Jesse Duplantis 2019 🔴 Knowledge The Ingredient to Think Big!!!

church staff and things here at at the office of Cathy Oh set those things I don't visit once a month or something like that and and I mentioned something to my staff about a month ago and they said well boss you need to they all called me boss they said you you need to go you need to minister that to the church so we decided I prayed about it and the Lord said you can go ahead and do that so if you've got your Bibles I like you to turn with me to the book of Proverbs chapter 14 proverbs chapter 14 glory that God one thing I've learned is especially it's not an American idea it's a god idea but America adopted it as a country where the richest country that's ever been on the planet Earth as including the Roman Empire you know that the richest nation the world has ever known and I often wondered and I don't mean this in a derogatory sense oh please don't don't take it as such but I've always wondered why North America is so rich and South America was so poor because now they learning some different things and things I never could understand that I thought why with it's called the Americas you know you know if you've been in school you remember America why is North America so rich and yet South America was so poor and your minute some South American countries is just just really struggling some are doing well but but most of them are struggling then I realized at the beginning of South America they came looking for gold they came looking for raw substance and sources and things of that nature looking for gold and whatever but at the beginning of North America they came looking for God think about that for a minute they came so they could establish freedom of religion not freedom from religion that's not a political statement it just simply the truth freedom of religion not freedom from religion which means that and I personally freedom from religion should be rich can be anywhere it chooses to be don't shout me down when I'm preaching good do you believe in separation of church and state yes I do simply because not that it's in the Constitution because it's not but it's in one of the letters that Thomas Jefferson wrote yet Thomas and Jefferson allowed prayer meetings in the Capitol and things of that nature I'm not trying to be political I'm just saying so I believe we should have freedom of religions that our freedom from religion I begin to realize if you put God first God will bless you as a nation as a person as a company or whatever you may desire to do in life if you place him first that's spiritually physically and financially now you know when you if you just give the God and don't live for God even though God will bless your seed because that's the laws of sowing and reaping but you're not really truly being blessed the way God wants you to be blessed then the Bible said the blessing of the Lord it maketh rich notice that word it maketh rich have I say rich now that's a word that everybody wants except if you're a preacher or if you're in the church the church can have wealth but you can't as a person which is totally wrong you see because the church is you this the church is not this building this building going have a voice you see what I'm saying but it has life only when you come in it you see what I'm saying it says the blessing of the Lord make us rich in the added no sour with me and I see there's some people Christian people had to make a decision on that verse they made a decision this should have never made they'd see they wanted to live in the blessing but they did not want to be rich so they adopted the laws of poverty which nobody likes people hate poverty let me show you what it poverty is you go to the Philippines right now that's poverty because there's been such mass destruction see when you lose everything when Hurricane Katrina came here and by the way every dollar that was given to this ministry for Hurricane Katrina we gave it to the people you would you like to know how much we gave to the people three million dollars now wait you need the applaud for yourself and all those who sent money to this Minister because they trusted us enough to give it away you know how much money was raised for Katrina that the people did not get yeah well actually there's a billion dollars they don't know where's that but not in this ministry you see what I'm saying that bragging on that just simply the truth so the blessing of the Lord it maketh rich now there's some people have gotten rich but they don't have the blessing see so if they don't have the blessing then they have sour with it there have been people that have been very wealthy they committed suicide how could you be aware if money would make you happy that would have never happened right see what I'm saying is you don't have to make a choice in other words you get the blessing and the rich the blessing of the Lord make it rich in he had it no sorrow with the church world they adopted the blessing they wanted to be blessed but not rich because they thought that would be wrong so consequently the church's financial income but the church people have hurt financially most of their lives then you got the people that's the rich rich people but they have no blessing in their life they and they got sorrow and everything you can think of their lives that families are destroyed yet they may have money but see what happens is when the scripture was wrote you don't have to make a choice you can receive the blessing and the rich that's what I have done I have received the blessing and the rich together and I have no sorrow in my life I'm able to be