IsraelPalestine For Critical Thinkers: #1 Ancient Roots

it's a narrow strip of territory not more than 80 miles across bounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the west and the Jordan River and the Arabian desert to the east it sits in the westernmost portion of what we now call the Middle East a name given because of its position in relation to three continents Europe Africa and Asia this land has had many names Israel Kanaan the promised land the Holy Land Judea and Samaria and Palestine will refer to the land as Israel Palestine many millennia ago israel-palestine saw the dawn of human civilization and since then it's played a key role in the story of humanity israel-palestine story is an ancient one dating back thousands of years and involving the most powerful world empires the Egyptians Babylonians and Romans while the history of the Middle East goes back thousands of years some people today only refer to recent and current issues but to understand the entire situation we have to start thousands of years ago back then the land had a different name Kanaan in the ancient world Kanaan was a point of intersection between different peoples and worlds its geographical position made it a natural corridor between Asia and Africa and Kanaan was a major transit area in junction for trade the terrain and land unusually diverse for such a small area changed dramatically from west to east this division of hills and valleys and varied ecosystems made the land attractive to neighboring powers from the dawn of human history then cannon was exposed to and dominated by the earliest centers of civilization with that a steady stream of settlers into the region established an incredibly varied ethnic and cultural makeup with many different peoples occupying the land before the Israelite conquest in 1300 to 1200 BCE the biblical figure Abraham was reputed to be one of those settlers in around 1900 BCE let's go to our first hot topic of the series many of us aren't used to seeing the Bible as a work of history is it really a credible source of factual information in the last half century archeologists have been using biblical stories to help guide their excavations and their exciting discoveries have created new insights into ancient history they have revealed to us that some of these biblical events may have actually occurred this doesn't mean all biblical accounts are historically accurate though in the Bible's earliest books especially it's hard to distinguish legend from historical fact the Bible is not a history book but it does contain a wealth of ancient history and cultural information that is now supported by modern archaeological and documentary evidence whether or not we believe the biblical events to be truth one fact remains the story of Abraham and his descendants is integral to three of the world's great monotheistic religions Judaism Christianity and Islam and has altered the course of history because of it if we want to gain some understanding about the significance of Israel Palestine an understanding of the biblical stories is essential

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  1. Israel Palestine? No…it's only Palestine. Chaim Weizmann, Theodor Herzl, David Ben-Gurion, along with Arthur Balfour invoked some imagined concept of divine right in an effort to rob a sovereign people of their land and systematically murder and subjugate the native population. How are people okay with the murder and suffering still inflicted upon the rightful occupants of Palestine by the "nation of Israel" still happening as we speak? Is this not crazy to anyone else?

  2. Critically thinking, at what precise point in history did Before Common Era end and the Common Era begin? Mmmm, tough one this. Ah yes, it was the year The Messiah Jesus Christ was born, or as is known to most of the world, Anno Domini, in the year of our Lord.
    Now what could be the motivation behind this crass, clumsy, incompetent and inane attempt to change the reason for the start of our two thousand and eighteen year old time period? And apart from Satan, who could benefit from it?

  3. "Critical thinkers" is a misnomer. One sided biased narrative. Usual kosher propaganda to sway public support for the Zionist cause.

  4. Richard Bass bio, from the Institute of Jewish education…
    Starting the story of modern "Israel -Palestine" in ANCIENT HISTORY is a dead giveaway of where this is leading….

  5. Abraham is fictional a Hebrew invention as is the conquest of Joshua, Adam and eve, Noah and the ark, Exodus, and the over extended kingdom of David and Solomon all of which are late fiction myths of the iron age. Same is true with their god Yahweh/yahwuah/allah the Hebraic god which is what most the world is deceived into instead of the True Pagan and Gentile God/Gods who are Real and Did create us and Judge us.

  6. Objectively-Wrong bias filled video to feed fellow jews thirst for claim the land that no Objectively-Wrong mythology have the right to claim.

    Remember that its for '((((Critical Thinkers))))'.

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