30 thoughts on “Italy Travel Skills”

  1. Just got back from Italy and I must say they have lost their way. Most are rude, lazy, in poor health and value wearing tight pants and gucci over health and stoicism.

  2. Rick Steves is now getting old and needing dentures. I am wondering why his young and beautiful girlfriend is sticking with him.

  3. There are so many travel vlogs or whatever but Rick Steves gets it right. He's knowledgeable and respectful of the country he's talking about and it's not about HIM. It's about the country.

  4. I live in Italy and I tell friends the same. You just need to go with it and enjoy the ride. Well said Sir!

  5. I love Sicily, because they are what you see…..they have no bravado…they are also the most diverse in Italy, in every sense.

  6. 30 seconds in; yep, my thoughts exactly on Italy. – And yes, definitely more of a Denmark – or even more: Norway – kinda person. That being said, however, I really, really, really liked Florence, San Gimignano and Siena. But it was March. And I was there for museums and architecture and looking around. By foot (except for getting from one town to the next). On a budget. – Was great though.

  7. I think Rick Steves just expressed everything I think. I'm watching the food part. I absolutely agree with him on how to choose restaurants, etc. I am not American; I am a Brit who only discovered the joys of Italy a couple of years ago. Walking around, I stumbled on Trastevere. I had no idea that Raphael had worked on the Villa Farnesina there. It is full of restaurants but right next to fancy ones for the tourists you can find cheap ones. Always look for cheap ones, preferably with no English menus. I have been back to Rome twice, and soon will be going to Florence. Avoid cars. Walk or use public transport. Avoid the summer.

  8. fantastic talk-loved the bits about the cruises. made me aware of when to schedule time in cruise-frequented locations. thank you for your hard work!

  9. I visited the Cinque Terre in late May and it was lovely; my favorite place I visited in Italy. I hiked from Monterroso Al Mare to Vernazza just before sunset. I’m told this is the most difficult hike. The beginning was a bit difficult, but the view was spectacular and I had the trail almost totally to myself. I watched the sunset at Vernazza’s Harbor and bought wine and truffles for next to nothing. I was so pleasantly surprised by Manarola, but I didn’t get to two of the towns, so I have to go back. I loved it. ❤️

  10. Love Rick. But he's gotten a little "paunchy" around the middle. You would think, what with all the walking he does, he wouldn't have that. Oh well, love him anyway.

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