24 thoughts on “James Baldwin on Education”

  1. We as a so-called civil and just society have all been intentionally mis-educated. Mis-educated by race, gender, and class, all social constructs.


  2. James Baldwin just Black & White no shades of Gray victim mentality – Black Conservative movement Growing

  3. Would someone please provide the details of this clip…where, when, etc. THANK YOU.

  4. We had no business going to school with anybody but our own. Black teachers our own books not thier books bunch of fucking lies I'm 48 and I look back on what I was taught a bunch of bs 😎

  5. '… pick up the tools with your own intentions…' Priceless advice.
    It is with what Chomsky calls, 'the benefit of a good education', that so-called educated people can say – straight faced – Trump became presidential when he dropped bombs on women and children in Syria.
    Interesting side story: Dr. Richard Herrnstein, one the the co-authors of that abomination, 'The Bell Curve', developed and deployed an education project in Venezuela. This was long before he co-wrote that book. He set out to teach middle school kids, basic critical thinking skills. These skills were not wedded to any subject; they were transferable. I believe it encompassed 60, 45-minute sessions. At the end IQ scores among the participants rose (which kinda shoots in the ass his later claims about the immutability of this 'genetically determined' trait.)
    The point here is, it's more important to acquire the skill set, or tools for education than it is to accumulate and regurgitate – on an exam – an endless number of facts.
    Learning HOW to learn is at least as important as what you learn.

  6. Cornel west spoke on this in his book Race Matters, this nihilistic threat black peoples face due to horrific subjugation brought on by corporate interest turning people into objects of profit and consumption

  7. I'm glad James spoke to the dual consciousness Blacks in academia and in life in general have to balance. He called it schizophrenia. Him suggesting that the focus of Black intellectuals should be on gathering the tools necessary to educate themselves, because every American school is racist is the best advice Black people can learn from. We will never get an education about ourselves from the traditional education system. That is a task we must set fourth to do for ourselves. We must also not marginalize our history and it's importance when faced with criticism from Blacks and other forms of western criticism.

  8. In the meantime, I would like you to point out one example, one country, just one, that removed their public education system and became a leader in education. Just one example will do. So far, the only country in the world to completely dismantle their public education system has been Cambodia under Pol Pot.

  9. Where did I say that I, personally, would single-handedly fix the public education system in this country. I am just one citizen, change takes the action of millions, and takes many years to accomplish. There are many factors at play here, but my argument stands that getting rid of the system completely is not a viable solution.

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