7 thoughts on “Janet Jackson – The Knowledge/ State Of The World – Metamorphosis”

  1. I totally agree and I grew up watching and listening to both artist.But fell off with Madonna years ago.I have and always will love me some Janet,baby no matter what shade the media or floppy fans or Madonna's, fans say or think.The thing is look who was relevant then and now.Janet has been banned,ridiculed and trashed,but baby her true fans are the reason she's back and still standing and look at her showing why she deserves all the honor of being a legend.People need to stop the hate and jump on board cause she has so much more to give us.😊😍😘❤❤

  2. Baby miss Janet killing hoes,and snatchin all scalps ," METAMORPHOSIS"is great I freaking love it yesss slay queen slay!!! Great tour you still got it nuthin but love and well wishes ….!!!!!! Rock the shit outta Vegas

  3. Madonna has never given tbat much energy in a performance and that is just one performance. Madonna is a manufactured Caucasian artist that has to depend on other props to make her performance interesting as to take the eye off her and her dancing ability. She is not a organic, natural born performer! She has to work extremely hard at it and still has flopped music wise and performance wise for over 20 years or lomger! Keep it real now she should haved retired a long time ago! Lol

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