Is IIT really worth it academically? | Education System’s Reality | SHOCKING TRUTH | IITB Rooms

Hello everyone! This is a very serious video because I’ve been thinking since a long time to make this video. Finally I’ve got the time today to make it. First of all, let me tell you that; how can I summarize it in one line, IIT is like getting into a marriage if you get it, it’s bad; if you don’t get it, it bad too. Please don’t get me wrong; this is a very serious issue I want to talk about. We as kids go to Kota, we spend a lot of time there, 2-3 years without family, without going to festivals and all that stuff you all know about that. I’m not trying to disrespect the IITs’, I totally love being here The infrastructure is so good (probably the best in the nation) except hostels. You can see on the screen the condition of the hostels in IIT Bombay. This room is like one of the largest ones in our Hostel 6. The other rooms are even smaller than this and the ambience is actually so bad. Okay, that’s not a problem, it’s totally fine. But when you come to the IITs’ in the first year, you come with big dreams like you’ve been taught so well in Kota or wherever you’ve been enrolled earlier. So, you may think that the same level of good teaching would be followed in the IITs’ too by the professors teaching here. You might’ve thought that you’ll learn something new and not just theoretical concepts but that’s totally not true. Okay, it seriously hurts a lot when this actually happens. For eg., Maths is my most favourite subject. The people who’ve been following me know that Maths is my favourite subject. But what actually happened during the first day of classes here in IITB; that’s basically the first official class here which was a Maths class (MA 105) and I was ver y excited for it. The other students were also excited as it was the first class and moreover, that too Maths. But it was such a bad class to be honest. It was not Maths basically, it was like Inorganic Chemistry or something even worse than it. It was not something lovable as Maths. Gradually, the no. of students attending the classes decreased as it happens in almost every other course. I’ve learnt a very important life lesson here. The professors are very intelligent (obviously as they’ve done PhD and everything from the world renowned unversities). But I’ve realised a thing that if you’re an intelligent student, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be a great teacher too. A good teacher is one who explains the hardest concepts in the easiest possible manner. Okay, that is a good teacher actually. Honestly, I’m making this video from the bottom of my heart. I apologize for making this video but someone has to present the truth. So, dont’t keep your expectation very high.

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  1. Respected dear sir, please read ones and reply, Good evening sir,
    Respected dear sir, I am a 11th class student (maths+bio). I am belong to very financial challenged background. I just want to settle myself as well as my family as soon as possible.
    Please sir, advise me which stream(medical or engineering) will be best for me? What is easy to select in IIT/NIT or NEET/AIIMS? What is best by the point of view of career MBBS or B.Tech. from NIT/IIT. Where is security of job? I have interest in both engineering as well as medical.
    Thank you very much sir,
    Good night sirπŸ™‚πŸ™‚
    Please sir reply.

  2. Dear sir , I have received an email from iit bombay that you have been selected for interview for the MSc PhD Program. Sir interview is what I ask. Please guide how to prepare. I gave the entrance of JAM 2019 MSc Mathematics. My interview date is 15 may 2019. Please guide me . I have a big hope to you .

  3. Really sad to hear all that, teaching scenario is almost same everywhere in India. I think the process before making to iit that most of jee rankers pass through is also a big culprit, all the sacrifice u talked about are so deep that it can directly affect whole psyche of a being if the expectations they were made for are not delivered. U must have been at either of iisc, tifr, imsc., cmi or iiser's if u really loved maths because whatever anyone says but truth is that math has never been and will never be at topmost priority in iit system. At the same time i have also seen students not taking interest in classes of good professors, the reason i feel is few of them after working so hard to get a jee rank feel little relaxed after joining iit and find more interesting instead to play night long online games and other activities. The process that resulted in all this i feel is long actually, at the initial stage when iit were established country was not so strong economically and when people started getting good salary packages with 4 year degree, somehow iit became more of a package institute rather than knowledge centres. Media is probably also at a big fault, as it almost projected throughout the years that there is only one exam for parents to focus for there childrens in the world namely jee. Another major fault in iit system was neglecting basic sciences for long as even today i know btech students who were more interested in studying courses on core branches of physics but have not them in their btech course structure.
    I know it's difficult to contain u when truth comes out to b not as expected, but still it's never late so take some tough decisions and follow your passion. On the truth of iit, it's my personal opinion that btech in it's present course framework neither makes u a technical giant nor giving u a taste of fundamental science to enjoy….so u hang in the middle.🀐

  4. I totally agree with the fact that a good teacher is not the one who has earned a big degree but rather someone who can deliver things in an easier way…

  5. Thats why I dont study much, its of no use. Enjoy life you get it only once dont spend it doing what u don like.

  6. bhai thge video was good , but yoy must specify some particular things like mess ka khana ya restrictions wagera jo problem deti h!! hope you reply to this….

