Is Gaming The Future of Education?

Learning methods should support creativity and innovative thinking Rovio entertainment the creator of Angry Birds has done just that. Let’s learn more about how they have approached the challenge So what kind of educational elements have you incorporated in your game? I think the prime example of these is really angry bird space. [yeah], and a really close partnership [with] Nasa Nasa has always liked really many many ongoing educational programs on science on space on microgravity on Mars Exploration and so forth this has been a great platform for us to make like engaging content on these and really really Incorporating into the games you know in an organic way Why not games and why not why is mobile and mobile games so important than this why do they play such a huge role? I would say that like you probably if you look globally More people are gonna have access to smartphones and use digital technology then have access to actual High quality education So you’re saying they should? infuse Education through the technology exactly we are developing a concept where kids can learn through play and experiment So what should we consider when developing and entertaining yet educational experience I? Think the entertain entertainment has to come first So you have to hook people in with an engaging and entertaining game in a game play? And you can’t just drop the education part in their faces if you come from like an educational starting point The educational part has to maybe be your content but you can’t you can sort of you have to live by the rules of of gameplay and game design on on what people actually want to play. Tell me about like the science of Games and humanity, and I honestly honestly feel that like when we’re working as a team and sharing information Whether it’s in business or in personal life we will end up with much more rewarding results Share your ideas on the topic and learn more about how we can create a better future Go to Nesta comm Slash Pre-order the future Do you think the being angry Birds has their gonna do it being finland like with the [movement]? Yeah general? Yeah, people are very grumpy. Okay? Yeah

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  1. E learning is really great! Iy includes educational videos, slide shows, questions and GAMES!!! I LOVE DIGITAL LEARNING! IT INCREASES LOGIC! IT INTERACTIVE!

  2. Dude… I used to be so obsessed with the angry birds games… From the very first one to star wars… Damn… Those games are so good… ROVIO ROCKS!!!

  3. One of my favorite games is Roblox Some people will think Minecraft is better but Roblox Is educational Minecraft has no physics and no way of teaching Most people don't like Roblox because the reason is They don't like education but Fun I mean You can have fun but you need education

  4. It's all about great story telling u got to grab the student's attention otherwise u lose them make all the information something they can use in there real life otherwise students will find it uniteresting and unless facts that will never help them

  5. Have them take a personality test to get to know their likes and dislikes at the beginning of the game so u better know the student

  6. If that becomes true, we can look at our kids and say, “You kids are lucky you have this, we needed books to learn!”

  7. hey i am starting to make gaming intros for the youtubes community for any one just reply itssssssss free and will be made soon

  8. Minecraft has taught me a lot about building and I even had to use MATH to build a house in that game

  9. I think that Entertainment isn't that important because in Assassin's Creed Origins ist a mode where you can walk through Egypt and learn about a pyramid or alexandrias walls and I loved it.

  10. I'm not tryna be weird. but if maybe schools used some funny animations for learning some minigames that are based about education it will help. what i mean with funny is like maybe the odds1out youtube channel he knows hot to make things fun for children but in schools teachers dont know how to make a lesson fun.

  11. Me, as a person who loves all types of video games, totally agree with this. games can let people learn about so much. games can be strategy, which helps you think in a different way. games that are freeroam/quests can help you make mental lists. and many games can help with construction.

  12. Gaming should become a education because it’s more fun and no one is pushing us to do tests and stuff if is fun kids will be encouraged to play the game! If gaming became my education I would love school it would be the highlight of my day having your favorite characters maybe anime or cartoon characters to teach you!!!!

  13. 1. Warcraft = taught me to make strong choices and strategies
    2. Dota 2 = taught me how good a teamwork can be, which can help me in different stages of life
    3. GTA = I used to play this series a lot in my childhood a lot…..Lots of cheats used would help me in spelling tests 🙂
    2. Dota 2 = also helped me to learn different languages and my verbal skills developed

  14. You are the man who inspired me alot.
    I want to walk in your shadows and i want to make my country a beautiful land on earth for students.

  15. Why cant the school syestm under stand the way children understand and think and make them want to learn instead give up and think their stupid

  16. We call it "Edutainment". We call it "commYounity". We call it Synchronistory. Welcome to a new word for a new world. Welcome to the party and the story of YOU :-).

  17. You are not going to be the president of 1 country..All country needs have to be the leader for this world ..

  18. i met the creatures of angry birds at my school but i forgot what grade i was in all i knew was we were in like a forest or somethin'

  19. I think… I learned more in games than in school , games makes me feel calm, but in school, I always feel STRESSED! 😂😅😶

  20. now ill show this to my mom and hope that she lets me play games again (about 2 weeks ago she deleted all my games and said to me that i can't play anymore 🙁 )

  21. I played through minecraft, angry birds and ROBLOX. Aswell as YouTube. They teaches me a lot of words..

  22. I learned history more trough heavy metal music than through school.

    I learned English more trough videogames than trough school.

    That's me.

  23. I'm Arabic and I am from birth of 2007 ok and I buy PS4 after grade one but in the hollyday I playing on English when I go to grade two I became a god in English language

  24. Be the president Ik it’s hard but find the way to learn your way you should really try for president

  25. You are the best I'm literally waiting for every video from you and then I'm just sitting, laughing and crying, I was deppresed and YOU helped me out of it

  26. Well, it is a well known fact that student gamers are much smarter and intellectually able than non gamer students.
    Because games trains your brain, which in turn makes you think faster and more efficiently. This makes you able to absorb info and remember it longer.

    Non gamers are usually slow in thinking and more forgetful of minor details. Unless they have a brain training method other than gaming, they can not have an intellectually active mind.

  27. I dropped out of school several times.
    I tell you this. I became fluent in English (as a second language) because I played video games and used the internet more. unlike my peers who studied English in school. They cannot help themselves if thrown on the street in an English speaking country. They are far from able to speak the language!
    I learned Japanese because I watched a lot of anime as a teen.

    I also have better knowledge than any of my peers in everything I can think of. Literally.

    From science to anything imaginable. Because I educated myself using entertainment, documentaries, experiments… anything fun!

    Well, downside is, now I’m 29 and I don’t have a degree. I still struggle to hold a routine for university and could not continue it.

    But my peers have high degrees now, even tho I am now basically their personal teacher on life, science, languages or anything you can think of.

    I just do not hold a proof of this… a certificate. Which means there is a flaw in our society, because I clearly have all the qualifications for high payed jobs. But nope… can’t have that unless I finish this stupid and pointless long routine with the university…

    All of my peers who has higher education certificates depend on me for any knowledge whatsoever. Even if it was related to their fields. They always turn to me for advice or problem solving.

    I became this way because I lived my life as I wanted.

    But this society does not want to admit that I have all the qualifications without forcing me to waste time by attending university pointlessly and daily for 5 years at least. This really needs to change

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