the blessing that I want to be spiritually physically financially at any given time I also adopted that for this ministry that's why this church was able to do what it just did do you see that by us giving everything away this Sunday morning to our pastors we still going to be able to pay the light bill we'll still be able to pay the insurances on the buildings and the staff and all that kind of stuff because I refuse to make a decision I said if I can have both why don't I would you think if you went to Gambino's which is a great place of great deserts there in Metairie I like getting middles I give them a plug and you bought a pie and you open it up two slices were gone would you bring it back yes you'd bring it back somebody don't eat some of your pie right right now if you open it up and there's nothing been touched you'd say okay I have me a pie see that's what I'm saying see see you don't have to make it this is go oh I'm just so glad I got three-quarters of a pie when you can have the whole pie but cuz you paid for the whole pie now I'm saying this because I want to get to this sermon today this is kind of like the preamble I didn't say this to the staff I've just ended a little differently in the church so they can have some different things to hear this is the Prima to this what made me understand that was the word knowledge wisdom is the ability to use knowledge see you can have if you have knowledge of know wisdom you can be a PhD you can have 47 degrees it can't even support yourself there's some people still going to college says they set this thing with the college at 18 years old got out of high school straight the car and they still in college going to school and a 40 something years old they got enough to grease the wallpaper they walk but they can't make a living then you got some people when you go down to show van and Montague and the eyelid leaders your own shores and grind and call you a little car you and gold and metal and leave you that some people say they talk funny yeah but they know how to count that money uh-huh you might have a guy that when he first started the business he couldn't read write a name and inbox call it but he won 125 tugboats see my point the understand when I'm saying he decided not to think he was stupid so I want to deal with knowledge today the title of this message is knowledge the ingredients of thinking big knowledge the ingredient to think big I mean y'all want to think big that's not an American idea that's a god idea God is big people like big when that man walked by me that was six eight that's big to me I like that so you can't grow number who say you look like you think I can't grow no more I can keep believing God I grew I thought man Cassie I grew when I America has I had one hell in my chest now I got a meadow and it changing color like the fall it's it's getting white can you can you believe it good God don't laugh at me Kenny yours is white – Kenny may be a black man but you see you you cut the lights I take your shirt off you can follow him out the building you got cotton on his chest glory to God hey he's a man you don't study the word that's that so we can still believe proverbs chapter 14 I want to read verse 6 it says a scorner seeketh wisdom and find it if not but knowledge is easy unto him that understand it knowledge is easy to him that understand it in other words you need to understand everything you're doing not just shooting dice in the dark here see knowledge if you got knowledge and you do it's easy to under under him that understand it so I want you to write this down the debt your knowledge depends upon the intensity of your desire write that down the depth of your knowledge depends upon the intensity of your desire is your desire intense because that depends upon the knowledge of what you want done gue when you took there's some people I got to go to a football game I hadn't been to a high school football game good god I don't know and I don't know how long but I went to a football game Friday this past Friday and watch the team play and I enjoyed myself so much it was just such a blessing I even ate a hamburger and french fries and some jambalaya so you gotta have a little jambalaya south Louisiana you know I'm saying and I was watching these kids and I thought I that used to be me I want something a football team I didn't play but I was on the football team because I was too little this any I let me listen said it can hold it numbers for the big guys to hit I had to hold him dumb I didn't knock me down Lord there but at least I was on the team now the cheerleaders never knew that I didn't play cuz when I'd sit on a bench I'd reach down and grab me some mud and as I came up with the mud I would rub it on my Jersey then I would take the water and squeeze it all over like I've been sweating and I would run through the Chili's they go what a play where the plate yeah baby it was so baby see that was knowledge might have been little deception and it but it was knowledge because the girls always seem to like their players you know I'm saying that kind of stuff so knowledge the depth of your knowledge depends upon the intensity of your desire see if your desires intense therefore I say that with things that we desire you can't just say I hope that going to work no no you got to have some intensity the reason why I married cathetus her desire was so intense for me that she was intense I want you man I said enjoy yourself [Applause] she said he's a legend in his own mind glory that guy hey I'm the one preaching this morning I'm a bridge in my way Frank so the intensity of your knowledge depends upon