  7. just do what u want to do . just for sake of ur parents dont be doctor or engg. told ur parents to fuckk off . u have to be happy what ur doing its as simple as that . even it is like be a guitarist or fine artist or anything else . do what u like . kota coaching classes are just money making buisness who knw the indian parents are fool . who want their son to be a doctor . even if son dont want to be.

  8. Every single engineering college in our country faces the same situations.. After hearing u feels like going back to my engineering days from private college, there were bad things n good things too , to be honest there are professors who worth it n who don't. But far from IITs i never expected this, if there is no interest there is no future of brilliant minds.

  9. I ve given two attempts in jee, 2017,18 without even a small interst in tech…. Failed both times,
    After failing in both attempts,
    I thinked about suicide, thinking me as an useless person in life.,
    Everytime depressed, demotivated,

    Now I've moved from all of this.
    Jst concentrating on my intersts, my own capabilities,

    This video of u teaches me a lot.
    Intersts matters, happiness matters

    Thanks @sachinrana for making video like this…

  10. JEE k coaching institutes ye sikhaate h bachcho Ko ki ek Baar bss IIT m admission le lo uske Baad kuch mehnt nhi krni paregi.

  11. Sir , i want to do m.s.c in IIT . But the same things that u told in ur video are happens with jam (m.s.c) students also????

  12. Well my brother 2014 batch was AIR-23.Now is a drop out and a happy photographer.Though my parents are disappointed i am happy for him.

  13. Which direction our education system is going..why best brain of indian student spoiled by..these professor…

  14. Education..sytem is hell in now days.Untill teacher is not realised teaching is a passion not fashion…

  15. i m from IIT roorkee, the campus is awesome, but the room is a complete crap, isse acha room mere hostel mai tha, har subah ye sochke uth ta hoon ki kuch acha padenge magar keval mai students ko soote hue hi dekhta hoon. food is as shitty as the rooms r, bagal mai thele waale se cholle bhatoore khaane padte hai, bas iit ka tag lagaa hai naam ke aage, ye bolkar gharwaale chup kardete hai, expectation vs reality waali meme toh humpar banni chahiye.

  16. I think people who prepare 1-2 years constantly for competitive exams but don't get selected still the smartest people of the country. Because they learned a lot. Nothing can stop If you are leading and directing yourself.

  17. I can totally relate to it.. totally 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 every IIT s same.. i m from IITM condition over here s also same… I get depressed every day over here..

  18. Gotta agree this is the same in medical colleges in India.
    M from Aiims n this is pretty close to the truth

  19. When you said ki tumne apne didi ki shaadi attend nahi ki, it really hurt me a lot. God only knows how you are able to live with that decision. Ye sacrifice bohot bada hain…

  20. Dear Sachin & Dear all IIT students. Cheer up…. Life is like this everywhere. You know what? Let's enjoy the moments….as they fly by. Let's enjoy every moment in life. Develop a hobby. Take short trips to your parents, in the nature, with your friends. I am sure at your level teacher or no-teacher you all still can manage good grades. Gaze stars, Sit alone by the lake, a silent stroll very early in the morning, scribble a small poem, visit an old age home & give your old clothes, go to some slum & take a 30 min session with slum kid in how a pulley or a pendulum work … you know. Life is like this…no matter what alternatives…you choose/had chosen. Have no expectation from any one not even your won self. Enjoy small things in life. Have some THAIRAV (stillness) in life. Feel blessed….

  21. Bhai suno yaar mujhe issaal2019 mein 89.45 percentile aaya hai toh mujhe move on karna hai ya drop lena chahiye bhai suno yaar pls I am in a big trouble pls make sure that you reply me as it is making me negative I hope that you would understand my feeling bhai pls batana yaar bhai ke naate reply karna bhai

  22. bhaiya plz make video on acnn we change branch in iit bobbay in 2nd semester after admission

  23. Teachers k baare me apne jo bola that is exactly the same condition in COEP..Im from COEP…koi dhangse nahi padhata

  24. I will never make my son/daughter an engineer. I want my child to be a sportsperson…😏😁

  25. I am really intrstd in maths bt i dont know anything about technology n i also dont like it.
    mujse sbi ne kaha maths me interested ho to jee ke liye prepare kro kya ye sahi hAI?
    i am in 10 cls N I m so confused.

