Is This a Good Gal Or A Bad Gal? (GAME)

(rooster crowing) (animal roaring) (Wheel of Mythicality clicking) – Look at that, Gificality! – Welcome to Good Mythical More. – That means we’re donating $1000 to the Refuge and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal
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at the link below. – Thank you for being your Mythical best. Let’s invite Mythical
team member Emily in here. – Hey.
– To play a game that she is calling– – Look at that belt and those shoes. – They are matching. – Good gracious. That’s a good gal. That’s a good gal right there. – A game that she’s calling– – Good gal, bad gal. – All right, good gal, bad. Scoot on up here. – Yeah, I’m gonna show you some images. I’ll show you an image
of a woman from history. – Okay, I love those. – Historical women, kind of my thing. – Who are infamous for
either a very good thing or an arguably bad thing. – Okay. You like bad girls or good girls? – Depends on what mood I’m in. I think bad gals are more interesting. I gotta say, I gotta say. – Your wife’s not gonna like to hear that. – Do you think you’re good at telling if a woman is good or
bad by looking at her? – Let’s find out. – Let’s judge some women. – Okay, here’s a woman. – [Emily] All right,
this is our first one. – [Link] This is all we
get, there’s no info. – No info.
– Just visual. – You could ask me a
question and I’ll answer it yes or no to the best of my knowledge. – Is that a key on her necklace? – It is. It could be an electric guitar. – [Link] I think it’s a J. – I think this is a good gal. This is a good gal. This is a woman that is dispensing wisdom. – What do you think? – I agree, she’s a good gal. – I like her hair. It’s al naturale. She is good. This is Margaret Hamilton. She is known for as the woman
who like cracked the code that got us on the moon. – Cracked the code to get us on the moon. – She’s a software engineer. – Who put the code on the moon? – To get us on the moon,
she cracked the code. – We’re right here at
the door of the moon. There’s a padlock! – Now we have three gals here. – [Link] Oh goodness, look at that. Look at that girl on the left. – [Rhett] This is a very, very bad woman. – That’s a chihuahua. Chihuahuas perched on her shoulders. – This is a woman who killed people. Anyone who has a small dog like that with those kind of ears
is definitely evil. – What she does she would shoot people and then her dog would eat them and there would be no evidence. – I’d get a bigger dog for that. – [Link] Well, that’s why she has two. One starts at the bottom,
one starts at the top. – They “Lady and the Tramp”
style a corpse together, yeah there we go. – So bad girl.
– That’s a pretty picture. Yeah, this is definitely a bad gal. – Bad gal.
– Bad gal? This gal is good. – No, what? No she’s not. She’s fooling you.
– Who is this? – This is Edith Wharton, the first woman to win a Pulitzer Prize for
her book “Age of Innocence”. – Oh. – Innocence.
– Big fan. Here’s another picture. Look at her. – [Emily] She’s pretty hot. – Well, I think that that’s
Mary, Queen of Scots. I don’t know. – I think that’s one heck of a collar. – It looks like the collar,
yeah, it’s definitely. – She’s not happy. She’s been told she’s bad by someone. – I mean, if you had
to wear like a bustier or whatever that thing is called– – A corset? – A corset. If you had to wear that all the time– – That’ll turn anybody evil. – Definitely. Although, evil takes
exertion and I don’t know if you could really do a lot of it. – You can’t breathe too deeply. – I think this is a bad queen that many people suffered under. – I think it’s a fictional character and it’s been painted. Bad gal. – Bad gal? Bad gal?
