Israel's Education Minister Says Something We Can't Put In A YouTube Title

I go on i-24 from time to time it's a at times can be an awkward experience because of not all of them I mean David Shuster isn't there anymore but a lot of the anchors there have a what they have such an extreme far-right israel bias that I mean I remember one time an opening package for a segment before I came on in my head I had to say to the host like you're gonna need to do less bias opening packages before I come on like that that's ridiculous and so kudos to Emily Maher of if not now which is a is if I understand is that I think this believe is a Jewish pressure group that fights against the Israeli occupation and here she was talking about young Jewish voters are tired of the position that says you support Israel as a sovereign nation state literally doing whatever it wants anytime anywhere any place in a country that administers so many human rights abuses I represent a base of American Jews and the base of the Democratic Party who are calling on Democratic leaders to reject AIPAC and actually take meaningful action towards ending Israel's military occupation that deprives Palestinians of civil political and human rights you know I think it's clear that this generation of young American Jews knows that violating the rights of humans and children is wrong whether it's at the border or whether it's taking kids out of bed in the middle of the night and the West Bank and we're calling on our political leaders to actually represent that view were tired of the blank cheque that the Democratic Party has given to the Israeli government to continue the status quo in Israel to continue dispossessing Palestinians of their land and of their lives and I think you know we're ready as American Jews to stop feeding that the territory in the arena of the political moment to our establishment that doesn't represent us or our views and so we're asking politicians to actually take take responsibility for this issue and put forward bold new solutions to end what is this injustice that's very well put of course this is an issue with the presidential candidates were obviously and he certainly doesn't have a perfect record on this none of them do although Bernie Sanders did as part of his in the 1980s and and supporting Jesse Jackson acknowledged Palestinian human rights at a time when there was not even that that saying that the Palestinians and these that the Israelis should negotiate with the PLO was actually a controversial position even though it become mainstream in the 90s and ultimately lead to the failed and discredited peace process Bernie's infinitely far ahead in terms of just saying that in fact the United States should follow through on its actual policy of opposing the occupation at least until Trump and in terms of centering he spoken clearly on the humanity of Palestinians he's objected to the atrocities example of the Israeli murder of the Palestinian protesters at the Gaza protest as an example Kamala Harris Christian Gillibrand and Cory Booker are very much on the opposite extreme they are absolutely situated within the discredited and really horrifying Democratic mainstream that she's talking about there Joe Biden is a leader of that Joe Biden of course as you'd expect as a has a terrible record with supporting these things Peabody jej defended if I along with Elizabeth Warren quite aggressively various Israeli actions Elizabeth Warren again I'll keep saying it her reaction to if you go back to 2014 Israel's shelling and pounding of Gaza which killed hundreds of civilians in days it shelled UN schools there was a horrifying photos of Palestinian children murdered on the beach in Gaza she came out and did the same robotic AIPAC talking points that everybody does and I will definitely say that Sanders response while not nearly as callous as hers at that time was not great either and the ground is shifting because of work of people like like mayor like Emily mayor but this is an area where we're still well behind the curve and there still is just a clear and distinct difference in political candidates if you have even the inkling of a caring about basically recognising Palestinians as human beings most of the candidates on the stage are still not doing that functionally and you know the and it's and it's an incredible double-edged sword because how you can on one hand be a party that is supposed to represent the broadening recognition of a truly full democracy for all and then conversely support an apartheid state and the only way to do it is actually through the the appeals of the most crass reductive identity politics which has always been a major problem in discourse around Israel and all too many most frankly you know almost all Democrats have embraced even at times when you know the most horrific atrocities are being committed by Israel and there's also a model I'd look up Jeffrey Halper Jeff Halper who runs a group as part of a group called Israelis against home demolitions and another way of understanding Israel and understanding the occupation is that Israel is the sort of frontline of a broad sort of north-south divide that whether you're talking about policing in in Ferguson whether you're talking about counterinsurgency in Afghanistan that a lot of Israeli models of repression and counterinsurgency and there's a big reason why Israel is huge in exporting weapons and exporting security training if you go back to even back to the 80s Israel was part of at least Israeli contractors are part of the Reagan era policies of training death squads and Latin America there's a way in which according to helpers argument the the Israeli model is the stand in for the broader securitization of east-west policy generally and the occupation is the kind of center and staging ground of how that policy unfolds and I think that that's largely true in a very important way of understanding that dynamic on another note related to this AOC accurately called the obscene conditions at the border concentration camps I did a whole segment a couple weeks ago where in response to Chuck Todd having a tizzy fit about it we went and we read hopefully if chuck was watching the Miriam addiction to dijkstra dictionary definition of concentration camp which absolutely describes the detaining of refugees at the border even even before we get to the atrocities that are being committed by ice and immigration enforcement officers that I Anna Presley and Rashida to live in AOC and really only a couple of others are bravely fighting against but it certainly led people including Chuck Todd and well actually Megan McCain didn't go in this direction because Megan McCain obviously made it about her dad but it was a really reported miser to take the you know don't don't ever use any terminology that might ever cheapen the memory of the Holocaust one of the most horrifying genocide and events in human history well you know while I will defend the proper use of the word concentration camps to describe the Trump administration concentration camps I will say that I do think we should honor the legacy and not forget that history and not cheapen it in any way shape and form which is why I have a little bit of a bone to pick with Israel's new incoming education minister Rafi Perez who said in a July first meeting of the Israeli cabinet and I'm quoting now from Axios that the rate of intermarriage among u.s. Jews is unquote like a second Holocaust like a sonic boom quite similar to there was a time we knew the six million people who were literally gassed to death by the German government and so that was one thing and now another is a shill Abramowitz my my missus she's an Italian guy so this is Somalia which is like good the Holocaust this is another example of the very rational insane thinking and modern Israeli politics I'm so glad that Haim Saban essentially directs Israeli policy for Brookings Institution in the Democratic Party I want to know I want to know I mean that that is gonna be a worthwhile question to ask the the woke Democratic Party why does Haim Saban support you and not Bernie Sanders yes why does he why does he explicitly say hi I'm Sobhan billionaire from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers funder of AIPAC in the Democratic Party and a guy who is a again quite similar to Sheldon Adelson in terms of it's not just it's not a question of defending Jewish humanity and dignity it's a question of a defending Israeli Apartheid and killing and discrimination he said I love all 22 candidates well except one and then what do you say said something I really don't like Bernie Sanders yeah I don't like Bernie and you can read it to him these people are doing something really helpful which is that they're telling you who to vote for you know the new Pete there was a peace and fortune that came out the other day that said like Wall Street's starting to feel okay with Elizabeth warrant the pieces used to say nobody except Sanders and Warren now they're saying not Sanders so all of the worst people are telling you this is the one person I want you to vote for so I think it's a pretty good indication a Democratic mega donor homme Sobhan we love all 23 candidates Homme said then pauses no – one i profoundly dislike bernie sanders you can write it and why wouldn't he he's a billionaire influence-peddling plutocrat who's prime foreign policy goals are the dehumanization and nationalism I mean I I would I would hate Bernie Sanders – Bernie Sanders is a voice for justice equity and against bigotry of all kinds I mean yeah I'm principally against the carceral state but if you had to gulag any sort of subset of individuals the ones termed mega donors only could be a good place to start oh yeah and we can even have different conditions I would like I put Tom Styer in a more Swedish type of legislation yeah yeah Tom I can play for tonight calm less nice conditions maybe he go to some like IDF thing a little bit of a broader sense of reality