  26. This is not just iit but all the engineering colleges in India.
    Students don't feel like attending classes because the teachers don't teach anything in college.

  27. Been there… The first few days were heart breaking…. Second year aane tak, bilkul numb ho chuka tha…

  28. True, students are like sponges. Better the facilities they are provided better they become. This what I call brand value, it is just to get this IIT tag. Even I was disappointed for setting my expectations so high.

  29. This is the harsh reality, it's sad but it's true..whatever said in this video is so damn true! It really hurts.. after all the efforts we put in we get this. No offence to the professors..they are great.. but still it doesn't make us happy..

  30. Hi Sachin you catched the exact nerve. I mean we have given such kind of hype to iits . Not getting into iit is termed as a huge failure.
    And you said the right thing it's teachers who can boost your interest in a subject or they can make it worst. Good job.

  31. There is a big difference in Theory & practical! I am working in hydraulics company & was assigned a project to explain it to a professor from premiure institute. Trust me when i explained him i felt the difference of theory and practical world…!

  32. I am from IIT Delhi.. I agree with you. Education system in our needs a big change. We have degraded it to a extent. There's difference between education and learning, hope we understand this before it's too late. And that change will begin with us 🀟

  33. Hi, I am an intern at AIIMS, i expected to meet the most beautiful brains the country in AIIMS when i got in , but i was devastated.
    I want the young kids to know 1 thing. The Frustration from these courses is also because of the way people are expected to prepare while trying to get in these institutes like teacher oriented as in coaching clasess. But if you love your subjects and have the ability to go beyond grades then there is no dearth of opportunities too. But i must warn you. You have to actively go out and create opportunities for yourself.

    I would share one instance…in internship in aiims no one learns much, its a clerical thing, where students fill in forms, take samples and prepare mcq for post graduation and as teachers know it, they are not too interested in students too. But if you have the guts to show up in operation theater while others sleep and bug your seniors with question, then even if 100 bad teachers snub you, you will find 1 who will guide you. 1 good teacher who did not teach because he felt that students were not interested.
    And it is actually a high level of grandiosity which we give to these institute is a cause of our own frustration. It all depends on your own dedication and passion. And yes we do meet people like us.
    But, If we go into disillsionment then , what is not disillusioning.? Civil service where people work very hard for years to clear UPSC ,find themselves pleasing the politicians.
    So in the end what matters is have a realistic idea of what you must expect and stay optimistic. Pessimism has never helped anyone.
    And yes know other activities as well. Like i think if i do not continue as a doctor , i will play violin or take swimming classes πŸ˜›

  34. Hello bhai…I am newly entered in 11th class and taking maths group…

    Want to be iitians…Can uhh make time schedules…Something like time table for us…Want to study hard want to crack jee mains and advance…how can we do it…Is it necessary to take foundation classes in 11th standard..Bhai pls help mee…Make two videos first one is how to crack these exams and study time table..And second for full info of iit necessary things pls bhai help me…I beg uhh plsπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  35. I am from IIT kharagpur and this video is 100% true me myself is very disappointed with it i used to study 8 to 10 hours a day sacrifice everything even i left my parents for 2 years ( when i was studying in chandigarh for IIT JEE) never played holi or diwali for past 2 years and now it feel like I wasted my 2 years because of study i never enjoyed my life like others who are also studying in almost equally good colleges i.e. Bits pilani or please i request every JEE aspirants you should study hard but also enjoy your last 2 years of school life.

  36. I was expecting a first class ultra spacious room but what is this thing!!!!how are you saying that it's not a problem you took many efforts.
    Why are there such low quality stuff like the projector you said, also the teacher!!!!how can they be so careless!!!!

  37. Bro i totally can understand u, maths is not my favorite subject only bcoz of teachers, the delivery content that they used to give us, this is the reason i disliked mathematics a lot, but trust me now i love that subject when i started learning from youtube, online learning is far, much far better than paying hefty amount of fees in coaching, i will do my PhD from IIT Roorkee as i have been selected there n in future if i become a professor i wont do injustice with hardworking students like u, thnks

  38. I studied from a private engineering college. I never had a chance to be in IIT. I chose to study in a Private engineering college around my home over NIT. But somehow I don't regret not being in one. During my classes in my US university, most of my classmates were from IIT. Even where I work most of my colleagues are from IITs.I feel, if you have the passion of becoming an Engineer, IIT might help you in India, even in getting admission in better universities abroad but then you feel no difference. It's all the same.

    IITs NITs are nothing but a caste system based in education :P. To be frank I enjoyed each and every day during my study in Bachelors and even before it.