the intensity of your desire I keep saying that you understand your desires got to get up you don't have to make a choice on it the blessing of the law didn't make it rich take both of them God said my stripes you were healed oh just don't get one healing get it all walking health didn't get real intense and walking life divine life divine healing divine health and then divine life get that intensity so strong inside of you and your knowledge will increase and you become what we call big in life right right there's our knowledge is the energy that makes life good Knology is the energy that makes life good see if you have knowledge it makes life good you see what I'm saying why because you know what to do when to do it where to do it and how to do it it's all done by knowledge and every year it makes life good it's the good life well because of knowledge that's why I believe it in education I believe that people need to go to school learn as much as you can there's some things I've learned in school and I'm right now at the time of this preaching I'm 64 years old that I have not yet used in my life there's some things in not in school that I have learned that I have not yet used and I'm 64 but I ain't dead it's going to come up with somewhere and because I've been taught that I will know how to adapt or embrace whatever comes my way you find what I'm saying that's why God gives us teachers to teach so knowledge is the energy that makes life good write this down knowledge depends upon contact and relationship knowledge depends upon contact and relationship see let me take something I've had some people say I know gesture depends know you don't know me you know about me now Kenny day knows me Nicole day knows me not because they work for me we've when I need dinner together we've talked we've been on a cruise together you know with because that's contact and relationship you follow what I'm saying so knowledge when you understand that that knowledge is flowing that way depends upon contact and relationship see you begin to find out what I like and what I don't like I begin to find out what you like and what you don't like it's the same way what's the same with the Lord Jesus Christ I knew to understand him and to walk in his light I had to have contact and relationship see I need him more than relationship I needed fellowship I wanted this hello Jesus hi Jesse I wanted to be able to talk to God and God talk to me now when I was growing up in church they wouldn't let me talk to God you talk to the priests I mean you know what I'm talking about oh you Hannah you know I'm saying I'm not being critical of that just the way it was you don't talk to God finally I even wrote a book years ago and I love this book warning a god I could talk to because every time I want to talk to God the priest said you don't talk to God you talk to me I said what are you is God talking to you he said well no he said the man said we don't want to talk to you Father see I'm trying to get to the head person you understand what I'm saying I'm trying to get that wife to attain what knowledge so I can think me not to be better than you or better than anybody but to better myself see but I have to have that intensity of desire I have that energy to make that life good and then that depends all upon my contact and relationship with God so that I would know what God would do before he did how many times I've asked God for something and I already knew what he was going to say how did I know that contact relationship see that's the ingredient to think big when you understand that write this down knowledge helps you to accept your responsibility to the opportunity that God has given you to do say when you have knowledge then you understand your opportunity let me say it again knowledge helps you to accept your responsibility to the opportunity that God has given you to do you gotta understand the blessing gives you opens up the door for you to receive what you need and then the favor helps you accept that responsibility see the blessing gives you responsibility favor gives you opportunity if you want to say it as such you see but you gotta understand it these all work together so the blessing gives you what now more than just opportunity it gives you ability to do but then the favor gives you the opportunity you see and if you don't take that but then it's not God's fault that you didn't accomplish what God wants done let me say it again knowledge that helps you to accept your responsibility to the opportunity God has given you to do so the blessing gives you the Opera the the ability to get what you want and then the favor gives you the opportunity to flow through what you want when God told me to build this building I never built a building in my life never never I never built a house in my life I did when I take that back out but no I didn't build that house neither come to think about make long story short I had never built on this scale I believed Richie's here today when he built my house he had never built on that scale but you see he would have never been able to build my house I would have never been able to build this that you see here without seizing that opportunity you see we're saying it was that sometimes you didn't know what to do well yes but that's why God's got people around you why you hide to your weaknesses not to your strengths but to your weaknesses because there's somebody that knows something you don't know if you willing to listen see then you sit down and figure things out how many times that find Richie on the floor why said he was drawing something on the slant on a slab that was