13 thoughts on “Is Education Overrated?”

  1. Most of my non educated are making good money.  Especially the ones in sales plus they don't have to deal with student loans and the ridiculous interest rates.  Ask yourself why is it you can file bankruptcy but your student loans are not erased.  Just think about it.

  2. The debt and systemic education is overrated. Met too many that did the most for a degree but barely did research about OUR true history

  3. education will never be overrated. But that s*** is highly overpriced. And of course we all know it's set up like that on purpose. the system is set up to keep an underclass and to keep that underclass depended upon the government for assistance.

    But there's always a but you have to become complacent and docile in order to get those benefits you have to follow their rules. When that happens you're less likely to put a toe out of line because you're desperate four basic necessities.

  4. LAR dropping truth on this one (as always). I hear that Foreign Exchange in the background. Some of the smoothest albums I've ever heard!! It makes the hard truth pill easier to swallow!

  5. Maan you right… Military is an excellent option if I had to do it again. I would have gone straight to the Airforce. You can get an Associate degree for free and GI Bill. Plus hang out all over the world.

  6. Yeah @lar I'm rethinking the "traditional idea" of taking out loans altogether just to get a worthless degree. Instead of getting a degree, I'm just gonna take the Major classes that go RIGHT with the career I wanna do. The General Education classes of college really is a waste of time. Cuz you won't be using any of it on the job. Since having the work experience is all that matters to get the job you wanted in the first place. I can just pay as I go with no risks and not have to worry about debt at all. Cuz I already know what I wanna do. I'm gonna become a Digital Artist/Graphic Designer/Comic Creator. Then use all these skills to build an entertainment business, and online art community to help the black community. I just need to gain more tech experience and guidance with using photoshop, improving my drawing skills, making better graphics, etc…

    I've already got a little bit of experience from trying to teach myself these things. So when I'm in college I will be a few steps ahead of many others just starting. I'm a bit tech savvy and enjoy using technology, ever since my Nintendo DSI/3DS gaming days and drawing on tablets. Right now I'm working on turning my room into an artwork business station. So I can improve my digital art and content on social media. I have already gained 11 supports on patreon and hoping I can gain more when I go to college. Cuz I've already become an author at just 20, made my own website, and t shirts. I did all this shit after I finished high school. So now I will easily be able to stand out from the other students when I'm at college. I got something to show for that will inspire others, and be taken more seriously by people to support my business and get connections. https://www.soulshaderent.com

  7. You right on the money with the stuff you say about college. I told a lot of young black people who just graduated from high school to not go to college if you not ready and not to go if you going to choose a worthless major. If that the case then you better of going to trade school.

  8. If you listen to these Black Queans, There education means they are BETTER THAN THE TYPICAL BLACK MAN with six figures going on seven figures in the damn bank. Tell me about the backasswardness of this???

  9. Quality education is never overrated. Unfortunately many people are not considering the long term affect of the degrees they pursue. Because of the large number of individuals doing this, it gives education a bad rep

  10. Short answer is yes! If by education you mean College you are 100% correct. In this current economy, you must learn the difference between education and skills. I would trade in my bachelor degrees for a CDL license and a trade with some business-savvy any day.

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