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  1. 8:58
    He is so interbred, he is English monarchy. He no longer needs women to make little peretzes, he has obtained two sets of chromosomes, like some poes.

  2. Criticizing the Right wing government in Israel is NOT being anti-Semitic! If you think they are, you don't understand Israel's government or what the word anti-Semitic means.

  3. Let's be honest.
    Zionism and nazism are exactly the same ideology.
    The only difference is the role-cast and geographical location.
    The palestinians are semites, unlike most of the population in Israel.

  4. i test a channels viewpoint by the comment section majority – 90% antisemitic here. good job guys 👍

  5. yes some terrible stuff going on, but they are not the majority in Israel..nor will the opposition go easy on the minister. Even the PM denounced this! wheres your videos on way worse arab nations (don’t give me your usual lame excuses as your hate for Israel is now normal banter from the looney leftists). you are jokers. wheres your objective view on actually whats going on. Anti Israel bias.

  6. When you break down comment like the marriage one it's easy to see where the motivation lies. Why would inter ethnic marriage in the US matter to an Israeli politician. He would probably say it about keeping Jews around as a people into the future or about preserving Judaism. What it's really about is convincing people they're Jewish first and American second. If these types of people can do that they'll feel they will have free rein in their Zionism because they've managed to convince these people Jews are under threat of extinction. Why else push conversion or not intermarrying except to save your race. If race is your primary concern it will be pretty easy to convince people that oppressing others in order to secure your race is reasonable and of course you have all the other nasty side effects that come with racial nationalism as well.

  7. Political militant Zionism is a plague.

    A shame that it has engraved itself so deeply in the US legislation and executive.

    Pitiful for such a free-US peoples.

    There will be no peace until the Zionist Jew-only/Jewish supremacist colonies in Judea and Samaria, etc..there will be no peace and no two-State, one-State, any-Palestinian State until the occupation and the Jewish supremacist/Jew-only colonies are removed. Or incorporated into a Palestinian State.

    These candidates don’t even know anything else about Zionism and the Zionist-State, other than what they’ve been told. They have no god damn idea, two-parties with such vaaarrying degrees of opinions—until you ask about the Zionist-State and Zionism.

    AIPAC needs to be registered under FARA, and the US needs to cut all aid and sanction the Zionist-State until the Jew-only colonies are removed/handed over to the Palestinians and a Palestinian State. An archipelago of land will never make an adequate State—nor will the Palestinians ever accept such an island chain of land as a contiguous State.

  8. Wait- Saban is the producer or creator of Power Rangers??
    Does that explain why the original power rangers line up was so racist? The black ranger was a black guy, the yellow ranger was an Asian woman, I believe the red ranger was native American, and of course the pink ranger was a girl, and then there was Tommy, the green but also glorious White Ranger! What's up with that??