  39. You are absolutely right.India ke har college me yhi haal h. Top vhi krta h jo teachers ke aage piche ghumta h.Coaching time me mera maths sbse acha tha batch me itna mzza aata tha pdhne me ab vo baat hi nhi h.Professors hi main reason h iska vo attendance dene aate pdhana aata nhi h .Har ek din me depressed feel krti hu. Ab toh bht baar esa hota h ki pdhke bhi no. nhi aa pate kuch na kuch reh hi jata h. govt. ko kuch krna chahiye professors vhi bnaye jaye jinki teaching quality achi ho.

  40. The thing you told is very correct.
    The IITs aren't just famous because of the standard of teaching or anything. They are mainly famous and prestigious because of the students, who are among the BEST (literally) in the country. The competition and the level of these students is what gives every student an inspiration to do better and better.
    Really nice videoπŸ‘πŸ‘

  41. IITians do a B tech degree… B tech stands for bachelors in technology and engineering. After passing from an IIT a student must become an engineer, not a manager. For management IIMs exist. IIT is not for preparing students to enter corporate world, rather it is for creating world class engineers. Unfortunately today IITs don't produce engineers. They produce managers, investment bankers, educators, politicians, actors, authors and what not. This is a gross injustice to the term b tech and this system of IITs is not serving the purpose that it is meant for…. Sad but TRUE!

  42. Yes, I totally agree with you Mr. Sachin, when I had gone to IIT my expectations were so high but as the day proceeds it eventually it falls down, I also do admit that some professor are extremely great & knowledgable with the incredible skill of teaching but their quantity is very less. Whatever we have to do we have to take full responsibility for our life & work extremely hard to achieve it.

  43. I'm in class 11th…nd i wanna know that how should i prepare for jee please tell me bro i m very depressed…

  44. Teaching:art of making knowledge interesting in the easiest way by respecting learner with positive attitude,hope,patience,good language of word …

  45. bayaa.present I am iit coaching in Hyderabad.i interested integrated ph.d.i request totally iit university in Mumbai clz fees and facilites show the one video plz

  46. Yes totally correct I am from IIT kharagpur, some professors are excellent but majority of them are soo not artistic..Science is a form of art..we need mentors for that…you are correct bro

  47. Age 10-20 : everyone judges you by your career… You're considered a good student if you're studying in iit or medical courses

    Age 30-40 : everyone judges you how much you earn…no one gives a shit what you do…they just see your bank balance and worth

    Age 20-30 : the prime time of your life…don't waste it

  48. I know one idiot who joined IITD as a prof. I feel bad for the students and a deserved candidate for that post

  49. Bhai Sahi bola Mna bi Kota MA 2 saal nikala h yr muja science na interest ni tha commerce MA tha pr ghr walo na Tb bi science rakhwai uska baad 12 ka baad iit Kharagpur sa engerning kr rha tha bt interest ni tha Bilkul tuo fir mna aapna maan ki suno muja bussiness MA interest tha aor aap manoga nhi mna 2 year MA drop kr Diya iit sa aor aab aam ghr sa pass collage sa bba kr rha hu fir mba ka plan h iim sa bs cat nikal jaya uska baad bada bussiness Khulna h

  50. So true that every lectures are not made to teach. I have a renowned teacher, written many journals even in collaboration with advanced countries but his teaching is like a bedtime stories. Leaning on table to teach Strength of Materials like seriously πŸ™

  51. Sahi bol raha hai bhai tu. Ab collage me akar pta chla kya sacchai hai. Teacher taught very bad. Only outside it seems beautiful but from inside the collage is hollow . Complete darkness.

  52. I have worked with couple IITians in my last company. They were the most arrogant, shameless, good for nothing people I ever met in my life. I have a very bad impression of IITians since then…. Its very difficult to believe IITs are the best engineering institutes in India…

  53. In America or Canada or any other country
    mean while in India

  54. Even if you passed with very good marks you will get a 9-5 job working your a** off to make someone else rich being stuck in the same place till you die thats the reality of of our education system if you want be successful never ever trust the education system break the rat race do what you love follow your passion and always remember work for yourself .be your own boss just don't be a another rat in the rat race

  55. I'm a depressed kid with 73percentile in mains2019 and joined a private university with zero interest ,but your video helped a bit to overcome my extraordinary thoughts about iits

  56. This is so true ! profs in IITs are there only because they did their PhDs and do great research but not because they can actually teach…you really have to do everything on your own here
    your friends and seniors are the people you can seek help from

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