meant for the ceiling so I could see it he said not you see that Jesse yeah and he would spray it with some stuff so you wouldn't wear out or wear off whatever what he said look just transfer it to the top and that's where we're going to put it not yet he had never built the size house that I live in at that time and we believe in God to build bigger houses and what I got we've been for but you see what I'm saying but he had knowledge before now the wisdom helped him to obtain that knowledge and to operate and function in let me say it again knowledge helps you to accept your responsibility to the opportunity that God has given you to do so you understand what the blessing does it gives you the ability favor gives you the opportunity God gave me the ability and then God gave me the opportunity but if I didn't seize it it wasn't gonna happen no matter what happens in life do you see that or you understand see knowledge the ingredients to think big and every weather spiritual physical or financial when I bring in the flow in the Holy Ghost I'm doing this a little different than they did my staff so you can understand it when God began when I begin to flow in the Holy Ghost I had to have knowledge and how to flow see because the devil tried to mess up the gifts of the Spirit in my services you understand what I'm saying and you see me walk out and give words and knowledge and things that and pray in tongues and interpret you're not talking about the gifts of the Spirit I don't never forget one time I was preaching glory to God in the Holy Ghost begin to hover in that church it was at First Assembly of God Raceland Louisiana brother JB cherry that was the pastor there I love that man he's in heaven today what a wonderful man he was him and sister Gloria cherry and it was a blessing now I said I was kind of new at this and yet there wasn't too many men and that were actually moving in the gifts of the Spirit when I first went out in the ministry there were little nervous because they seemed I said that was afraid the mission fear tolerated his faith contaminated I refuse to fear I will not fear it's not a part of my anatomy so I never forget boy I'm throwing in a whole ego people get knocked out the whole ego all of a sudden this person jumps up goes cover bus a couple of or someone start giving a message in tongues all right so every meaning the whole church begin to get quiet I'm teaching you something here listen immediate the church beginning to get quiet to hear the messages inside all of a sudden another person jump something goes okay say my booklet so by that night I got two people speaking in tongues and if I allow that to happen confusion comes in are they doing wrong no they're not doing wrong they just don't have knowledge how to operate and function when the Holy Ghost is moving did God give both of them a message yes but you see Paul had the same situation where everybody was jumping I'm saying sir nobody can understand what's going so what I did I like one person happened to be to my right away I went whole light stopped and they look I said hold it this guy was still going he's just praying into when he finished I said now give the rest of that and he just came out like a and then I interpreted what the first person said and then I switched around interpret it to the the second person my father happened to be there that night he came he said boy you was a smart man I said what he said Jessie I wouldn't know what to do I couldn't believe my daddy said that now even he'd been saved a lot longer than me he said man I would have said whoa that you that's somebody missed it nobody missed it they just got it out off on a rail tract they got it off the track and say all I did was put it back on the track why cuz I knew God wanted something spoke to that church from both those people so you have to have knowledge on how to function in those lines when God is moving and when God is blessing whether it's spiritual physical or financial write this down the way of knowledge that Jesus taught was not just a better way it was a totally different way ain't that a good statement I love that let me write it again say it again the way of knowledge that Jesus taught was not just a better way it was a totally different way to truly understand if you were living for God everything you're gonna do is gonna be totally different than what somebody else did that's why I'm always looking for something different to do in the ministry because Jesus didn't just give us a better way he gave us a totally different way what we did this morning was totally different compared to what anybody have you pastor have you ever heard any church ever do that and your whole your whole pastoral ministry not bragging on that see I take no I take no credit for that that the Holy Ghost doing that he can do what he want to do my God if he wants me to walk on the water or walk on all tanks imma walk on all tanks I don't care he gonna do what he said now that may sound nuts and crazy to you but graters he was in us than he was in the world you find what I'm saying every area of my life I'm believing God for so many unbelievable things they would knock your socks off I'm God Tony I got a twenty million dollar donor coming I got a five million dollar donor coming I got a 1 million dollar donor coming Lord Jesus now I'm not walking up here and said oh you the twenty million dollar donor oh you don't want me to hug gee who you a rich man hey girl you're a rich girl hey did you get a hit in your hair just the other day help us come on helping no I ain't saying that stupid stuff why because God said I'm spitting all