Japanese Language Lesson 10 – Particles

23 thoughts on “Japanese Language Lesson 10 – Particles”

  1. These videos are really good! I'm currently studying japanese at a small school in the city, and the teaching is nowhere near as clear as this. This is super helpful, thank you!

  2. This is great. Great teacher ! Still puzzled by the last word «Aïrimasha » or something (sorry for the word massacre )

  3. hi guys who think that it was too fast and you paused hundreds of times you are not alone i've watched this video about 5 times with pauses and still need time to construct showed sentences

  4. 私がコメントを日本語でタイプします

    since you guys learned particles

    try and translate my sentence!

  5. I've been following japan society and i found their videos very informative and easy to follow. Arigato gosaimasu, sensei.( i hope i got that right.)

  6. Haihai, Shitsumon desu!

    What does a native person say instead of particles?

    Also, with で。 When "translated" english has different words depending on the sentence/topic etc.
    But, as a native japanese person, does ’で’ only have 1 meaning or definition in your mind?

    I ask this because when i think on, in , or at. But then after thinking about it, if you asked me to define any of them, i couldn't.
    SO i think just reading as many examples as possible is the best way.

  7. This video helped me clear out the confusion about Japanese particles that I'm having at the moment. Thank you so much * sobs T_T

  8. Turkish and japanese have the same rules also the same reading so we are well lucky i learn japanese so fast

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