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I'm sure by now most of you have heard the same knowledge is power I'd love to see a show of hands for those of you who believe this to be true if you look around the room you could see quite a few of us believe that knowledge is in fact power I too like you believe this saying for most of my life after some deep contemplation on this concept I've come to the conclusion that we've all bought into a lie it's true knowledge is not power knowledge is merely potential power much like this cellphone battery which has stored energy knowledge is stored information now if I take my cell phone and try to power it up it will not become empowered by the stored energy in my other hand not until I plug it in toward a specific purpose will it become empowered likewise you have stockpiled plenty of knowledge and information throughout your life but it will not empower you until you plug it in and turn it on now if this concept makes sense to you let me hear you say oh yeah girl all right would it be fair to say that knowledge in and of itself without application is not empowering if you could believe that and agree with me give me a thumbs up or let's move on since you've been sitting in those seats you've been acquiring more knowledge from the great speakers who took the stage earlier we learned how working through our adversities strengthens us we learned just now that connection is often more important than education but those concepts will not empower your life until you apply them you see I'm in a sales position and I struggled in that position for quite some time despite the fact that I have read the books went through the audio programs and the trainings from the greatest sales gurus into all the land why why did my monthly reports not reflect the knowledge I had amassed because I wasn't using it it wasn't until I created and implemented this three-step process that I call a to the third power remember these three A's ask answer act ask when you learn something new ask yourself how will this knowledge empower my life let's say that together how will this knowledge empower my life that's it that's the first day once you ask yourself that question you can move on to the second day answer Albert Einstein once said it's not that I am so smart it's just that I stayed with the problem longer he didn't even believe he was smart he just stayed with the problems longer and you might not be trying to solve complex mathematical equations like Einstein but if you would stay with that question how will this knowledge empower my life for longer be still and quiet you will be amazed as your inner genius unfolds because if you can ask the question the answer is already inside of you and when you receive your answer and it will come that's the fuel for the third act application a little less talk a little less thought a little less knowing and more action the simplest way I have found to take what I know and apply it into my life is to create a plan a simple plan I'm not talking about goal-setting and creating a deadline I'm talking about a simple plan bullet points of actionable steps you can take right now to apply what you know into your life once I did that with my sales business I had the best month on record and I continued to empower myself as I imply in small ways what I know so too will you when you start to apply what you know into your life but don't limit this to just your profession as you apply what you know into your life to other aspects of your life use it use this three-step process to build and exercise your mental your physical emotional and your spiritual bodies as you do that you'll become more empowered and as you become more empowered not only will you know better but you will do better this is the process of taking our knowledge and transforming it into wisdom through experience and here's the best part as you become more empowered you will build your capacity to empower others your friends your family your co-workers and we together will empower our community and beyond is knowledge power I say no not until we apply it toward a specific purpose I'm honored and I appreciate this moment that we've had together be well be inspired and be you till full thank you [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. Knowledge is power. If it is not i do not believe that you have any knowledge. Knowlege is not information.

  2. i'm agree with him. Aftler countless time to get knlowledge then look me in the mirror, it was not fair. Seems time i'm apply self restrictions and get over the fence, for litterally everything. I 'd known for but never release the hand brake. I think you should take a working hollidays and met good people, get ride of bad people around you, it's better to stay alone with a few friends. i'm nearly 28 and i never felt so young in my mind, in fact, last time i was looking life in goodway, after hard scholarship and familly time. it was when i was 11 years old.

  3. There is a different meaning knowledge is power because nothing is true but everything is permitted. Because I know but not seek. You never seek the truth but you know what the truth really is.

  4. How many of you knew all traffic stops are a arrest that require your rights read? What about America is a british monarchy which requires all judges to be ordained by the Lord Chief Justice of Great Britian to have legal authority?

  5. The United States military is powerful right? even when they are not nuking people. Knowledge is power even when it is not being applied… you are still powerful because when you need to you can act on it and have more advantage than those who have no knowledge.

  6. power can be a noun…something you posses.

    power can be a verb…an action….you csnt posses action, you can only do apply it.

    so Knowledge is power(noun)

    knowledge is not power(verb) until you apply it…..nobody is wrong, its a matter of perspective

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