over myself I can't help glory that God I'm glad I got this great coat on because you can't see you Smith fly when you understand that he just didn't do a better way he did a totally different way see a better way what the hell it would be a have a bigger boat on the Sea of Galilee but Jesus said I don't need a bigger boat I'll just walk the water a totally different way that's that what I'm saying a better way watch it cuz it's a good idea so let's bring enough food defeat the 5000 because we got a good offering last week so we're gonna give a big banquet but I totally different way is take a two-piece fish dinner pray over the blessed God and said to give back them to pieces in five low and he said stop walking among the crowd and as you walk amongst the crowd God begin to create loaves of bread and fish and red fish love Jesus blocking red fish come on man knocking red fish hallelujah and for your North the whole place is for totally different way that's why Jesus said don't send them away see that would have been a better way to mankind but see Jesus did totally different way don't send him away feed him just feed him God the way of knowledge that Jesus talked was not just a better way was a totally different way right this town the kind of faith we have in God's knowledge will depend upon the view we take of his person let me say it again the kind of faith we have in God's knowledge will depend upon the view we take of his person what is your view of the Lord Jesus Christ do you know why I'm blessed and rich because of my view of Jesus not because of my ability because of my view he said his will be done on earth where brother as it is in heaven that's why I live in a nice home that's why I Drive a nice car and not to show off ain't got anything to do with showing off no I don't gawk and live in a trailer today it don't make no difference to me I can live I mean I mean I'm a Cajun boy you don't make no difference men but you see my view of the Lord Jesus Christ and my knowledge of his of what he is I can live like I want to live in heaven here in Destrehan do you realize how many people want to criticize me for just saying that right now but 99% of the church but let me give you a revelation I don't care what you said I know that sound tough enough I'm not being rude are you living in a dream world man come on what are we gonna stand up believe what Jesus said I said all this junk that the world would preach it who are we gonna just say hey God said I can have it and if he said I can have it hey I'm gonna have it spiritually physically and financially let me say it again the kind of faith we have in God's knowledge will depend upon the view we take of this person I have a great view of the Lord Jesus Christ I'll tell you what people say well but just it's so happy all the time and it because of my substance it's because of the King of Kings the rows are shared and lily of the valley the bright morning star now that's how a white preacher would see it but I say if you want to get black the King I want you to no no no no no come on black people help me out you got two white hallelujah but it won't white person stood up did this thank you mama [Applause] tell me all about this in there I can tell what is your view because your view of Jesus comes by your knowledge of him see what I'm saying I'm intense about what I believe in because my belief is a desire write this down I love this a larger conception of Jesus's life will produce exalted views of your future every time you look at Jesus you looking at your future do you understand because be you therefore imitators of God as dear children when I look at the Lord I see my future not only in this life but the life to come let me say it again a larger conception of Jesus's life will produce exalted views of your future why brother Jesse can you receive these things because he produces in me a magnificent confidence I have magnificent it's I see Jesus if he can walk on the water I can walk on the water my God if he didn't get sick I ain't got to get sick if he's not in debt I'm not in debt let's go hey we can walk it's a magnificent comment don't tell me just that the planets can't do something let me shock you I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me I'm gonna get a new Falcon 752 million dollar I don't care what you say I got magnificent confidence and the King of Kings Rosa said develop right Morningstar [Applause] magnificent it's my conception of him I gotta say it again a larger conception of Jesus life will produce exalted views of your future what happens man I see myself I see myself in him now I'm all shocked here biggie therefore imitators of God as dear children right I'm gonna preach a little long I'm I probably write a whole sermon on this but nobody in the church world doesn't mind imitating God's holiness I don't care if you're Catholic Protestant Jewish or whatever you can be Muslim Islam you wanna you want to imitate Allah or you want to imitate God in this holiness jesus said be ye holy for I am holy you don't mind imitating God hmm well I can hear that black who hoops start you don't mind and then we're taking guys but I want you to know a lot I'm trying to hold myself down you don't mind imitating him and it's character you don't mind cuz you're gonna live clean before God and upright you understand because that's imitating this character listen to me that's imitating this character and that's imitating his holiness why do you mind imitating his possessions why do you mind imitating his possession he said in my father's house or many matches if it was not so I would tell you Cory that