JAMK School of Professional Teacher Education

Finnish excellence in education builds
on state-of-the-art teacher education at all levels. Established in 1962, JAMK’s
School of Professional Teacher Education provides pedagogical qualification for
VET and higher education teachers. Strong links to working life form the
basis of our practically oriented teacher education. Our school is a
teacher education institute based in Jyväskylä, Finland. Besides vocational
teachers we educate vocational special needs teachers and study counselors.
Our mission is to prepare future teachers for changes in the world of
work and occupations, and their impact on teaching and learning. In other words we
develop teachers’ competences to respond to the demands and possibilities that
come with globalisation and digitalisation.
This includes understanding that learning takes place in various
environments. Our clear focus is to facilitate learning, not only to teach. By that we mean that the learner also has a key role in their learning process. This can lead to better and more sustainable learning results. So as the facilitator
of learning you need to know how to engage students in active learning both
individually and collectively. In Finland, we also know that teachers make the best educational developers. An important part of being a teacher is to proactively
develop oneself as an educator. We also trust the teachers as key experts in
developing educational communities and the ecosystems they work in. JAMK
teacher educators are active developers of pedagogical innovations in their
everyday work. Additionally they contribute to approximately 30 RDI
projects every year, developing new solutions for educational development
needs around the world. JAMK School of Professional Teacher
Education also provides tailor-made in-service teacher training programmes in
Finland and abroad to help teachers stay up to date and be well equipped for the
future. Over 2,000 teachers participate in our
programs every year. Finnish education is known for its student-centered individual approach. That’s also what we implement in teacher education programs
that we provide in Finland and abroad, we walk like we talk. By that I mean that we
give the teachers who participate in our teacher education programmes a personal
experience of learner-centered teaching and learning. As we all know, today’s
world is complex and in constant change. For this reason, in Finland we emphasise
the teachers role as developers. Therefore, besides strengthening the
teachers pedagogical skills for example in learner-centred approach, we always
aim at providing the teachers with new ideas and competencies to develop their
educational organisations holistically. However, always in a way that it fits in
and supports their own education system. JAMK School of Professional Teacher
Education – promoting learning the Finnish way.

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