Ithaca’s Tent City “THE JUNGLE”: Living Homeless Sucks!

100 thoughts on “Ithaca’s Tent City “THE JUNGLE”: Living Homeless Sucks!”

  1. Tour of Ithaca's Tent City Where Homeless People Survive in the Freezing Cold

    Los Angeles's Koreatown Residents Helping Homeless People

    Homeless Couple's Love Keeps Them Warm in Ithaca's Cold Weather.

  2. Mister I wish there were more ppl like u u are amazing and god bless u u are one in a million mister from south Africa

  3. Like he said were suppose to be the best smartest country in the world and we can't even take care of our own. Instead we just keep letting hundredth's  of immigrants in our country with no means of how to take or care for them .  Were in fact creating more homeless  people each year with the high cost of living . There are so many dishonest billionaire bankers and corporations who instead of helping want more money to line their greedy pockets . This will not change until the people take to the streets in protest against this fashion like they did in Hong Kong .

  4. I love what Carmen is doing there ! I live and serve the homeless in Akron Ohio . The problem with expecting the local govt. to do anything, we will always be disappointed. The church has been instructed by the Lord to take care of the poor, not the govt.,
    God Bless you all and may we do the best we can as individuals right were we are planted.

  5. Damn, 3:20 was painful…..I don't know if he should have asked, on camera, that Question. But…..words fail me.

  6. Hey I live in Sac CA, if there is anyone out here doing this and need help. Leave a comment, I would like to help.

  7. Your Carmon are a beautiful human being , you don't question why you just do what's necessary to help others .. There's not many people that would do what you did for this gentleman . This group of individuals are good people and there shouldn't be homeless people , we live in a rich country , and these people should not have to live like this. God bless all of you for your kindness , generosity , and friendship you have extended to to people in tent cities . After watching this I am going to start to be an example of what you have started , hopefully to make a difference . ❤

  8. This is exactly who should be doing it. Too much bureaucracy with government taking the lead. Charities. Business men. Churches.

  9. We Need "Rent Control" in every State…. That would at least be a 1st Step..!! And I don't think I am being heartless when I say…. Why don't people who have to live like this, for whatever reason, Clean Up their surroundings..?? Why strew trash everywhere..??

  10. I freaking love this guy!! The guy in the red shirt is freaking awesome!! I want to marry him! Sending positive vibes his way. Hugs and kisses. How can one help in his quest of helping the homeless ?

  11. You ask some dumb ask questions .." why do you come out here and build a home for the older man in woods " ..because I do they are a human being ..geez you are so annoying and making money through you tube through all these homeless people makes you a hypocrite !

  12. People should not live in tents there is garbage all over they should go into shelters. If people are low skilled there are cheaper places to live people can better themslves by promoting at their job or getting schooling

  13. That's horrible finding his friend dead I was homeless for 2 years and prayed for God to give me the strength to commit suicide after a while I would God curse God for allowing me to wake up in this world heart breaking situation

  14. Beautiful ppl with good hearts and intentions will beat Homelessness.

    Its such a pleasure to see souls like Mark, Cartman and the rest who gives so generously and meaningfully.

    You are the paragons of humanity and quite frankly true HEROES.


  15. Erecting and/or adding on to dwellings on land you don't own or even lease, HAS to be illegal, and quite possibly criminal.

  16. hey guys..MANYYY MANY LOVE AND RESPECT from germany for your work ! The work of Carmen and the whole Invisible People chanel are AMAZING….SOOOOOO AMAZING ! THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEOS AND THAT YOU HELP THIS PEOPLES WITH STUFF AND HEARTHEAT (hope you understand what im try to tell you ) !
    The C

  17. we are going to leave our rental trailer and move to a tent, again. we cant afford rent and everything else. disability pays the very minimum, $760 max in missouri. most places that are cheap, trailers, rent for 400 plus a month. and you have to have deposit of 400 and deposits, 400 last months rent, and deposits on all utilities. you cant afford to move, if you cant pay rent your screwed

  18. Carmen is so intense and compassionate about what he does and wanting to help. God bless everyone with a heart to reach out to others like this. How inspirational

  19. I love people such a statement is said all-day everyday but is only c02 leaving a human body this man has DEEPLY affected me may the homeless speak his name across this country. GOD(DESS) BLESS YOU AND WHAT YOU STAND FOR!

  20. Agree 💯 💯 so true we live in a sad 😢 world I pray for all the homeless people I can relate to them back in the day 😔 I was homeless for 3 years and it is a horrible life people who never have been homeless can not even go there can't relate how street life is 😭 I pray that everyone helps the homeless and they get a nice house to live in God bless all of them it makes me cry 😢.

  21. The government is so messed up and people who need help they turn us away and people who don't need it get all the benefits 😠 so sad 😢 but true 😢.

