40 thoughts on “Iran denies knowledge of drone encounter with US warship”

  1. The drone was Amazon property making a delivery to the boxerπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Wake up people Israel wants United States to fight another War for them. The only reason we've been in the Middle East is to benefit Israel nothing more. We will not fight Israel's Wars anymore no more dead American soldiers for Israel

  3. Iran says it was not their drone, I would rather believe them than fucks news, america please go back home you are causing unneccesary conflict, let them solve their own problems.

  4. No. They didn't deny the encounter. They denied any drone being downed.

    Iran released footage from the drone proving that it was present and operational a time after the claims of downing.

    The title is wrong. The drone footage is available to the public and you can easily find it yourself

  5. rofl he denies then IRGC backed news shown that drone footage…
    you must be an idiot again to believe any words come out of Iranian government when they deny something it means that thing 100% happened

  6. Just like the dems, the Iranians are throwing dildos and babies at us when we're not looking… Then, pretend to dindunuffin when they get caught and reeeeeee uncontrollably because we broke their soy faces and soy toys.

  7. I heard that Antartica may join the US fleet. They are sending polar bears and dolphins to reinforce the troops.

  8. Iran is trying to start a war against U.S.A… They will achieve a war against Israel and BOOM… once upon a time here was dictatorship land called iran…

  9. I managed to control my drone with 5G technology with my amazing Huawei, wow I am impressed where it have reached.

  10. PATRIOTS: Remember Always that islamists have no problem with lying to those who they consider to be "imbeciles."

  11. To Iran from a retired military veteran of 20 years. Your starting to get on the fighting side of our Country! We speak softly but! We carried a BIG STICK!! Be careful Iran. I am only saying…careful.

  12. It is "fortunate" this occurred before the Brit Type 45 was on the station – it could track the entire flightpath back to its source – funny that

  13. they are trying to bait Trump in a war that may hurt him in 2020. England is a power in it's own right, So let England retaliate, we dont need to get involved at this point the EU sucks they need to stand up for themselves.

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    (according to our biased guidelines)…. YouTube you don't rule my life…the burden of proof is on you…

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