Is Dave Rubin Able To Absorb A Basic History Lesson From Marianne Williamson?… No! (TMBS 98)

do we have any more of this well there's a big section where they talk about racism and oh we got to hear this okay yeah let's see where it says i marianne williamson I think has actually been pretty clear about American racism then we all know Dave Rubin ooh maybe I should change the titles of mermaidman on you videos after this all right let's watch this a little bit but you said something when I knew I wanted to have you on the show was during the debate you said something that I thought this is actually completely unheard of for a Democrat at least in 2019 to say you said I do not believe that the average American is racist and yet it seems if you watch mainstream media we are just caught in you're racist you're racist you're a bigot you're a fascist you're a homophobe your transfer this endless game and unfortunately and I say this as someone that was you know that I still consider myself liberal but I'm a lifetime Democrat really at least until the last two or so years a lot of that's coming out of the left and from the Democrats this labeling of abran as racist well I hear you and you're leaving out a very important factor which is that the president at least based on his tweets and his comments yes so I agree with you that a smug self-righteous intolerant left winger is no less dangerous to the emotional fabric of our country than a smug self-righteous intolerant right winger and some of the shut down you shut up you didn't say the right thing comes from the left as much as the right these days I will give you that and it's dangerous and it's wrong however this president says things it is involved in it right now which by any by any measure are racist comments you know where else we posit sort of almost impossible to have any kind of cool no this is actually really significant I I don't even want to get into the debate of of uh I think the notion of the average person being quote/unquote racist I'm actually gonna fall on the Marianne Williamson side in the sense that I think for practical intents and purposes her frame is right I also don't think racism is a winning strategy broadly with the actual like Democrat no that's that's the point I'm making right exactly I so look when what if we really interrogate interrogate it and we read you know ken Dee's book or the mismeasure of man obviously look this is a historically and structurally racist society so obviously racism Liat lives in each and every one of us that is the insight and the correct stance of the so-called sjw position or whatever now conversely I think where she is right and I think totally if you're talking to people who are voting in a Democratic primary there's plenty of people who might not use this to all the right terminology they might even have genuine disagreements they might even have some attitudes that you and I would genuinely find off-putting but when it comes to the real foundational material stuff of like are you on board for this material delivery and serious legislation on voting rights civil rights and even and the serious questions of economic redistribution yeah they absolutely can be on board for that and that's where you focus on them and that is where again all of the vampire Castle scolding performativity has a is vanishingly no it is not it is interesting to a fraction of the population and mostly by the way a highly over-represented over educated social media population this is like not normal discourse for Americans across the board who were not in these spaces so I have a little I think she's right overall in her frame I have a little bit of a problem with her you know I'll make this argument if I'm on Dave show I'm only on pure offense because Dave is a bad actor on the other hand he has nowhere to go because she's completely disarmed his all he has is that shtick because in my opinion 100% he is a racist in my opinion any on a hundred percent of conduit for all of these things knowingly or unknowingly could be unknowingly because he's clearly to me an extremely dim guy but she's got he's got nowhere else to go now so what does he will see where he goes and then where else were you going with that well what do you find it suitable most impossible to have any kind of political conversation that doesn't get whittled down to this because that sort of seems like where we're at I don't even really know who's talking about policy anymore or or really what I would rather talk about all day long which is how much minor point you've trapped a Democratic candidate in your little studio talk policy day great opportunity I mean I'm sure you've got some really serious question Medicare for all I hate talking about how sincerely it's the left is every single episode of nice yeah such it's so blurry to talk about how moralistic the left at sjw's I mean there's literally one or two other things I'd like to vaguely talk about government is needed to do anything see anymore or or really what I would rather talk about all day long which is how much government is needed to do anything which I think would be rich I don't have a discussion complicated in that I think we need to walk and chew gum at the same time certainly understand what you mean about how the public square is a place where it's almost impossible to have a conversation these days although you just need to not be on Twitter too much there are places that just makes you seem intelligent political conversation yeah however I'm a Jew and I remember the first