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Norton on is known for basically me and Liam Neeson my name is Jamie Dornan I am today doing Northern Irish slang with Jamie Dornan that's me well that's the most famous expression we have in all of Ireland crack when you say what's the craic like that's the first thing you say to someone from home like what's the craic how'd you go and what what are you up to it basically it's it's sort of all-encompassing it's a ah we're great craic last night that means that the crack was good boys a dear I say this all the time when you've been jarred by something you've received some news boys there and then I have my own spin on it I always say boys there there's a boy which really annoys people I once tried to do a whole conversation with these builders who were working at my dad's house by only saying boys a dear to them and I taught them for 20 minutes X is your underwear like can't wear these dirty cats again I've worn them four days in a row I've never said that but my friends oh we if there's any phrase it's used more than crack it's we will be like I'm gonna have a wee cup of tea even though you having a totally normal sized cup of tea oh baby we'll say a wee cup of tea or if you're gonna shop the man or woman will be like do you want a wee bag with that you're just getting a normal-sized bag very strange steamin means drunk absolutely steaming last night the crack was an ID had far too many we punch any more of this and there will be less of it I mean that's so stupid that's as Irish as a statement as you're ever likely to read like putting into it like stop it or you know you'll get what's coming to you it could only be honored in Ireland what if that's why I lost my gear is if you don't greet someone with what's the craic you'll say but you which is just like hi you bite you like how you doing like how high are you basically I find that the longer I feel not lived in Northern Ireland the less I say if I do and I'm quite pleased with them it's not my name god I didn't figure out it's a Northern Irish term Johnny means lucky you jammy bastard which means you lucky bastard yarn like a tail like a story like we had a good yarn last night and the pub dead-on means god I can't stop saying north now racism's I was gonna say dad all means that you're so you're signed cause someone who's cool like who's late legit like we either say they're signed yeah no they're really signed I said they're dead on I met your man last night he he's dead on it means you're cool basically baffan I use this a lot you're wasting time if you're trying to leave the house and someone's like struggling to like find their sunglasses obvious a it more to my wife yeah laughing stop faffing about pool means to Gore with someone to kiss someone you go out on the pool like I like the pool last night failed that's definitely heavily used Egypt is a term that I love it basically means so much to do but I mean I eat it is like the Irish word for idiot or someone who's just always annoying going on here man he's a buck Egypt yeah good term yoke that's it all of Ireland term really can you apply that to anything I'm holding this yoke here like the iPod could be a yoke it's often used when you're trying to describe something that you maybe don't know the word for it that thing whatever but we would say yoke thank you so much for watching Northern Irish slang it with with with me liam neeson I hope you all learned something today I did I'm gonna hand this video back

35 thoughts on “Jamie Dornan Teaches You Northern Irish Slang | Vanity Fair”

  1. oh my, I love the Irish accent. I have noticed that when they say a t at the end of a word, it's softened as if it's followed by an expelling of air

  2. Craic is Gaelic for fun. It is a direct translation. Jamie Doran… is not a representation of Northern Ireland. And most of these words are used in the Republic also.

  3. Cant believe they didn't include another phrase we use which is "Sling yer hook" basically meaning get out of here or move along ๐Ÿ˜‚ I think its a good one.

  4. Canโ€™t pay any attention to what he is saying; his blue eyes are blocking out my hearing, yo๐Ÿ˜‚

  5. As a Northern Irish person myself, I had no need to watch this but it was worth it for Jamie ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚

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