Is this article Peer Reviewed?

Many of your professors ask you to cite peer-reviewed
and academic journal articles in your paper however how do you know the articles you find
are actually peer-reviewed? There is a very easy way to check. The Library
has a database called Ulrichsweb. It is a journal directory that provides all sorts
of information about the journal, including whether or not it is peer-reviewed. For example, I need to find whether “Personal
Relationships” is a peer-reviewed journal. To find this information I would first go
to the library homepage. Click on “Databases” then click on “U” for “Ulrichs”. Then you
will find Ulrichsweb on the list. At the search box type in “Personal Relationships”
then click on search. “Personal Relationships” shows right on top. I can mouse over the little
black and white icon. It will show me that this journal is a refereed title which means
that it is peer-reviewed. I hope you have learned something new today.
I’m Irene Ke your Psychology and Social Work Librarian. Got questions? Ask me.

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