a picture of That YouTub3 Family! Woo, that’s super awesome. And then Gabby also sent
a slide for everybody. So this one is for Dad,
and this one’s for Ty. – I like the pink duct tape, too. – Jake. Yes, nice and secure. I love that. And then Audrey, and for me! Thank you so much. – Aw, cute. Awesome, I got orange. They also sent a phone case
that they made themselves and put That YouTub3 Family on it. They decorated it themselves. That is super cool, as well
as some little mini figurines and yo-yos, and a top. Thank you so much, Gabby. – [Jacob] Thank you. – [David] All right, I’ll
see if that phone case fits my phone. – Alrighty, so this package
comes from Cheyenne in Arkansas. Cheyenne sent us a nice letter and then some goodies for everyone. I gotta read to see who
the goodies for, okay. Ty has a… – Woo, paper! – Gotta get the paper out. I love the colorful paper though. Sorry. Okay, Ty has the, oh, that’s so cute. It’s called baby slime. We’re gonna have fun. – That says Dad.
– Okay, and– – That is so cool. – Jo has tulip slime. Already it feels so nice in the bag. – Yes, that’s so cool. I love the bag, too. – The pig’s feet slime is for Audrey. – Yes, pig’s feet slime. – Audrey, right here. – And then Mom has the unicorn slime. – Yes.
– Super pretty. – And the flabby slime is Dad’s. I like that. – [David] Flabby. – The flabby slime. – The bubblegum slime is for Jake. Ta-da. – That’s Awesome. And then there’s also some
cute little stuffed animals to go with it. – Yes! A unicorn. – How cute, a little snake. – That is awesome. – That’s awesome, thank
you so much Cheyenne! – Thank you.
– Thank you. – All right, this last package
is from Courtney in Nebraska and, really cool here, just said, “Love the 24
hour videos and sardines.” We gotta make some more sardines videos. – [Katie] Yes. – And, oh, some cool
pictures here for everybody. – All around, Audrey, Jake
and Ty, That YouTub3 Family. and, let me guess, JustJordan33. Cool. Oh, some sweet necklaces. Thank you. – [Katie] Cool. – (laughs) Yeah. Actually, those’re probably
for Audrey and Jordan. (Katie laughing) Some slime for the kids, and some glitter. Who do you think this is for? – [Katie] Hmm, probably Gertie. – Gertie, we’ll have to take
it down and give it to Gertie. Thank you so much Courtney! – [Jacob] Thank you. – [Katie] Thank you. – Thank you guys so much
for watching this video. It was super fun playing Jewel Thief. If you enjoyed it, give
it a big thumbs up, subscribe, turn it from red to gray, and. – Hit the bell! – And make today an adventure! We’ll see y’all next time. – Bye.
– Bye. (upbeat music)

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