time I went to Yad Vashem if you ever ever in Jerusalem I mean you know having been there Hitler was saying things for years he was saying what he believed and he was any said what he was gonna do the world didn't take him seriously and so much it was it uh people like Dave Rubin not would not take them seriously exactly thank you I am literally speaking to you you a moral empty-headed moron go ahead do the world didn't take him seriously and so much and books have been written so many books have been written in years of analysis why didn't people leave why didn't take it seriously and the answer was clearly because nobody everybody thought he was a crazy guy nobody took it seriously nobody thought it could actually lead anywhere but then once he started actually doing what he did and you looked back and you know you should you see this those films at Yad Vashem he was saying it and I I'm sorry we are naive to underestimate the danger of that kind of hate speech when it is coming from the highest purchase of government so you should you should fundamentally believe that Trump has that in him that I'm not here to sigh I don't need to psychoanalyze the president what about like what I'm speaking to is the effect on government and the country the words of the President and the words of the president are very serious and the words of the president affect not only people in this country but they affect other countries too everybody's listening to the to the words of the president yes I think it's time for Americans to awaken campuses you said what we also need to be thinking about I do too in including the fact that you know now we're going through this business well the president said this about these Congress women and now these Congress women and what is the Democratic Party going to say about these congresswoman where I do think this is enough is enough has to do with the fact that the deeper levels of systemic racism and there is systemic racism in this country pure way in which social policies autonomic policy I'm sorry a lot of points now that we're getting teased because that this of course is the real issue and this to me right I think that on the I think she's exactly right about how to approach people as individuals and work persuasion and the sensoria sness and everything but look that's just not a campaign strategy right but this is the area and the fact that people like Dave Rubin will always deny systemic and institutional race is a minim Karl that overlaps with all with our history Ruben last lecture that's his whole reason for existing that's the whole reason you're you know that's the that's that's the whole show he literally went to Oxford that's what he talked about at Oxford right this I mean he's gonna have nothing on this let's let's actually let this is prop stir let's play more of this has to do with the fact that the deeper levels of systemic racism and there is systemic racism in this country ways in which social policy economic policy criminal policy is tinged by obvious racial prejudice there is no doubt so can you give me an example of that yes you could take white people and black people use drugs at the same rate but a black person is liable to get a far harsher sentence for the same reasons so there is racial disparity to Tyrion so you can argue that another example is there are millions of American children who go to school every day in schools that don't even have the adequate school supplies with which to teach a child to read and if a child cannot learn to read by the age of 8 then the chances of high school graduation are drastically diminished and the chances of incarceration are drastically in but as you develop breeches many of them are in what's called America's domestic war zones where psychologists say the PTSD of a returning veteran from Afghanistan or Iraq is no more severe than the than the PTSD of these children now these children this is how it works in America we primarily base our educational funding on property taxes and since there's higher poverty among blacks closet you guys ready to give her some props I mean that's amazing yeah we're ready to give her some props I'll take this opportunity to say I was wrong Mary Ann good job good doing good all right let's watch a little more taxes and since there's higher poverty among black children that means that if you were a child growing up in a nice neighborhood in America you have a very good chance of a high quality public school education but public school education should not be better for the rich than for the poor so because most of these poverty neighbourhoods are sleeping with inhabited by people of color not that poverty is only people of color even though among people of color you have a higher rate of poverty poverty itself is a huge and almost ubiquitous reality in America among white people two sexes of choice when you see things like this for instance as president I wish to see this change I wish to see every school in America a palace of learning culture and the arts there has been described there's a term that was first coined by Marian Wright Edelman cradle to Prison Pipeline and we look the sentencing of black laws and people of color I love the fact that first of all okay Dave's dumb Dave's agreeable and he's also I'm to me it looks like he's getting anxiety because his audience is gonna have a fucking meltdown I need to look through the comments yeah she's like look open and then and then and that was great I've no doubt the common I mean look maybe there'll be some oh it's so nice