23 thoughts on “Jazz Guitar Lesson – Phrases Not Scales – Henry Johnson”

  1. "Scales are just the alphabet you use to put phrases together" Brilliant.
    running up and down the scale is like saying; abcdefghijk? lmnop!

  2. Sir, that's a wonderful lesson you provided there to anyone one who is learning how to play music ♬, not only scales. It's incredible that 157 fools gave a thumb down to this video.

  3. F-hole sticker, paper under the B string to eliminate string buzz, and the most egregious of all sins, a white person colored headset for a black man. When the SJW's find out about that there will be marches !

  4. The first set of licks played here against C maj7, ALL started on an offbeat/upbeat. This is key to understanding jazz phrasing. Listen to any bebop solo on any instrument – if the soloist actually is leaving rests at all, notice how he/she starts the next phrase. 70 – 80% of the time it will be on an offbeat/upbeat…

    Nobody ever mentions this – Well I have now…

  5. I loved your comment that phrases, just like sentences, need periods after them. You're a natural teacher and kind of like philosopher, with your clever way of looking at tings. Plus you have a relaxing voice. Have I complimented you enough? One more thing, I'm about to go pick up my guitar and try improvising more on the off bests, as you were talking about. I think I've been stuck in the 1-3 beat mode, which has been holding me back. Thanks for you helpful video.

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