Jake Paul TEACHES Mini Jake Paul HOW TO SWIM!!

what's up guys we are back in Los Angeles and we are back at the team ten house we've really missed team ten I know Titus is super excited let's get Titus out of the car wait wait where's Titus did I forget him wait who got you out of the car I thought we forgot you yeah all right you guys ready to go in yeah yeah let's do it all right let's go on in oh man I missed the team ten house who are you most excited to see Jake who else Anthony Anthony who else guess who else is here Thor and Apollo yes and what I've heard and seen is Thor is pretty big now buddy oh my gosh who do you see Bob go get my hug you might be hot though no but you can still give him a hug give my high-five hi give me a hug I missed you what's up we're in the Sun I missed you look he's got the other one why do you what are you doing I guess that'd be wait you're making her a card what does the card say oh that's so nice wow thank you what is it show Jane Jane he wrote me a love letter that's the best letter I've ever gotten what well you know yo why you hit why did it not my girlfriend you're hitting on my girlfriend you are no no you're hitting on my girlfriend that's my girlfriend leave me okay yeah I'll find you a girlfriend so that you stop hitting on mine okay deal oh my god lusco best the worst truck oh that's cool yeah what's up dude why are you so red and Rosie's cuz you got Sun you get sunburn oh yeah yeah the Sun is that your little cousin is that Minnie Erica hi it's like Minnie Erika Minnie say you guys know I'm your best friend right how you doing buddy how you doing you're doing good holy snap I missed your little meter so fresh I missed you high five I missed you you missed see you what do you do we wait what are you playing oh you're playing for tonight do they know their plane against you Anthony Jamil breaks leg now I got I'm building a box around you there's a fortnight I'm building you in you got my lunch money yeah what this is ripped and ash this is a real lunch money is his fake lunch money shaking it out of your pocket all right I'm gonna be sitting over there waiting for it yeah alright you guys so Titus just got done filming with Jake and Erica was that fun yeah but yeah if you guys want to go see what Titus shot with Jake and Erica hand on over to Jake's channel and check out the video it's really really cute right now we are going to the pool I think Jake and Chad and Anthony are gonna be coming down to start swimming have fun how's the water temp it's nice Titus I have an idea do you want to prank Jake when I see Jake coming down here I'll say Titus now and you go Jake help me help me and Jake will probably jump in and try and save you and then when he saves you say prank do you I do there's drinking under Titus no no no no thank to you with that we thought he was drowning I thought he was all by himself he's like this Frank Gipp I thought he was like literally out here by himself but like I'm getting you back you made him jump in with this clothes yeah what the heck you buddy I'm gonna prank you back to this yeah yeah I Lily just changed oh so you prank me and then I you want me to teach you how to swim okay let's go for it I'm joining the pot yeah you want to learn to swim without these yeah okay come out here okay can you stand on these steps here stand there why not my dad taught me Titus he put me in the water and then he said sink or swim and then he swam away oh wow that's me yeah I swam okay ready all right come out here in the middle with me okay push down with both arms yeah take it the sack kick and push kick and push kick kick yeah you're swimming go keep going good good job okay now move your arms move your arms now move your arms keep going keep kicking keep moving your arms keep kicking keep moving your arms just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep MN now your aren't on like this with your gimme you see how he's doing yeah there you go there you go now move your feet kick yawns yeah do it you're doing it you're swimming good job buddy okay now you're tough to come to me yeah he's going move your arms keep going keep moving your arms you're swimming by yourself okay ready we're gonna take a break okay do you feel like you're swimming you're a dolphin look at him underwater that fish he's moving his arms okay you're gonna do the same thing okay but above water ready go move your arms move them yep move them faster with your arms yeah like that yeah watch me swim – Anthony watch girls like when you swim just say you know girls like Erika ready [Applause] tightest look at us swim you look like you're drowning I'll come back to me go ready go high-five good I got you buddy next time will be better all right you're the young Michael Phelps well that was awesome you learned to swim a little bit yeah was that fun yeah that was really nice at shaking Anthony yeah you love them yeah they're really nice huh yeah yes well what should we do now okay let's head back to the hotel that was lit do you guys saw me swimming under my wing that was really nice tricking yeah for me I love those guys Bobby I'm down to do the first shower go to a little bit Hey this check is shout out goes to place shove 62 the first shot goes to nacho dog hey guys some of my video get a thumbs up we love you you can't rather be set up give this video a thumbs up and leave the comet silicon well guys that's the like love you guys so much nici cup of tea

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