Iowa City Update: Your Best Lawn

Find out how the grass could be greener on
your side of the fence without sacrificing the green in your wallet. Plus, ride your own adventure on a bicycle
this fall. And finally, explore the exciting world of
STEM while having fun! We have these stories and more coming right
up on Iowa City Update. Green lawns don’t have to cost the Earth,
and now they don’t have to cost you either. Iowa City is striving to create cleaner streams,
and they’re starting by growing healthier lawns with fewer chemicals. The City of Iowa City has partnered with Coralville,
North Liberty, and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources to create the Your Best
Lawn program. Here’s how it works. You can get a fifty percent rebate for cost
of aeration and compost application on your lawn. Your Best Lawn aims to provide greener, healthier,
more environmentally friendly lawns in higher quality ground. The first step to improving your soil is to
get a project approved. To find a list of contractors and request
a quote, visit Applications are taken on a first-come, first-served
basis, so don’t wait to apply. Iowa City offers a variety of trails for cyclists
both in the city and off the beaten path, and now it’s easy to find the route for
you! Bike Iowa City is a website guide to help
all different kinds of cyclists find maps, events, and other resources. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just looking
to explore the city on two wheels, Bike Iowa City has the tools you need. For more information about routes, races,
and bike shops, visit their website at There’s a fun, free event this Thursday that will showcase science, technology, engineering, and math. The Johnson County STEM Festival will be held
from 4 to 7:30 at the Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa. Kids can enjoy activities, performances, and
exhibits that are both exciting and educational. These activities will be led by STEM experts
from business, higher education, community organizations, and informal education venues. That will include some fun exhibits by the
City, so be sure to swing by our booths. Have a great week, everybody! We’ll see you next time on Iowa City Update.

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