that you finally had a human being on your show instead of like all of these troglodytes you usually host but I will I think that the responses will be overwhelmingly absolutely disgusting and racist but go ahead let's play one minute more than we'll move on we'll do more of this in the postgame though all our in our prison system absolutely to deny that there was not a terrible racial injustice going on underneath there is just to willfully deny the facts so there's this video of he doesn't address it he talks about this video that of what it was what we commit explain I guess let's just see this way although I think it's from January where you were giving a speech and you had the white people in the audience basically go up to the black people in the crowd and they kind of put their hand on them and then you read Brett Weinstein would like set the place on fire before doing Brett wisely I got apologizing to I'm not apologizing to any black people I did nothing wrong and I'm going to college outro get that they're not going to talk to Peter Thiel and it's very scary and and you know in the 1990s I was a they're the Patrick Ewing and the idea that I have to apologize even though I rooted for the 94 Knicks is very scary to me and if we're being right about this that the science black people commit all the crime but I can't say that anymore I just gave you the leading light of the intellectual dark web right there go ahead it almost was like a sermon really what it was just it was your speech and you talked about white supremacy and you talked about reparations and all of these things so for me watching it as someone that I despise identity politics I think it is what has it's it's the root of almost everything that is wrong right for me watching it as a one-trick pony with no sense of history or empathy I found it somewhat confusing and upsetting but I also didn't know that you were gonna be talking about Marian Wright Edelman in actual policies so I really appreciate that that video exists to give me a comfortable pivot point to talk about something that doesn't mean require me to do any actual analysis I think it is what has it's it's the root of almost everything that is wrong right now which is why I'm struggling so much with what I would say is my former team let's say there was a certain collective guilt to what you were saying that that was really troubling to me I was really struggling when I was watching it okay not that your intentions were not easy but that the idea of these sort of guilt ridden white people many of whom probably well certainly none of them and in that room owned slaves and probably many of them never came from the sentence of slaves nor would I think that you're guilty for your father's sins much less your great breath Oh grandfather sends etceteras there was a certain collective guilt to it that that struck me as as scary no not at all but I'll tell you why there's a difference between taking blame and taking responsibility yes the Germans German nation is based 89 billion sorry that that is actually the I'm sorry you can tell me that I'm like you know Deepak Communist here but that is actually a beautiful distinction nobody's talking about in fact to the extent that character exists of some performative woke guilt ridden person who's always shown like yeah I think it's pretty clear how much staying that I have for that and how totally disconnected that is from either a material analysis for politics or being like a proper you know normal human being responding to the grotesque history of this country blame versus and and reality presently of this country and your responsibilities in that because of course that's the other thing is that it's all present tense which Dave has no understanding of but that is so beautiful it's not moralization it's not blame it's not making a big show it is responsibility and I you know I'll tell you what I watch that video I thought that video and it's funny because I'm I'm not into this sort I think most that stuff is often a substitute for building solidarity and politics I like Adolf reads critique of a lot of that I thought that ceremony actually to me the way she did it made a lot of sense yeah and it's not like to take responsibility for actually owning slaves is it take responsibility for a system you're actively benefiting from and not just trying to oh here are inheritors of a context that was designed to benefit us and was built on the rape pillage and murder of other people and it wasn't just slavery fuckin moron it's gentrification its policing and on the other direction it's colonialism and imperialism and it's not like ooh I feel so bad because that in frankly and look it's not the same thing but that that's reducing it to the same level of moral cause politics it's not it's it's exactly it's recognizing that we are to quote Hillary Clinton living history and we need to take responsibility for that history in the present tense and it worries Dave Rubin so much because he then has to put things in context in his entire worldview is about taking things out of context I want to go get a smoothie I don't want to do this I want a smoothie I don't want context to exist Dave rebuttal and this is great that Dave Rubin day everyone can walk around and be the the blameless dopey is all day but he does have to take responsibility alright let's play one more minute this I'm actually really liking this this is great dollars to Jewish organizations since World War two and at the time they started paying those reparations it was the