It’s a Major Thing – Elementary Education

Hi everyone! My name is Anna Malone I’m
an elementary education major here at West Liberty University and today I’m
going to show you what it’s like to be in this program So this morning we’re going to be with
Professor Ken Sexton with our block class we’re going to be learning about
instructional design so let’s check it out! There is a time when it’s a good idea that your students learn to work with other students… The education program here is the
oldest in this state and they really are wonderful
we do lots of projects and different things in class that really are
applicable to real life and there’s a lot of valuable experiences that we gain
through the teachers. We are looking through children’s books to try to find
questions that reach different depths of knowledge. It is it’s true it’s really
wonderful the teachers here are quality and they really do care and that’s what
I was looking for in a University is a place where people cared about you and
actually wanted to help you grow and learn and get that degree. The level is
application so things like show, make, illustrate demonstrate, apply…Now we’re in
my math and science methods course with Mrs. Swartz… Now we’re going to start our technology project today so if you have a device… Our block semester is a mixture of being
in class and being out in the field it’s that baby step towards student
teaching which happens the next semester so what we do is we just meet two days a
week in class for four hours and then we’re out in the field the rest of the
time so we might have different assignments for classes where we all go
as a group and work on something like teaching math together but then we also
have to do that do the observation hours independently of that. My friends and I
like to eat lunch in the Union every day Today I’m at West Liberty Elementary
School as part of my observation hours I’ll be in the kindergarten classroom
today so let’s check it out. We’re gonna play a game to make sure that the
kindergarten students know their letters So we have to do 90 hours of observation
for our block semester as part of our state requirement to get our license so
we’ve been at West Liberty Elementary which is great it’s right on top of the
hill I’ve bounced around from kindergarten to first grade fifth grade and it’s just
a great to get involved as much as we can and help out teachers wherever that
we can really show up. So I’m here in the Center for Arts and Education I’m gonna
go work on a group project So the Center for arts and education is
a makerspace here on campus they have all kinds of materials and resources
that students can use for education majors it is invaluable
there are so many things that I might have to purchase but here they are free
for me to use and that’s a wonderful gift but other majors can come too so
it’s not just education majors it is just a space for everybody to get
creative and I love that. I’m vice president of the Student Government
Association we’re getting ready for our weekly meeting…. I met with Kate yesterday and we’re
pretty good on the bonfire it’ll be… So I’m on the Executive Board
of student government as student body vice president and for me that’s a great
way to connect with all of the students here and also be the catalyst for change
on campus so our goal is to just make this year the best that it can be and
then grow and build on that in the years to come. I hope this gave me a good idea what it is to be an elementary education major
here at West Liberty University. For more information check out the website

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