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Ladies and gentlemen welcome to midlife. I’m 31, married. I’m 33 years old I’m a diesel mechanic. I’m 30 years old, single, and have one kid. I have to pay for child care especially with two of the kids. My gross annual income is $47,000 so that I can live pretty comfortably with that. They’re really trying to give the students the essential skills that they will need to operate in the future and things that they need to consider as they continue on with their education and things they need to think about the skills and how they’re going to face that future and the decision to have to make. They’ve had in class curriculum to learn about the skills and concepts around financial issues around budgeting about figuring out how to take taxes out of their paychecks, gross pay, netpay. They’ve done it on paper it’s very different to do it in real life and so by the students having the scenarios that they receive about the story of their life that tells them their occupation, their age, their marital status, if they have children and the gross annual household income they have when they put into practice those skills and concepts that they received, it sticks and it has more of a meaning to them. I’m making even more money than I feel right below Grocery shopping costs a lot more than I thought. I picked out of BMW. I’m not making as much money as I thought I would. I’m not making as much as I thought I was gonna be making but now that I’ve gone through the shopping and stuff I think it’s going to be enough. Okay, so apparently I lost my job which is kind of an issue because now I don’t get my monthly income. Yeah, it would be stressful just cause what happens if this actually happened we will lose all your stuff and you have to rely on you spouse and like try and rush to find a job real quick to start paying for everything else. Also, not even your spouse, your family too. Yeah, cause you have a child that’s going to be a bit harder to pay for their clothes and if they’re going to eat a lot and it’s just stressful. (laughs) I think what surprised me the most is, um, just that the kids were are getting the complexity of real-life. At that age you’re not thinking beyond yourself in so when the equation became times 2 or times 3, jaws hit the floor. Why shouldn’t we talk about money and finances and things like that. It’s a great conversation for these kids as they get older as they find the spouse to talk about before they get married. Things like that. If we have a population of students who understand how to budget it makes their lives better it makes a community better and it makes better employees. We’re at a time where this younger generation is growing up and we seem to have a lot of doubts about their motivation and their capabilities and when you get a little bit closer you realize that, you know, we are in pretty good hands. But the more you can do of the more we can invest in our own community the stronger this community is going to be for all of us. They have an opportunity to invest in the future and it’s here with JA. No, not at all, it comes with too many priorities. No, you have to pay a lot of money, which isn’t fun. Having a family is hard. I’d rather stay young for a couple more years. I apologize for the stuff I put you through!

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