generation after the generation after the war that's right many of the people started paying those reparations with children during that war nobody was saying but it was to the people who survived not two not two generations absolutely no it's the Jewish organizations absolutely a friend absolutely wasn't just to the people who survived and let's talk about how if you survived okay yeah so no it was not in future generations this is the issue it is a spiritual concept let's go to confession and uh in Judaism there is the concept of Yom Kippur which is the day of atonement and in alcoholics Anonymous you have to take a fearless moral inventory and admit the exact nature of your character well I'm sorry oh that's also the power and that's why it isn't it needs to be material reparations but that's also why it needs to be Truth and Reconciliation Commission that's exactly it it's an atonement it's a full accounting of the present reality in the history this is amazing she's articulating it really well and she and Dave is the perfect moral and intellectual void to symbolize and we're gonna talk in these terms whiteness she's empathetically steamrolling she has a pathetically steamrolling him yes or a nation you can't have the future you want unless you're willing to clean up the past now nobody is saying I mean my grandparents came from Russia my in two generation to go nobody's I don't believe that you know I personally I didn't own slaves that's not what we're talking about when you've done International atonement and national amends for instance I want to tell you something something else that I think a lot of Americans don't realize in 1988 Ronald Reagan signed the American Civil Liberties act and everybody who had been a prisoner a surviving prisoner of the Japanese internment camps in World War two were given between twenty and twenty two thousand dollars now this is the deal a lot of them but that that was the direct people that was yeah well but let's let's talk about this the first slaves were brought over from Africa and slave people 1619 a slavery was not abolished until 1865 so that's 250 years that was followed by another hundred years of institutionalized violence against black people in America lynchings segregation Ku Klux Klan this is domestic terror black code laws which ensured subpar economic and social and political opportunities when slavery was abolished in this country the US government promised because there were four to five million slaves at that time the US government promised that every former enslaved person family of four would receive between a forty acres and a mule that would have given people who all right we got it but I just love this just Jesus look at this dope taking it on and it's so perfect because she's treat she is treating him like a kind of like dense but eager pupil oh that's great I mean little did Dave realize that I mean look it's not gonna be the same dunk fest as if I or you know Sam or Benjamin Dixon or you know Ana Kasparian well particularly Ana Kasparian but like this is a dunk I don't think he'd was expended think I have Marianne Williamson then I could pretend I'm open-minded I don't think he was expecting and this is also a reason genuinely why I you know I frankly opposed under estimating her I think she's bringing something very valid to the table here I think it's also just funny to note that Dave's got this weird thing where he might be lucky that Buddha judge didn't join the his show because he's not really up to scruff when it comes to this stuff like the glasses he's asking are actually that they he thinks that they're tough because he hears like his echo chamber like dunk on like a OC with him all the time but actually these are things that these politicians will have heard before right now he's been out no absolutely I mean he's been playing like in the kiddy pool and he thinks that this is like powerful persuasive stuff that is actually really funny because it I mean as much as I'm not I really don't like Buddha judge I think and it would have been worth doing cuz it's just not important enough but Buddha judge did a good job actually of putting Fox News on the spot if he went on Ruben and again there's no go on Reuben Reuben just isn't important enough to do it but like agreed about the same scenario or Buddha Jay's could Emily hey you know I never heard of you and we still decide to like not cancel and you know because we want to speak to everybody but we did a little bit of research on you and like you're a racist idiot I'm a Rhodes Scholar that actually thank God Buddha judge didn't he was I would have to give him props for a couple actually I think Buddha judge would have they would have agreed a lot about like college kids and stuff no I well Buddha judge used the phrase SJW and his memoir on ironically and and you know observed iraq anti iraq invasion protesters and homeless people with a I won't say anthropological distance I'll just say distance because he wasn't curious you've just watched a Michael Brooks show video and you can watch all of our full main live shows every Tuesday night at around 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time and subscribe to get all of the clips you want we're covering the globe we're focusing on international relations the intellectual darkweb we're having fun we're doing deep dives with a lot of amazing guests of course become a patron for the whole thing at slash t MBS or subscribe to this youtube channel and help us keep growing and get that content out there subscribe below

