Jacques Pépin Techniques: Proper Knife Skills for Cutting, Chopping and Slicing

knife for me are the extension of my finger so I want sharp knife good night good quality basically you need three knife you need a shopping knife nine to 12 inch depending on the side of your hand you know a man may have a bigger hand right woman whatever feel comfortable a utility knife for slicing doing all of this about six inches and a paring knife surely you don't even have to pay much money for the paring knife you tend to lose it so cheaper ordinary paring knife is fine but you need to three knife that being said I probably 300 knife at my house then when you use your knife start with the last night put your hand on the table this way never this way always this way do your knife to your hand and start cutting I can look at the camera I don't have to look at my hand because the knife is touching my finger I'll know whether the knife is touching my finger I cannot cut myself that hand is that dummy just go up and down that hand order everything if I push the knife it goes it wherever wherever that time goes the knife's a glue to it and I cut I kind of cut myself providing I keep it glued to my finger providing that thumb doesn't come here stay in the back and you can put it here more here wherever it feel comfortable for you then if you want to learn learn with something like a cucumber or zucchini let's say if you want to peel it like you peel a carrot or this first you cut the end of it the second link with your vegetable peeler is you cut the end of it you establish a platform then you can do one strike one strike instead of going this way and this way and cutting the end of it and finishing it up one strike here proper way in a professional kitchen whether you peel it on that then I'll cut it in half and this is good to practice because it flat doesn't go down well then you glue your knife to your finger and you go down and forward the process of cutting is always done and forward or down or backward down and forward down and backward often you see people doing very fast like this everything you see that patch to the table like parsley – so you have to have the process of cutting now when I do this if I stop lifting up I can't keep the point of the knife on the table and go down and forward or I can lift it up correct in that direction or in that direction doesn't matter if I put that hand here it's like we put you at the lapel you know put your eyes the littler – little dancer of the operat put the knife here and I go down nothing is happening nothing happening because I'm not moving that hand assume that I start moving that hand it will start killing and I move it very slowly very since life notice slowly stick your slice and so forth so here very thin slice thicker slice and secure slice I don't even have to look at the camera I know I'm holding that and the the slice will be from transparent thin to thicker to thicker to thicker and you will hear the same sound the way I move my hand will control the knife so proper knife technique are essential and I'm not a genius and you don't have to some people learn a little bit faster than other but anyone who does that type of practice can do that within you know a few weeks or whatever and it does take some of the graduate of cooking if you have good knife skill

36 thoughts on “Jacques Pépin Techniques: Proper Knife Skills for Cutting, Chopping and Slicing”

  1. Sir, I don’t think I would ever have loved cooking some much if it were not for how much I have learned from YOU.

  2. I always find peeling before cutting off the ends is easier since I don't have to peel right to end or start right at the beginning, I will cut off both ends after peeling anyways.

  3. 0:18 I can't believe the extreme amount of obvious sexism and transphobic comments about hands. I'm disappointed in you Jacaques. I didn't think you were a handist.

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