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  1. I can say studying at Australia’s 2nd best uni in 2019 is a complete waste of time, gives me next to zero but a hecs debt. Do it if you genuinely feel you get a benefit. Both women make great points, still very apt today. The women on the left uses the moral and optimistic argument and the women on the right expresses the reality argument. Very interesting.

  2. Both of them are right. Fortunately my wife is Italian who is genetically disposed to be a perfect combination of both of these women.

  3. keep in mind that people in the past used to read a lot. College Education prepares people for work and women know they don't want that. at least back then when they cared about early marriage.

  4. Tbh formal education is a waste of time for most people. Not even most men should go to university either. We have a debt crisis and the watering down of the uni degree market where theyre increasingly useless for jobs that you never used to need degrees for

  5. I wish we could bring these 2 women back & have this same discussion to see if their views have changed. I'm surprised how poshly they speak compared to us regular Aussies. Interesting to hear their views.

  6. The left and right having a debate. How ironic. At least they were civil about it and showed respect to one another.

  7. It's probably worth remembering that at that point in time, it was very expensive to buy things like dishwashers and washing machines. There were ice-boxes instead of freezers, so you had to shop more often, and buying a car was an expensive, so you had to take buses, which took more time. Doing basic chores around the house did take all day, and if you had children, there was even more work. I have heard modern mothers talk about how quickly time passes when the children are at school, yet it feels like they barely got anything done.

    The more educated woman is probably rich, which is why she was able to get a higher education in the first place (which she didn't use); and probably has a hired helper in the house, if she can get 'everything done around the house' and go out and do things outside within a 6 hour window. Plus looking after her kids.

    The brunette is probably speaking out of practicality, since you didn't need a large education to land a job back then. Today it is much harder to get anything, even if you studied quite a lot. Some jobs you could survive off, you could just walk in to.

    In a way, what is the point learning about facts you don't use. You do forget if you don't use it. Especially if you spend an entire day hand washing clothes, using a wringer, drying, then ironing. Also, if you had kids, you have to work 24/7.

    But intermediate is like 14 years old, that is a real dummy.

  8. Nowadays, you see how people of different views debate on live TV. They scream horrendously as if they are superior to one another.

    I have a question, though. I notice their manner of speaking very obsolete in today's time. I also noticed that it is common to the rest of the vintage videos. What is that called? People of today can be polite without speaking like that.

  9. It's funny how the woman on the right actually makes some good points when it comes to homework and the way the education system works, values reading (which can be more effective than a lot of "formal" education) and is more polite and witty, while the "educated" one is pretentious and interrupts her all the time. Education is a mix of different things, and while formal education is important a lot of people can learn from different sources and be quite wise without having a diploma.

  10. This is so endearing! “Oh no” the world has changed for sure.

    The woman on the right is backwards, sure but she was ahead of her time on what BS homework is.

  11. If anything can be said it’s that I found both ladies so well mannered & aside from their differences in opinion they were both cordial & debated their views very politely

  12. I think the woman stuck at home all day would’ve been considerably less happy than the one out and about. In any era. I’m glad time’s have changed and I hope every woman realises she is in competition with nobody and should do exactly what works for her. Stay home or study and work, do what makes you happy. Both a working mother and a stay at home mother are providing excellent examples to their children regardless.

  13. The lady on the left is lovely ahead of her time but the lady on the right is ridiculous and so stupid and stuck in her time thank god that time isn’t now

  14. Today's men cannot cope with a woman at home.Sadly society do not value housewives. More divorces and unhappy children today.I go with the wise woman on the right.Curriculum today is useless.You can home school your children today and have a more productive life today.

  15. 04:40 “Well I don’t approve of homework in any case. I think it’s quite wrong. I think children these days have a terrible time with the amount of examination they have, with the amount of study they have…”

    Huh, guess that sentiment is older than them

  16. Wow! Not only is this outdated, but inaccurate! I was born and raised in Wyoming just after World War II. No matter what adult choices we made, Wyoming Women, and their men, value education for any walk of life—including ranching and farming. Sheer, sad rubbish here, ladies!🧐

  17. My Mom use to say most woman went to college are MRS. in other words a husband. She went for the education.

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