Is Garuda Indonesia First Class Really 5 Star?

– Hello Indonesia! I’m battling through crazy traffic Jakarta and on my way to airport to fly. Today the first flight will be Citilink from Jakarta to Bali, then I will connect on
Guruda First Class Triple 7 from Bali to Narita, as I have so many Indonesian fans wanting me to try out Guruda First Class. So by popular demand, I am
just doing it for all the fans. Thank you so much for your support! Now, first flight is Citilink A320. Citilink has a new dining
experience service. This afternoon I got a WhatsApp message from the Citilink concierge. They have my boarding pass
already printed in hand, waiting for me at the airport. So, this is how you coordinate with them and they know what time you
arrive they’ll take you around. (upbeat rock music) My flight is at 4:40. I arrived at the airport at 4:15. But don’t do what I do! I was rushing and rushing and I think I barely just made it. (light rock music) This is great! Five minutes from the curbside, all the way through the
security check point, now, we’re going to board in the flight! – This is so amazing! Oh! Thank you very much! – Have a nice flight! – Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for escort! Thank you! (light rock music) Oh! – Hello! How are you? – [Sam] (foreign language) – (foreign language) – [Sam] (foreign language) – (foreign language) – [Sam] Oh! All green! You guys have different colour green. What is the difference in the uniform? – Okay! So, me, especially
for this kind of dark colour, yeah, this is a senior flight attendants. And this one is a junior flight attendant. – Hello! Welcome aboard! – [Sam] Hello! – Welcome aboard! – [Sam] So refreshing to see, isn’t it? – Yes! – [Sam] Green colours! – Thank you! Where is your seat, sir? – [Sam] I’m here actually. – [Flight Attendant] Okay! – Exit row. So, the dining experience is $550 rupiah, about 40 U.S. dollar, including what you have seen, the priority
curbside pickup, check in, fast track security and
also get extra leg room (Relaxing music) – Sir, may I open your tray table please? – [Sam] Whoa! – [Flight Attendant] Let
me do a little bit here [Sam] Wow, I feel like business class. – This is your beef tenderloin. (Upbeat Music) Do the front, low cost airline and I’m cutting a steak
on board (laughter). This is pretty amazing. Good. Nicely done. Just finished that beautiful steak. I think this is very interesting a low cost airline fine dining service something it just doesn’t seem to match but I think it’s all about choices. You pay the air tickets you can come here and if you want extra you
have to pay for extra. You want extra food and drink? You can pay for it onboard but if you want great fine dining there’s also this option here. [Upbeat Music] I just moved down and see what the rest of this cabin looks like. What’s your name man? – Agu. – Agu. Look at the legroom here. Are you comfortable? A little tight. I also want to send a message out. I think the air tickets in Indonesia still very expensive for
most Indonesia to afford. There’s still lots of room to improve. On my flight there’s
only sixty passengers, there’s a lot of empty seats. There’s no reason why the
airfare can’t come down lower. (Juddery plane landing) (Plane announcer speaking) – Have a very good day! – [Sam] Thank you, thank you very much. Safe flight, thank you bye bye. (Plane engine screeching) [Sam] Whoa! (laughter) (upbeat piano music) Whoa, beautiful! What a beautiful Bali Airport
coming through the skates. Very very beautiful. Really, really. Now I’m going out to meet
a very special person before my flight. So I’m meeting Christina
out here at Denpasar. Christina lives here,
Christina is the winner of the Ethiad, the giveaway model. I am personally delivering
this model to you. – Yeah thank you. – Its really, really
lucky that I have a trip to Bali last minute and
I have the model with me and thank you so much for
coming to receive this. – Yeah thank you so much for giving this– – Ah, its a pleasure, its
a pleasure there you go. Thank you Christina. – Thank you. – And, thank you for
watching my videos as well. – I give this for Mr Sam – (Sam says a foreign fruit) Thank you so much Christana. And another, is this a cracker? – Yeah Keripile Tempe. – Keripile Tempe, oh nice. – Disco peanut. – Disco? Disco peanuts. – Yeah. – This is like, you pick up
every first class customer from domestic and transfer them across to international terminal. – Yes – Like everyone gets this buggy service? – Yeah, yeah. – Ah, very cool. – Its normally same day connection. – Same day connection, got it, thank you. (Happy dance music) – This is our private area
for first class members. – [Sam] Oh, yes special
check-in counter area? Hello, good evening. Hello, good evening. – Good evening. – [Sam] So who can check-in here? First class? – First class and business class. – [Sam] Business? (Happy dance music continues) – This is your boarding pass. You are sitting at row number one, A. The boarding time is 00:15 local time. – This is pretty impressive, you sit down and somebody else check-in, and they bring the boarding pass to you. Wow, this is pretty. Hello, nice to meet you, very nice. Oh you have separate zones. – [Male Worker] Separate
zones, that’s right. – [Sam] Business class this side. First class. Evening, hello. Hello, good evening. Oh man, this is a real first class lounge. VIP room? Cool! – Can I put this here? – [Sam] Yeah, that would be
