Is Prague Cheap? Cost of Living Prague, Czechia: How Much Does It Cost?

We’ve been in Prague for one month and
I’m going to tell you exactly how much it cost us to stay here Hey guys I’m Ross from Ross and Bek and
as always we like to share the cost of where we travel so we’ve been in Prague
for one month and I’m gonna tell you exactly how much it cost us to stay here
now we travel and share foodie experiences as we go so if you’re into
that sort of stuff hit all the buttons that you need to and make sure you hit
the bell so that you don’t miss future videos alright so accommodation we
always use Airbnb when we’re traveling because we stay in a city for one month
we get a massive discount in Prague it’s approximately twice as expensive to
stay in Prague one compared to most of the other districts so we stayed in
Prague 10. It’s 15 minutes out of the city by train or tram it’s a really good
apartment, it’s got everything we need really fast internet for our work and it was a
perfect launching pad into the city if you haven’t used everything be check out
a link in the description below and you’ll get a discount off your first
booking the total cost for accommodation was fourteen thousand five hundred and
thirty-eight crowns trams and trains are so easy here they
kind of synchronize them you know you get to a train station and just out the
front all the trams are coming by so it’s very easy to kind of use a
combination of all of them We’ve even quite a few buses as well the
best thing is that it’s one universal ticket that goes across all of them and
it’s the same price is 24 crowns for a 30-minute ticket a little bit more if if
you want a longer period but normally you just use the 30-minute one and
you’re generally fine Be sure to validate we’ve seen people
getting pinged in the stations for not buying tickets you think it’s free but
there’s someone watching. our total cost was one thousand three hundred and three
crowns food was really easy here there’s some great supermarkets with a pretty
wide variety of stuff we would always try to start healthy in the day and get
worse as the day goes we’ll start with cereal fruit maybe a salad for lunch and
we’ve got a great kitchen in our Airbnb that we can kind of prepare all that
stuff so easy and then we head out exploring the city and at the end of the
day you just end up with our massive plate of whatever it is you want
so we’d spend most of our food money at dinner a 1.4 kilo pork knuckle that’s
easily enough to share for two people anywhere from 280 crowns up to about 350
crowns if you missed our favorite pork in Prague check it out and also some of
the traditional foods as well be sure to check them out because they are so
delicious and great value for money our total cost was fourteen thousand two
hundred and twenty-eight crowns Now being full time travelers we have to pay
for things like a VPN netflix travel insurance SIM cards and lots of other
little ongoing bills editing software as well now most of them are predictable
but the sim cards in Prague are very expensive double the cost of anywhere
else that we’ve traveled so normally would be able to get data in Australian
dollars for maybe twenty dollars was probably about fifteen in USD but here it
was double the SIM card that we got with o2 seemed to be the best that was just
over six hundred crowns for the month for five gig of data so it’s not that
good but that’s where it’s out here our total cost for bills overall was two
thousand nine hundred and twenty crowns I should do this for crowns right I
don’t know Prague is an amazing place to come for
party stag do hens do and sadly the city is a bit overrun if you want to know
after what’s our honest opinion of the city check out our honest opinion video
so pilsners wine even shots they’re all in a similar price range per drink
anywhere from 30 crowns in a pub for half a litre through to 60 crowns you can
go to the supermarket and get the same beers for 15 to 20 crowns but pretty
incredible value well as an example the other night we had seven pints between
us and you know then had dinner but the Seven Pines was about 16 Australian
dollars and in Australia that would have cost you our hundred dollars so what’s
that seven times cheaper than Australia for
alcohol You can get barista coffee for 30 to 50
crowns and that’s out even in the city center or out in the suburbs and you can
get it a bit cheaper and yeah delicious coffee for a few bucks we tended to buy
ours in we just always go and get what’s the best brand in the supermarket we get
the top line one and we just make it in our apartment it’s a great start to the
day snacks are really cheap here as well I
think as people are drinking alcohol they make the snacks really cheap but
yeah if you’re having a heavy day out walking everywhere across the city
taking in all the sights snacks are pretty cheap maybe fifteen crowns for a
chocolate bar or chips and that sort of stuff our total cost for coffee and
snacks was 2067 crowns other you always need other haircuts
household bits we had to get some stuff in for Airbnb like shampoo and soap and
just some basic things but yeah haircuts was the most expensive for me at 250
crowns, for Bek it was 1,600 crowns
she was pretty happy with it though. Our total cost for the month for other was
two thousand five hundred and thirty-three
crowns our total monthly cost for everything in
Prague was drumroll forty thousand seven hundred and six crowns a summary of all
of our costs is down in the description so be sure to check it out if you’re new
and you found this useful please hit subscribe like give us a comment much
love Ross and Bek

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  2. After hearing your explanation, it feels like I want to go Prague, Czechia too. A beautiful city. If I have money and time, I will go there.Thanks for sharing my friend

  3. As far as European countries go, it's probably middle of the road for tourists – not the cheapest but definitely not the most expensive! Good to see how this one turned out for you ๐Ÿ‘

  4. the queer eye gif is incredible haha you're right haircuts were surprisingly expensive here! Also loving the pink flower decor

  5. Hi guys, great breakdown of costs…Prague and similar cities do indeed do their transport links so well! Another great share both ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’•

  6. Staying outside of city center is such a great way to save money. And the extra benefit is you get a more local experience too!

  7. 900 bucks a month – thats not too cheap though guys – i guess if you divided by two still very similar to sydney – considering say if every day you spend around 30 dollar .

    210 a week x 4
    840 per month per person roughly for me. Haha

  8. Thanks for this breakdown cost video guys! Prague is definitely a place yen n I want to spend a month in too so this is perfect. The big ticket items accommodation, transport and food are affordable. Some random expensive bits like the sim cards but overall pretty good!

  9. Wow! $619 usd for 1 month for a 1 bd isn't bad!
    Food seems affordable too which is a big plus from me!
    How weird that SIM cards are so expensive there. But great video as always guys!

  10. First of all, my wife loves the flowers next to you Ross ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
    Sim card is very surprising with that price
    Thanks for breaking the down guys
    We have idea about the living costs in Prague now
    Have a great week ahead

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