32 thoughts on “Is Dave Rubin Able To Absorb A Basic History Lesson From Marianne Williamson?… No! (TMBS 98)”

  1. One of my favorite things about the MR/TMBS segments on Rubin is seeing how many different ways Michael can call Dave dumb.

  2. Maybe the light incarnate known as Marianne Williamson "sounding goofy" has more to do with the listeners' intellectual prejudice and the american education system failing to teach the most basic critical thinking than her ideas being unsound or not well thought out

  3. Biden/Williamson 2020!!!! Joe can continue going senile, continue the american presidential golf tradition, meanwhile the Indigo Queen can go about changing the world by making america act like the rest of us (non-rich americans, and other countries containing non-americans) exist

  4. She had to emphatically steamroll Rube Davin before you accepted her? tsk tsk, Michael, you're lucky the Third Millennium Texan Gaia teaches love, which is forgiving. I suggest you bathe her in pure light in your mind before asking her to do your show

  5. I really think the reason why Rubin invited her on is because he thought he could let her make a fool out of herself because she's apparently known to be kooky, but it backfired hard.

  6. Very impressive… most people (in my estimation) are unaware that their schools are not funded on a national level… nor the state level… not even a county or city level… they are PURPOSELY funded by "local" property tax. There was a specific time frame in US history when this decision was made… and its pretty obvious why. I'm not aware of any other govt service that is financed this way, tho there may be some. The prob w racial convos… most of us are not aware of the history of the late 1800s and early 1900s. 1865-1965 were much more devastating to African-Americans than 1765-1865… tho on the surface, I think a casual listener's reaction would be… "how can that be true?"

  7. Wokebro, I dont know what's more cringey, you and your comedy stylings or this moonbat's creepy culty rituals of white masochists wallowing in white guilt to black people.

  8. Is this what leftists regard as intelligent? Comparing Trumpf to Hitler? High level big brained shit right there. Saying whitey has to take responsibility and pay for their (alledged) past actions collectively when no other ethnic group is expected to do the same, past or present.

  9. Looks like I was wrong about Marianne Williamson and Michael Brooks. They both know what they are talking about, and I’ll be listening to them a lot closer from now on. however, I kind of do want Mr. Brooks to be wrong on UBI (Peace Dividend), because I can personally see it helping me and my entire Mexican ass family! On Dave Rubin, it wasn’t clear to me until he came on the Joe Rogan podcast, that he just has a lot of bloated redundant language disguised as wisdom.

  10. Im for Bernie Sanders but i love this lady's voice. I could listen to her talk all day. I would love to see her as a Press Secretary or something like that. Everyone that is running would make a better this or that except bernie

  11. dunking on dave for being a coward and wont have a single debate with anyone competent.
    you are beyond frauds. youre completely incompetent, and nobody competent agrees with you

  12. Its not only about responsibility of whats ties into the present, allot of racisms ties into economics of exploitation towards getting people to vote against their own intrest through resentment, by cronies buying reps off for lee atwater southern strategy for wealth and power, in tieing economic issues in with social issues, where people have to see that of having to acknowledge one in order to acknowledge the other, as a ying with the yang in relationship on things thats needed to be addressed.

  13. If he wasn't so solipsistic, Dave would recognise there is more to the topic than his individual feelings about it.

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