– Yep. – All right. You’re right, it is a bad gal. This Elizabeth Bathory,
known as the Blood Countess– – Oh, she’s the one that took the baths in the blood of virgins. – Correct. I don’t know if they were virgins, I don’t have that on here. – Oh, they were virgins. – They were definitely women. – She would take baths in blood? – Yeah. And young blood. And the funny thing is is that the latest research shows that like– – Not to be confused with the rapper. – Blood transfusions with
people younger than you is actually good for you. But she was bathing in it, that’s no good. You gotta get it in your blood. – Did she kill ’em and then
put their blood in the bath? – Some, yeah, definitely. Definitely killed some. – I’m gonna go with murdered being yes. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Murdered, yes. Here’s a gal. – [Emily] Like her earrings. – [Rhett] Boy, she could be
good or bad, couldn’t she? – She’s got kind of a forced smile. I think just out of frame
there’s like a tommy gun. She’s like. – I don’t think so. – This is a mob boss and I’m
not talking about the wife of a mob boss, I’m talking
like she is a mob boss. – Okay. – She’s like feet in concrete– – Look at that dimple. – Yeah. – There’s two, she’s
got a little dimple here and a little one right there. – She looks, I would say that
this is a sociopathic smile, if you want to break it down, because this is someone
who is mimicking what someone who is smiling would look like but is not able to
actually embody a smile. – Am I doing it? Let me see if I can do it. – Yeah, you’re a sociopath. She’s bad, this is a bad gal. – She’s just playing a
sociopathic character. – But this woman isn’t
acting, she’s just bad. – All right, is that your final answer? Is that yours?
– We’re agreeing again. – Okay, you’re correct, she’s bad. This is Griselda Blanco, a
drug kingpin who murdered many. – Murdered many.
– Many, many. – So she, yeah, she
was, she’s a drug lord. – Correct. – Not a mafia– – Well, I mean, I think
they kind of are in the same gene pool of criminal activity. – And who’s this gal? This gal’s hooked up to an electric chair. – [Rhett] But she seems happy about it. – She’s totally relaxed. – First of all, that is
not an electric chair. That is some kind, it looks like an EKG machine or something, right? So she’s sending something
to that machinery. She’s not receiving something from it. – But her arms are strapped in, dude. – Oh, or maybe that’s a stylish watch. – Her wrists are strapped in. – That’s not how an electric chair works. She’s a good woman. She’s a good gal. – No, she’s at peace with how bad she is. Bad gal. – That’s a good gal. She’s the one, she’s
doing a test on herself to prove some sort of technology
that then saved the world. What is it? – She’s good, she’s good. This is Valentina Tereshkova
and she was the first woman to travel into space. – Oh. – That’s right. I also think it’s funny
that you think like an electric chair is like in a recliner. Like she wasn’t that bad of a murderer, let’s give her a little relaxing go ahead into the afterlife. – There’s like a doily, there’s
a blanket there on the back. – Let’s give her a lazy gal. – We’re gonna have to wash that blanket after we get through with this. – [Link] Here’s a gal. – [Emily] There we go. – [Link] Okay, she’s got a nice floral arrangement on her sternum. – [Emily] Yeah, loving the patterns. – Man, that seems like a
really authentic smile. I’m gonna go with my instinct
and say that this is, my instinct says that she’s good, but my test instinct of
like how many goods and bads there have been says that she’s bad. So I don’t know. But usually you shouldn’t follow that. So I’m gonna go with good. – She’s bad. Just out of this frame, there’s
a syringe filled with like– – You’re always imaging
what’s outside of the frame– – Everyone has props in photos. – She’s injecting an animal, like a pet, with like a lethal dose of something. – Okay, probably not.
– Or she’s creating like a chimera, something like that. – Yeah, she’s blending
animals into new creatures that are unnatural. – Okay, I’m going with good still. – All right, final answers? – Yeah, bad. – She’s good. Sorry, but that would have been a fun– – Well how good is she though? What makes her good? – Her name is Junko Tabei
and she’s the first woman to climb Mt. Everest. – What’s so good about that? That’s a physical achievement,
but morally, that’s not good. – It’s not morally bad either. – That’s a good thing. You don’t see somebody
at the top of a mountain and be like “you’re evil.” You know what I’m saying? You’re like “good for you” at least. – What if they had logged
their way up there? – Logged? – Like done a bunch of clear-cut logging to get to the top? – Well, there’s not a lot
of trees on Mt. Everest. – I’m talking about just a mountain. You said someone at a peak. – Well, is it a tree farm
or is an old-growth forest? – It’s an old-growth forest. – Oh, what if the mountain’s on fire? – And they set it.
