IS 6IX9INE A SNITCH or IS THIS REVENGE critical thinking montana white

Street watch Excel might Center weight checking in channel 10 Atlanta y'all know what to do man hit that subscribe button right now because it's time for critical thinking that's right man in this world we celebrate the outlaw – gangster and we see the gangs to go bad you know we feel let down by the gangster right but the gangster is this garment it filled me I took I took this in a whole Harley growing up the gangster the bad guy he sells drugs he shoots people he beats people up here I've said once – you know I mean he's the tough guy he's to take it he's the pirate right so we root for this guy because usually the gangster comes from nothing and that's the part of the story that resonates with us all coming from nothing and taking what you want to get what you need man to get the things you have to see yourself in the place where you want to be by any means necessary right so when it comes to 69 in this whole trade way situation right you got to think about it like this man 69 when he was coming up Dawg the whole internet was riding with the boy at first it can't stand him he go this weird old man who was this guy right but then right after he started putting out the hit something he start defying the eyes and let's talk about the beef because he'd beef with everybody from J Prince jr. to yg coach to coach he was like suck my dick right and in trade way you know shaadi was behind him screaming ain't nobody gonna touch six 9s the new death row but at the same time shaadi was still in millions of dollars booking the boy paying the boy a percentage and a book and telling him it was for promo putting it in his bank account the same time shadi was fucking six nines baby mother when six not was out on tour doing this thing at the same time his home he snatched him up and robbed he when he took him off payroll at the same time once he hurt once they heard that he was firing them from The Breakfast Club they plotted to kill the boy right so when the fans came and picked them up cuz it got hot it was plotting to kill the boy on the Wyatts half so the feds picked him up and six not still refused to stay in custody right so the fans went ahead and picked him up a charged them with all the crimes that all of these other fools committee now after the fair set him down and played the wiretap and he found out about the money about his girl about the kidnapping right and about the fact that they was gonna kill him because he fired him when a fenced off for him a way out from these pirates these gangsters these hustlers he was with six nights of debate he said man I'm not doing 47 years for some niggas that was gonna kill me dog would you take the time if these were show friends and they turned on you you feel me you was in this situation let me know Street watch accident

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  1. Its both … im not gonna sit here and say he not snitching but in his position i would most definitely snitch too…. not doing 47yrs for enemies.

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