  9. Pope urban the 2nd started the crusades on a lie , inciting the Christians from England and beyond to descend on Jerusalem to save and free the Christians there who were living happily side by side with muslims and Jews from torture and death at the hands of muslims and in exchange they would be pardoned for any crimes they may have committed previously and keep any goodies they obtained while sacking the city .

  10. I hate how we are allied with an illegal country formed by Zionist scum and also middle East countries like Saudi Arabia just worst of the worst isreal should get sanctioned to hell.

  11. all he said was that he don't object convertion therapy for gay people
    in Iran they kill gays and kill people who convert to christianity and they put you in jail for uploading Pharrel williams songs to YouTube.

    In israel he was condemen.

    shame on the fake WEST(except for the only real western USA). you betray Israel and soon, soon we are going to get rid of your posession on us

  12. all he said was that he don't object convertion therapy for gay people
    in Iran they kill gays and kill people who convert to christianity and they put you in jail for uploading Pharrel williams songs to YouTube.

    In israel he was condemen.

    shame on the fake WEST(except for the only real western USA). you betray Israel and soon, soon we are going to get rid of your posession on us

  13. Support Jewish Voice for Peace!
    Support If Not Now!
    Support the thousands of Jewish Americans who stand against the new Concentration Camps.

  14. Why do Jews get triggered over the word concentration camps. Did they forget British concentration camps during Boer wars around 1900. You guys don't own the fucking word.

  15. Why do they get the most racist horrible people to run their ministry of education? What are their kids learning in Isreal?

  16. I admire that young lady courage. thank you for standing up for human rights whether its jews, Christian, Muslims.

  17. Mike, you are to smart for me, and i thank you for that. You have a knack for articulating my thoughts and feelings in a way i never could. Sometimes you are my voice and when it comes to the Israeli/Palestinian struggle, you never fail to hit the nail on the head. Keep up the good work.


  19. Judaism is a religion. Anyone can become Jewish. It's not a race. It has no specific DNA. Look it up. Being a Jew doesn't make you a semite. Only 20% or less of Jews are semitic. Palestinians ARE semites yet Israel wants it both ways. Israeli's think killing Palestinians does not mean they are anti-semitic. But if you criticise Israel's policies somehow one is an anti-semite. The world has been hypnotized to be afraid of a massive sick Zionist lie.

  20. The Jewish Occupation. Israel doesn't do whatever it wants anytime. This is bullshit. The Arab Muslims who call themselves "Palestinians" (or "Balestinians" or "Filistines" because there is no "P" sound in Arabic) were offered their own state when Israel declared its independence. They refused. Israel was attacked again and again and the other newly-formed Arab nations in and around the Levant vowed to "drive the Jews into the sea". The newly formed Israel nation fought back and won. After one battle the Israeli's obtained a lot of land via war. They offered the land back to their enemies IF those nations and territory would acknowledge that Israel has a right to exist. Egypt and Jordan signed on. The Sinai Peninsula was returned to Egypt. All the "Balestinians" have to do is acknowledge that Israel has a right to exist. They call "Pepsi" "Bebsi" by the way. There are plenty of Arab Muslims who are Israeli citizens and they are allowed to vote and run for public office and be members of the Knesset which is equivalent to our Congress. They have the freedom to come and go and to attend services at their Mosques, and go to Israeli universities and have use of hospitals. The "Palestinians" have been backed by Iran and the most recent terrorist got a larger-than-ever-before amount of money for killing Israeli children. The "human rights violations" that have been lobbed at Israel are from Arab nations in the United Nations. Israel allows all religions to worship as they choose in Israel, and people who are not Jewish can work and do anything any other citizen of Israel can do– that is NOT the case in Islmanic neighboring countries. Also, we never hear of the Jewish lands that were taken from Jews in Arab countries…. People forget that ALL of these Arab nations are NEW since they were all part of the Ottoman Empire not long ago. Also, the Dome of the Rock was never considered anything much, not the 2nd or third holiest site to Muslims prior to Israel becoming a States– the Quran tells where Mohammed's "night journey" took Mohammed to… X distance from the furthest Mosque from Mecca, which would be nowhere near Jerusalem. How many times is Jerusalem mentioned in the Quran? ZERO. This is all I am willing to get into with this nonsense form people who don't know the history, but to me, all I hear is ignorance coming from this video. Just for kicks, look up the Palestinian Territory flag.

  21. The picture of the Israeli education minister shows that they are not suppose to be there. The land is rejecting them, they cannot take the sun. But they will never admit it just like they will not admit that they hijacked a religion and claim to be God's chosen people so as to get a way with murder.

  22. that one time we helped prop a Jewish state and they behave like the nazis they claim they’re escaping. Wow irony

  23. If you go on their FB page and check out the comments it’s obscene. They are attacked by people opposing IfNotNow like nothing I have ever seen before. It’s really sad to see because it shows how difficult it is to stand up to the Israeli governments treatment of the Palestinian people.
    Michael does an Israeli accent real well. I thought I was hearing my uncles.

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