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  1. [Reality of Japan's Air Self-Defense Forces]
    Insane Japanese monkeys.

    The first nation, Japan which shot down F15 fighter jet. A Japanese Air Force pilot accidentally shot down his colleague's F15 with a missile. Incident on 22th November 1995.

    The country that dropped F35 for the first time in the world. Incident on 9th April 2019.

    The world's best fool to accidentally land F15 without landing gear. Incident on 4th December 2009.

    A country where F15J is repaired with aluminum tape.

    A country where active female Air Self-Defense Force members work as part-timers for selling body.

    A country where the Air Self-Defense Force official spreads child pornography recklessly. But a country that only gave light disciplinary action.

    A country in which a lieutenant of the Air Self-Defense Force intrudes into a woman's home, robes money and rapes. He belongs to Misawa Base. Incident on April 14, 2017.

    It is the first country to burn F4 fighter jets. Wheel fire while runway is moving. Failure to put out the fire and making F4 barbecue. Incident on 18th October 2017.

    Stupid Japanese monkeys who know nothing when MiG-25 lands at Hakodate Airport.


    F15戦闘機を撃墜した最初の国,日本。 日本空軍のパイロットが誤って同僚のF15をミサイルで撃ち落とした。 1995年11月22日の事件。

    世界で初めてF35を落とした国。 2019年4月9日の事件

    着陸装置なしで誤ってF15に着陸した世界一の愚か者。 2009年12月4日の事件。



    航空自衛隊が児童ポルノを暴く国。 しかし,軽度の懲戒しか行わなかった国。

    航空自衛隊の中尉が女性の家に侵入し,金とレイプを奪う国。 彼は三沢基地に属している。 2017年4月14日の事件。

    F4戦闘機を燃やすのは初めてだ。 滑走路が動いている間に車輪が発火する。 火を消してF4バーベキューを作らない。 2017年10月18日の事件。


  2. Jeden Tag keine Politikern & Menschlichkeit Verantwortung……..Profitieren auf Arbeitzeit & Privat Zeit auch……..
    Hängen an der Waffen mit Flüchtlingskinder Geburtschein & Organs rauben……Damit Sie nicht Verantwortlich können…. .

  3. Is called self-defense forces ,But there are military and weapon power that is much larger than many countries army , Both land air ship

  4. Don't get sucked into the "Indian thing" with China.
    Those two faced indians will be all too happy to see Japan fight China.

  5. If the Japanese start producing the F-23, they will have a SERIOUS AIR FORCE . . . their looking into doing "Just That", I really hope that they DO . . . its a "Better" aircraft than the F-22, because it actually WON the comp, between the two . . . its was only a POLITICAL DECISION, that we opted for the F-22. ( The F-23 is a "Longer" aircraft than the F-22, an it "Wouldn't" FIT, on board a carrier ! ) It will give SERIOUS TEETH, to the Japanese !.

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