  22. You are amazing and beautiful people, keep doing what you doing I wish I could help but Im million miles away.. I must say Carmen is a very handsome man , not only has a good heart! Wish we had some good mans like that here in Hungary! God bless you all! xx

  23. You don’t need to get so close to there face when they talk that’s what problem makes some of them uncomfortable I know it would me to have someone inches away from my face talkin

  24. This dude accomplishes all of this on an auto body shop owners budget while supporting his own business and household, Meanwhile the numb nut politicians in Seattle Washington have a billion and a half dollar budget PER YEAR! specifically for the homeless crises in Seattle and they can't seem to put so much as a dent in getting folks off of the streets! all of them seem to be getting richer every year though! Absolutely sickening and why we can't trust our corrupt government with anything! as an ex general contractor, I have done the math and With 10% of that budget I could get the vast majority of the homeless off the streets in Seattle and Portland both!! I can't wrap my brain around how these sub-human politician rats can live with themselves! makes me sick!!

  25. I see why we have a lot of homeless.. I notice most are mentally unstable. Not many are educated or can help their mental state. They need medication and mental health help .

  26. help others need to be part our daily life, every day, any place, for any reason, just one small gesture of generosity could change the day and life of others in need, PLEASE, DO IT.

  27. If you want to solve the problem of the homeless then you have to move from capitalism to socialism. You have to change the state system, change capitalism with socialism. Then it solves laws and state laws take care of the social status of people. In EU Member States, socialism is present and there is no homeless person. In my Croatia, everyone is equally rich because socialism is such that it protects people from poverty through law.

  28. All the billionaires could help out with safe places to go for homeless. It drives me nuts knowing someone lives in a mansion with 15 bedrooms but they have no children🤔 10 bathrooms? I couldn't live in a place like that knowing adults & children are sleeping on the ground, out in the freezing cold. Somethings gotta give, the U.S A. Has to make housing prices 30% of income everywhere , not just city housing authorities.

  29. GOD BLESS THAT MAN IN THE RED SHIRT!!!!! Sorry, didnt catch his name. Hes so right, we all need to start helping. I am going to. Please join me. 🥰👍🙏🙌

  30. I just love this guy everyone would think about what he's saying help someone if everybody just help one person that was homeless we might be able to put a stop to

  31. You know you said it everyone would help someone I had typed it before you said it but it is true and here I was last week worrying because my cable got shut off and then I turn this on and see these people I need to start being thankful for what I do have you guys are all in my prayersI take all the clothes I can't wear or clothes that I haven't worn and I take them down to the soup kitchen for the ladies that are living on streets

  32. I love watching your videos. Thank you for helping the less fortunate and caring we're all humans and should not be treated differently because of how much money someone has. Noone should have to worry about how they will get their next meal or where they are going to sleep that night. Again thank you we need more kind people like you in the world good sir. Even something as little as a conversation can change someones day.

  33. Those guys are awesome for helping those people building shelters and whatnot that's something I would love to do. Much respect

  34. I'm disabled and have had to live in motel rooms but thankfully never had to be on the street bc of help from friends through the Love of Jesus. I think if people were more willing to help others from becoming homeless in the first place that would help but unfortunately most of my family members didn't care what happened to me and thought I deserved it or needed to learn a lesson. I wish I could help ppl but I'm barely able to take care of myself. Unfortunately I've noticed that poor ppl are usually willing to help more than rich or well off ppl. I think people should reach out to the homeless more instead of just giving to charities. I also think people only want to give what they can write off on taxes. It's sad but It makes me think of the rich man and Lazarus. Also I thank Jesus that when the rapture happens all christian homeless will be in heaven. Praise the Lord!

  35. The cameraman is asking questions with too much enthusiasm. You can tell Carmen gets borderline offended and fed up with this jackass.

  36. This is so tragic discusses tears depression can get to you when you have no help and hopeless these are human beings and they need help everybody reach out to do something to help these people no one deserves to be homeless nice are living angels to help as well as you I'm waiting for my time to something good to happen for me so I can give to those I'm just waiting I'm I'm praying here everyday do that day comes next year so I can reach out and help

  37. God bless all of you. the only thing worth very much is kindness from people to people. Thank you👍👍👍👍👍❤❤

  38. Forget religion for a moral compass. . Im an atheist. All we need are men like this to follow. It's called emotional intelligence and Empathy.

  39. I am not working at the moment and what I am working is little jobs here and there but if it wasn't for my family I would be homeless outside in the cold. Thank God for my family. Homeless is all different kinds of people with different faces it can happen within a minute

  40. I LOVE THE REAL UNDERSTANDING, KINDNESS AND ACTION BEHIND THIS MOVEMENT. There are a couple of areas I can see for betterment but essentially these helpers are to be commended. Thankyou for helping!!!

  41. K, now I'm disappointed to see that females are excluded from having cottages at present. From personal experience females tend to be more vulnerable for various reasons and are thereby more in need. I've nearly been homeless in my car when I was childless and am now on verge of it again but with one child and all the responsibility. I had a very difficult pregnancy and an abusive partner so I feel so deeply for anyone in paralysing circumstances.

  42. I am going to go out of my way to help as much as I can for the people here homeless in Nanaimo BC you people have put a fire to my soul to do my part to help out best I can. You guys are legend's.

  43. Carmen Do nót put yourself down, We are One Big Human family!! The most rich people are the poorest people…I knów you dig this!!!

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