– Yep. There you go, that’s a
bad person on a mountain. – All right, I think I was right. – With a syringe, choking a baby piglet. (Emily laughing) – Piglet. – Piglet. – Wow, this got really dark. – Piglet. – Can we agree that that’s a bad person? – Agreed.
– That would be a bad person but that wasn’t that woman. I think you can be
anywhere choking a baby pig and be a bad person. I think you could be in the
valley choking a baby pig and be a bad person. At the top of a mountain? Difference in altitude,
same level of immorality. – You’re so smart. – Okay, this is the last one, guys. – Okay, what are we gonna do after this? – Well, I feel like I’m gonna
take a shower or something. – Okay, that’s fair. – All right– – [Link] Look at those eyes. Boy, those sleepy, those are bedroom eyes. – [Emily] Also, she’s got a fun bonnet on. Looks like a sleeping– – [Link] Look at that bonnet. – It’s a sexy bonnet. – The thing you really
have to take into account when you’re looking at a rendering is that you’ve got an artist’s
interpretation of someone. And you know that’s gonna be influenced by what they know about the person. – Right. – And I can get nothing from that. I couldn’t tell if this person is good or bad using that logic. – Maybe the artist knew
nothing about the person. – Maybe they did something bad later. – I think it’s a policy portrait artists, some of them, “I don’t want
to know anything about you. “I just want to paint you. “I mean, why do I need to know anything? “It might influence how I paint you.” – But I think side ponies
are a sign of evil. – I agree. – There’s nothing about this
that actually says evil. – I’m going with evil,
definitely, this is bad. – But just out of frame,
she’s definitely– – What’s she holding?
– choking a piglet. – Choking a piglet? What’s in the other hand? Is it a two-hand ordeal? – [Link] I guess there’s two piglets. – Oh gosh. – I was thinking chicken
in the other hand. – A chicken and a piglet. – Yep.
– Oh gosh. – She’s making a nice breakfast. – Oh man, this is horrible. – Shaking an egg out of
one, choking the other one. – Okay, I’m saying she’s
bad but I don’t think she’s choking a pig. – If a pig crapped
bacon, would you eat it? – Yes. – But if it was waste? – But he’s saying if it crapped bacon. Cooked. – If there was a magic
pig that crapped bacon, I’d definitely eat it, yeah you’re right. But this woman’s bad. – And the only way you could
get it is by choking it. – Oh God. The only way you could
ever again eat bacon– – Is the choking the pig. – Actually, you know, that’s
kind of how bacon works. – That’s true.
– You have to kill the pig to get it, guys, let’s
not dissociate here. – That’s true, that’s true. – She’s good. And I see the good in her even if you’re gonna tell me she’s bad. – You know, that’s really complex. – I think she’s bad. She’s bad. – She’s bad.
– Why though? What makes her bad? – She is a professional pig choker. (Rhett laughing)
And it says right here, since she was 25 years old. No, her name is Charlotte
Corday who became an assassin at age 25 and is known for
killing Jean-Paul Marat in his bathtub during
the French Revolution. There’s actually a famous painting of him, it’s like an oil painting of a guy like hanging out of his bathtub. – She stabbed him or shot him or? – I’m pretty sure she stabbed him. – Yeah, but what did he do? Did he deserve it? – Well, she was on the
opposing side of like, political lines of the French Revolution. He was, you know, needed to go. – Right.
– In her opinion. So maybe there are sides of her that did things for
the right reasons, but. – History has judged her–
– Murder is wrong no matter what guys.
– as a bad gal. – I think we’re good gals though. – Yeah, we are. – [Rhett] We’re commemorating
our creative promise to each other with a Blood Oath tee and long sleeve at

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