great, thank you very much. (Happy dance music continues) – This is the shower? – [Another Male Worker] Yes. – [Sam] Whoa, private shower room. Well I’m super impressed. I never thought that the Geruda in Bali would have their own lounge, a
dedicated first class lounge. I thought, okay they would
have a business class lounge and would share with them. Oh, thank you very much. Yeah, thank you very much. What is this? – This is (foreign food) This is our menu for
first class today sir. – [Sam] Ah, this is the menu. – That is for first class today. – I actually have a sore
throat and she noticed, she offered to take all
of the seeds off the lemon and help me to make this
lemon hot water with honey just to make my throat
feel better, well served. Thank you, thank you
so much for doing this. What is your name? – Anjesi, and Garuda first
class service, five star. – Yes, thank you – Attention to detail, great service. (Music drowns out Anjesi) – [Male Worker] This is (foreign language) – [Sam] This is Indonesian
food, traditional? – [Male Worker] Yes, Indonesian tradition. – [Sam] It looks like panna cotta. (laughter) – [Sam] This is the
Indonesian traditional– – [Male Worker] Indonesional
traditional (lists food items). – [Sam] Very nice, thank you very much. There’s a stick here, I think
its like a chicken stick. Yum! Lots of good spices and very
sweet, at the same time gingery and a little bit fiery as well. (Shakingly exhales) I must say the aftertaste on this dish, the Indonesian dish, is so spicy. I’m even having tears coming out. This is not for the faint hearted. Any person that tries this
dish, that blue coloured rice is a little bit fiery, be careful. Well the staff just came
over asking for my comments and gave me the comment
card so I’ve gave them back my comments and my feedback. The lounge is fine, I
mean the foods are good the service, wonderful,
the best part of it. The only thing that needs
to be fixed is the shower, because the shower, the water
pressure is very, very tiny. Literally, you can’t even
stand there and take a shower so hopefully Geruda can take my comments. Thank you very much. (All workers thank Sam) – (laughter) I have never
received a treatment like that, that was like a royal treatment. Its a really, really long walk
all the way to gate number 8. (light jazz music) – Mr Sam. Welcome to Geruda first class. This is the (background
noise drowns out speaker) – [Sam] Hello there. Hello, nice to meet you. Hello. – Hello, good morning sir. – [Sam] Hello there. – I am pleased to have you on board sir. – [Sam] Nice to see you all (Flight attendants welcome Sam aboard) – There is your seat (soft country music) – Please may I see your boarding pass? Thank you. (background noise drowns out speaker) – [Sam] Yes! So this is my amenity kit, right? – [Flight Attendant] Yes,
this is the amenity kit. That is your reading materials. (Background noise drowns out speaker) Would you like to have
something to drink for you now? – [Sam] What do you have? – We have some champagne
(lists foreign drinks) – [Sam] Can I have the signature drink? – The ambarella juice? Certainly. Ill get it for you. – [Sam] Yeah. Wow finally, I came on
board Garuda that was the first passenger. Tonight there is just one
more passenger joining me, its gonna be very comfortable,
very luxury flight, two people with eight
suites to choose wherever you wanna sleep. This suite here I’m pretty familiar, because Ethiad also has
the same configuration, its wide, its big. (upbeat guitar music) – Mr Sam? – [Sam] Yeah – May I? – [Sam] Sure. Can I just see what this is actually I didn’t quite understand. – Yes, this is the
ambarella juice, this is our signature drink of Garuda Indonesia. – [Sam] Its called ambarica? – Ambarella. – [Sam] Ambarella? – Yes. – [Sam] So its an
Indonesian special drink? – It is Indonesian, in
Indonesia we call it Kedondong. – [Sam] Huh? – Kedondong. – [Sam] Kedondong? – Yes, we call it Kedondong. – [Sam] Kedondong, okay. Let me have a glass of Kedondong. – Yes. – So I don’t know what this tastes like, its something called Kedondong, cheers. (captain speaking over announcer) Ah. This one is funny it
has kiwi, a bit of apple I think its like a mix of juice but very healthy green colour. Very sweet. – Mr Sam, may I? Please? Would you like to keep
your shoes under ottoman or I can put it in the
large coat room, Mr Sam. – [Sam] Oh I don’t, you can take it away. – Thank you – [Sam] Take away my own shoes. (laughter) – I will be returning
you shoes before landing. – [Sam] Oh, thank you very much. (captain speaking over announcer) – Mr Sam, here is your pyjamas, want me to open it for you? – [Sam] Oh, sure. Do you know my sizes? – I already took the extra large for you. – [Sam] Extra large, very good. – When you’re ready, just
change into your sleepwear and put your clothes into
the restroom and I will take your clothes. May I take a moment to
introduce our features of this flight today’s? – [Sam] Okay, sure. – So my name is Preta, I’m
the Garuda cabin today. with me, personal chef Sian
Cosasi and (foreign name) is your flight attendant. Mr Sam, here is your features. Here we have the writing
comadium and I already prepared your custom crite. Also you have the reading
materials, you have magazines, newspapers and (background
noise drowns out the speaker). – [Sam] Yep. – And also we have the cellar list. 30 page cellar list. – [Sam] Okay. – And then we have the dining list. – [Sam] Okay, well thank you
very much for explaining. (happy electronic music) (plane engine roars while taking off) – I just want to change into the pyjamas, but this is Indonesian