God if you got a mansion in heaven why can't you have a mansion in Laplace or mansion in Destrehan imagine it Dualla I mentioned it lettering imagining Kenna imagine anywhere in Treme I mentioned everywhere why do you struggle with that when he said be ye therefore imitators of God you don't mind imitate him in His Holiness you don't mind imitate him in his character how do you mind imitate him innocent possessions why do you want to criticize me because I'm imitating him in his possessions you don't think God's loaded Saturn right now do you know right now Saturn the planets added it's raining diamonds the riches of his glory he flung them with his hands we found another planet other day the size of the planet Earth that is a solid diamond how you'd like to have that rock what do you think he got diamond barrel Jasper onyx Ruby talks about in the book of Revelation on the foundation of the city gold you think he Minds prosperity if you think he does you better not go to heaven you ain't gonna be happy [Applause] why do you ever get concerned about imitating avenues in his possessions when you will imitate him in this character imitate him in His Holiness I'm gonna imitate him and everything he does see that's knowledge it's the ingredient to think big see when we hire say this when we stir our minds that's what I'm doing this month we think clear edge it thoughts when we stir our minds we think clear edge thoughts a southern influx of power and resolve comes a southern influx of power and reserve comes when you stir your mind with clear edge it thoughts I'm constantly thinking that way do you understand not so I can get bigger better and all the kinds of is to imitate him I want him to say Gabriel don't Jesse look like me I don't care who you are if you got any kids or grandkids it kind of makes you feel proud when they say boy he looked just like a grand ball don't he oh he does grandpa used to the boy don't hit just like a dead boy did he look like him mama no Nia or her whatever it's a wonderful thing makes you feel proud that you produced the seed that wasn't ugly because if it look like you held me think about that makes you feel proud we will watch in Destrehan high school beat the fire out of Terrebonne high school Friday night her I wasn't too excited because I was a graduate of Terrebonne high school since I left and had much but you know what was funny was the watch Jessica and Louis Lewis was sitting by me sabio Lewis say tonight you're gonna see a side of Jessica you ain't never seen before I said well you just watch watch watch what happen Jessica it's something if somebody calls her she meaning she oh yeah he said me she'll scream at you scream or they just all screaming and then Justin's grandma was behind him just a grandpa I mean they were all just edging him on so why proud Brown see God was proud of you when you look like him Hemans told that to the devil have you observed my servant Joe you follow me are you hearing what I'm saying let me say it again we when we stir our minds we think clear edge of thoughts a southern influx of power and resolve comes wow it just hits you what a blessing of God what about you know what I'm naming that seed for this morning I want the rest of that property I want to build you a fellowship hall I want to build all the children of children facility I want to build a youth of youth facility I want a gymnasium sucking grow to six eight [Applause] where that man that wet that man it stand up sir I got to look at you you my vision paid for hire somebody here that can do the job and be paid for it instead of saying I tell you although I don't know get your help [Applause] now I did preach this part at all I added this to the sermons and this is all new now write this down to my staff and the rest of you knowledge enables a person to take the right path and keep on it in all of its various directions knowledge enables a person to take the right path and keep on it in all its various directions you got to be willing to change I love Yogi Berra I have a baseball signed by him and pitcher and he's known for his colloquialism you see it he would tell his friend he come to his house if you come to a fork in the road take it because you see knowledge sometimes goes off the driven path in all its various directions you go on left you're going right I will say you may go straight give me back up two steps and jump forward five C knowledge enables a person to take the right path and they keep on it in all its various directions every day I'm walking the path of knowledge sometimes it changes and goes left sometime it changes and goes right that's alright because I changed not and God is God he doesn't change do you know how long Cathy been trying to get me to change my hairstyle fact I invited luison Pat over to the house the other day when Joe and I self and let me say she go you know I can fix that hair yours I wanted to tell it it ain't broke this is how I care what he said but then I found out Pat her husband the same way you know but you know what I know you can look better I just don't want to take the chance now women take the chance Oh Lord they'll do stuff honey do you like that oh yeah [Applause] your man to learn something yeah Nicole David worked for me a long time I never know what Nicole's gonna look like you did don't know what Nicole day gonna come up with son the next thing I know I'm actually gonna have an afro this wide it's coming she got long hair see guys or they see there's never no you just never know and Kenny just smiles he goes see that's knowledge so you thought I was officer minute did you need fellas officer