Jess Alger, Master of Education (Student Wellbeing)

I’m really dedicated to education as
a real life changer for young people. I think it’s my passion helping them to find
their passion, and then that empowers them to follow different avenues and to end up
somewhere that’s going to work for them. I’m Jessica Alger, and I am the Director of
Wellbeing at Presentation College in Windsor. The reason that I chose to enrol within the
Melbourne Graduate School of Education is because it’s the home of great minds. The MGSE takes you from your little bubble
within your school and doing things your way to be able to hear about all sorts of
different things that are going on, and learn, and change, and develop. So to have conversations about education as
a whole, about the different philosophies of different schools is eye opening and does increase your passion
for what’s going on out there. I worked full time, which a lot of people will
say, well, how on earth did you balance that? But I really found that the compassion that I
was shown at MGSE ignited in me that compassion for my students and to perhaps even
teach a little bit differently, knowing what people need in
order to produce good work. For them to see their teacher as
a learner, they were really able to find that relatable, and it was good. You know, from this point in my career, I do. I say yes to everything. I give everything a go, and
it is opening doorways. I do want to lead schools. I do want to work in principalship. And I really have the sense now that
I’m going to be able to get there. [ Music ]

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