extra large but this is not even half as extra large,
I think its a joke. This is a children’s extra large. The crew just gave me a new one. I just changed into an
an extra, extra large. But Indonesian size was too small. I’m so used to the middle
eastern size, so it was a little, little bit tight, I guess its time to lose weight. (uplifting music) – Now this is great, how
do you know I like caviar, you didn’t even take my
order down, after you just put a caviar on my table. – Yeah – This is fantastic – This is our pre dining
service in the first class. – I’ve heard so much about it,
I think I’m gonna enjoy it. Thank you so much – Enjoy. – The caviar is very yummy
but I think the quantity is a little small but
beautiful presentation and look at this, lovely pearl spoon. I actually gotta tell
you I have a sore throat. I don’t think I’m going
to drink anything cold or anything alcoholic this flight. I’m just gonna have this honey lemon tea. (Upbeat music sequence) – [Chef] We have a beef
satay, chicken satay and also we have something
original from Bali. And we have also peanut sauce – [Sam] What is this? – Ah that is rice cake. – [Sam] Rice cake? – Yes – [Sam] Ooh, the satay. There were just lots of turbulence. We are just over the– flying up north or heading over Sulawesi. Very interesting plate
that looked fantastic when the brought it out. Let me try out three
different kind of satay. Its like lemon grass. This is the beef satay. – Mr Sam, may I make the bed for you? – [Sam] Sure. – Thank you, I will. – This flight is about
six and a half hours long and the crew want me to have a good rest so while I am still eating
they are making the bed in the next suite in the middle for me. Fabulous. – Mr Sam, your bed is ready. – [Sam] Thank you so much. – Thank you. – Wow, this is really
good, this is really big. (fast electric music) – May I close these for you? (background noise drowns out speakers) – You know filming on a
red-eye flight was never easy. And my body clock just
feels so tired right now. I just feel like I need to take a nap and I will see you guys in the morning. Good morning, I just woke
up after a deep, deep sleep. Now we’re about an hour and a half Narita. The bed was super comfortable because of really beautiful
bedding and the mattress. – Today we have some
kind of requests for fun we have Japanese. You will get all kind
of dishes and also we have international meridian, which is, we have (foreign food) for
original from Indonesia and also we have (foreign food). – [Sam] I’ll have the
Japanese breakfast today. – Japanese, certainly We have tuna tataki and tofu tamago. And also we have beef tamago
and some (Japanese food). Coming in with the fruit,
rice and miso soup, enjoy. – [Sam] Thank you very much. – Thank you very much and
we will pour the sauce. – I will say that the
food isn’t very good in in the breakfast to me. I can see the skins a bit dry
on the egg, its a bit stale. The salmon also is a bit like, I dunno, is it frozen, overcooked? The colour is just, there’s
no colour on the salmon it looks dark. The taste doesn’t taste good. Even the miso soup isn’t the
Japanese miso soup I’m used to. So unfortunately I didn’t find
the breakfast to be great. – Mr Sam we have Bajigur
this is originated from west Java. We serve hot. – [Sam] What’s Bajigur? – Bajigur is made from the coconut also and the brown sugar. – [Sam] Okay, I’ll have a little try yeah. Something called Bajigur. Oh it has a coconut flavour. Oh, again everything from
Indonesia is very sweet very, very sweet. Indonesian people love sugar like me! Indonesian prawn cracker. Crumble right? – Crumble. – Prawn cracker. I can have prawn crackers all day long. Best thing for breakfast, cracker. Well the flight has come to
an end, here is my verdict. The best thing about Garuda
first class is the privacy, and the five-star cabin crew. You feel like you are in an
oasis, there is literally no passengers, no one
around sharing with you. You have absolutely command. The five-star cabin crew
made me feel I am a royalty. I have never seen any bad
review in Garuda first class, everybody, every blogger rave about it. And there is no reason
to have a bad review on Garuda first class because
they did just so good. I really want to apologise to our viewers I didn’t do much today I was so tired. After takeoff I had a meal
then I just went to sleep and now we are just about
half an hour before landing. I had a sore throat and I
was really tired and I think after a deep travel,
my body taking a toll. But I hope you enjoyed the
journey with me together. And to all my Indonesian
viewers terimakasih trumpalagi. (muffled speaking) – [Sam] Oh, I forgot about my shoes. I was so comfy wearing
this slipper here, oh dear. – Thank you. – [Sam] Thank you, I’m going
to take this slipper away, to go home. My slipper in a huge bag, thank you so much, first class bag, wow! Whoa its beautiful, you have even a cover for the slippers, look
at this Garuda logo. Well, thank you so much, thank
you so much for helping me. – Thank you, I hope you
enjoyed your service today, (muffled speaking) I look forwards to see you
again in your next flight. – [Sam] Yes, likewise its my pleasure. Thank you very much. (plane landing) – [Sam] Thank you so
much, oh yeah my stuff, thank you so much. – Thank you so much – [Sam] Okay, bye see you, bye. (Flight attendants say goodbye)

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