Jeju Strives to Become Hotspot for Foreign Tourists

Taking you now to Korea’s southern resort
island of Jeju. Well known for its diverse volcanic landscapes,
it was designated as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature last year. But soon, tourists may find themselves visiting
the island for more than just a glimpse of its natural beauty. Our Yoo Li-an files this report from Jeju. More than 10-thousand foreign visitors arrived
on Jeju Island last year for a glimpse of the beautiful landscape. That number has been increasing at a rapid
rate and is set to do so in the years to come. But they’ll be arriving for more than just
the scenery. For the past decade, Jeju has been transforming
itself into a global hot spot and a free economic zone that combines leisure, business and entertainment
attractions. And on Thursday, there was a groundbreaking
ceremony for the latest addition to the area the Airest City-Berjaya Jeju Resort. The complex represents the largest direct
foreign investment in the history of the Korean tourism industry. “This island is within two hours radius, big
population. You have China nearby, Hong Kong, Japan. It’s a beautiful area, not polluted, and this
island has a lot of potential, so that’s why we invested.” The resort complex will take up more than
seven-hundred thousand square meters of land on the island’s southern coast. It will house the nation’s largest casino,
the island’s first shopping outlet and a village of modern condominiums when complete in 2017. “Whether they’re here for business or a much-needed
holiday, visitors will be able to find everything they need in a single location, against the
backdrop of the beautiful scenery the island has to offer.” But the complex is only one of a number of
core projects currently underway across the island. The list also includes a so-called global
education city, a science park and a town devoted to health care. The global education city opened back in 2011
with the aim of providing Koreans with access to overseas institutions. The so-called healthcare town, where medical
services will be provided by top-notch Korean institutions, is set to open by 2015. Yoo Li-an, Arirang News.

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  1. Jeju sort of looks boring when I compare it to other holiday locations around the world that have much better beaches and nature sites. It's becoming over developed.

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