37 thoughts on “IS VIETNAM READY FOR CRIT MASTER YI? – Cowsep”

  1. I like jungler that help me push after a gank, but I hate the ones that only push one wave after I die, and leave a huge wave right in front of the enemy turret, and fucks me over that way :/

  2. They are nerfing yi again… his jungle clear speed and Q damage, i hope you talk to developers like in past to save him… his win ratio is not that good above bronze, on bronze is 54%.
    We shouldnt balance the game for BRONZE players that dont even know how to play or focus on killing nexus to win lol… but then again most riot balance team members are low elo.

    Crit Yi is fun but honestly not viable as on hit, why play Yi when you cant deal with tanks or good bruisers anymore, low exp on jungle good players with 2 lvls over you will punish you, you cant reliable splitpush and run back if they come while tryndamere can so easy now, x2 buffed CD E tryn spin = 1 Yi ult distance in less time without wasting your ult. Tryn can also deal with rammus/jax on all stages of game. Problem with Yi is FUNNEL. Just make Taric and lulu skills not work on Yi, its dumb but the only solution fuck funnelers will kill this champ.

    edit: also his clears are not that good right now cant imagine after changues, Playing crit yi is trolling when you can play khazix

  3. You literally baited Pantheon to ult mid because he thought you are going in but you turned around towards bot lane. :thinking:

  4. PLEASE try the rune Glacial Augment and go blue smite so it slows your enemies a hell lot and it works like a charm. Please give it a try and give me some feedback. PLEASEEE and thankss

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