no that's knowledge that's called living a long life without bruises knowledge enables a person to take the right path keep on it in all its various directions now write this down very important this small mind will put you into a false relationship to truth hey small mind no knowledge will put you into a false relationship to truth people oh I'm a getting people humanity people that embrace poverty have a small mind I don't care who they are I don't care how high in the world they are they're wrong that's small thinking you know I know that because we should be living here like we live in in heaven there is no poverty in heaven none zero stops God will not have it because poverty is limitation and God work is unlimited el shaddai God watch this Josiah more than enough more than enough more than enough when a man runs a marathon or someone runs a marathon they may be tired after the marathon but I promise you didn't it doesn't stop that doesn't mean they can't run another one because they see what's in you is always more than enough you finish the race but you're not finished for life there may be another race you're gonna run in a month or whatever that you're training for whatever you doing you see when you're on this a small mind and I know I'm gonna get some ugly letters on that bus alright a small mind will put you into false relationship the truth you can see the truth and don't even recognize it I said lack of knowledge and you can be I mean what I say I'm talking brilliant to such so brilliant that you can be a theoretical physicist you know what that is Princeton Harvard Yale so brilliant and say God doesn't exist that it just happened and the bigness of your intellect it came out of a pea brain some of y'all got it over here go over to God you see what I'm saying a pea brain brilliant smart intellectually brainwashed right this time without knowledge you can't communicate what you feel without knowledge you can't communicate what you feel if I want Kathy to do something I have to have knowledge so and communicate to her what I want or what I feel and she'll do the same thing like that they were just walking and she says you know you might want to keep this in your mind for Christmas that she's trying to help me out see like I said that's gonna really help me out you know but that's true cuz it's gonna come a time I'm going I'll call Jody I don't Jody's in hit it this morning I'll call Jody same I'm saying they keep here to the ground Jess could you want to get somebody something they like you know whatever see but not you cannot communicate what you feel you got to have some knowledge you gotta have some understanding you do you follow I'm saying so you can communicate what you feel and I'm gonna tell you one of your greatest assets is your speech is what you say but actually it's actually more how you say it and then what you say you better make sure you know what you're doing you can keep your insurance period you can keep your duck to period presidents you should have said comma but see you put your total trust because you're not a dumb man you put your total trust in some people you probably you should have just read it yes your honor the people that you hire but you better know what you're talking about because there's a world out there gonna come back and bite you because they remember the word period let's me don't change I prefer to use comma say I think of death as a comma and then you start walking again hell is a period [Applause] going to hell is a period buddy going to heaven is a period because the Bible says has a tree fall so she'll get do you think about that for a minute one of the hardest things in the world is to try to get everybody health insurance when God gave us the greatest policy of all it's called divine life that you wouldn't have to get sick oh that's never happened well it happened for 40 years in the desert of Sinai there wasn't one feeble one amongst them now that's a policy period think about that for a minute God's no respecter person right it happened shoes grew with the kids foot dress grew with the girl's leg there were no malls in the desert oh that was on this planet here see without knowledge you can't communicate what you feel let me say this in close cuz it closed to the Saints [Applause] this year I will just touch this but you could preach on us on this avoid the mixture of an irreverent cominis avoid the mixture of an irreverent cominis sometimes the sympathy of silence is best sometimes is no use to say something because they're not going to receive it that's called casting you pearl before swine avoid the mixture of an irreverent cominis you know what that means my blast guy mama was that way daddy that way boy that's the only way you can be that's an irreverent communist and when you try to come out that hold the hook what's the matter boy you trying to be better than us no no no by trying to be better than nobody what you're trying to do is better yourself avoid the mixture of an irreverent communist sometimes the sympathy of silence is best when I was 5 years old the house that I am now living in I saw through a movie called Gone with the Wind they'd make no difference where I was which was in the 8 foot wide 32 foot trailer me and Wayne mowed his brother sleeping on the floor don't know till today where we got that television Glenn maybe a mama bored or something we were watching gone with the wind there was two plantations there in the beginning of the movie which was Terra where what's the name of Scarlett O'Hara Liv and Ashley you know the ugly boy actually was ugly why she loved Ashley so what that's a lovely boy they say women don't see what a man's ear that's ugly boy Lord Jesus he's good actor but that's the other boy I Rhett Butler look good then there was 12 volts and it was a party being held at Twelve Oaks so the girls are all dressed up and they were going down to the party and Scott was looking for Ashley Ashley I actually already had a woman Melanie who was wonderful wonderful and when the doors open up for Twelve Oaks and as they got out the carriage they said watch it the horses have been here because the horse has deposited all kind of junk in those days as the doors open up you remember the movie in the Twelve Oaks you see this beautiful white staircase now I'm five years old sitting on the floor kind of look like Forrest no oh maybe you can get maybe and get a better picture you got it night you got it yeah and I saw that staircase I'm way not a Fabio don't think this way at least I don't think so except my granddaughter she says that's beautiful that beautiful she was three years old ones he thought I turned around the mama and I said mama she looked at me like yeah I said I'm a builder I'd like the movies she said shut up boy your kitchen boy are you sleeping on the floor ain't gonna happen boy at five years old I realized she couldn't handle what I saw so I used the sympathy of silence because you see if I would have said something say that was irreverent cominis well you can't do that ones the last time you seen a staircase in a trailer y'all got the revelation and God knows decades no trailer you got a 3 a 3 step or 5 4 step to get up in the trailer that's about all it stairs you ever gonna see in your life and that's outside see if I would have said anything it would have been a mixture of irreverent communist good mama couldn't see that I remembered it hurt my feelings but I didn't say nothing I used the sympathy of silence a buddy that imprinted on my mind and years and years later years and years later mr. Richard P Shawn wholly handle it Ritchie who built my home he said well Jesse we finished start moving in and I did the same thing Scarlett O'Hara except without the horses I drove up in that front and I opening doors and I got some beautiful doors outside the inside of his oh yeah I know how you say it buddy did fully molded is that right correct yeah I'm now you do whatever and I open that up like this Julie shoulda seen that I was smaller than you and my mind then I was back to five and I just took the doors and did this and I walked in and watch me how did their and I kept looking up mama look look look now I personally believe the Lord said tell you the kid a do it [Laughter] because when God told me to build it he said I put that idea in your mind there was nobody in my family could think that big not that it wasn't smart they just couldn't think that they could think I'm double wide that's as high as we could go double-wide and that stuff is so infectious our driver with gasoline not too long ago with a car going to Baton Rouge that's the trailer park another trailer place where they sell trailer let's hey katha sit oh let's stop and go look at one of them double-wide that's as high as we go that's the best they could I'm not being critical of that but when you have someone that God has placed around you to prick you're thinking accept it yeah and everyone that's ever coming enough when that dough open up they do this preachers prophets Gloria coupe goes oh yes oh boy did good didn't he Linda and glance came in the other day Linda go she sees a real estate is she thinking Roxy listen Glen didn't know what to say goes I said it's overwhelming and he goes yes not bragging see that's a vision but it had to come by knowledge I honestly believe you can't prove this true and I can't prove it's not that's all I'm gonna say it Kenny I believe God said Velma do planus my mama you look down at that I put that in that boy's mind not showing off think anything do it that cuz I'm just as comfortable at your house I'm serious I am you look at one man son you ain't got to do anything to satisfy I just adore Paris I just hate how you'll do it it was Ricky Bartley made 20 years of working for me in the ministry Ricky right here you know and Ricky's my brother-in-law as well Christine Cathy sister so I told Ricky I say Reagan would take you out to lunch anything you want to eat now we know there's a place that Christine don't care for and need this cafe all right but you know so Ricky we happened to be in freestyle get to sit in the front let's see you see ya the two girls in the back Lord look at this I said Ricky [Applause] Eagle and Christine go now Ricky you and get it cat says Rickett any way you want to eat we take it any way you want to eat anywhere Christie said yeah Rick any way you want to eat anything and I said this yeah Ricky way you won't eat he said oh let's get the goal to corral Christine go both the girls that's how I felt when my mama said boy stupid boy you can't do that boy you should see how disappointed they were well if you really want to go but you ain't gonna sleep with me no more for the next few years if you go they're gonna throw out that's no way you wanna go let's go to Houston ah but to help the Golden Corral I like to Golden Corral you don't make no difference to me see when you've been on a road or you're alive you grab what you can I've eaten million have little mini little mini stores nothing like everything clothes starve it you just learn to do it you know but I knew knowledge would tell us that Christina Calvin gonna be happy even though it's we celebrate you Rick

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