Iowa City Update: Tips for Renters

Whether you are looking for a place to lease or concerned about repairs at your apartment, we have a guide to help renters. Plus, how to make dealing with storm debris
a breeze. Finally, one of Iowa City’s most popular
parks is about to get some new shade, and you can help out! We have these stories and more coming right
up on Iowa City Update. As the proud home of the University of Iowa, Iowa City sees a large influx of people moving to town each year. To help make the renting experience a little easier, the City has compiled some helpful tips for people to follow. We’ve gathered a bunch of resources, contact information, and helpful reminders on our website. You can find this guide by visiting to There you will find advice ranging from how
to find a suitable place and sign a lease to how to deal with repairs or legal issues. This information should help make the renting
experience less daunting throughout the process. “Half of our households in Iowa City are renter households, so we want to make sure that everybody get the education that they need to improve their chances that their first experience living off campus is going to be the best one possible.” Again, just head to to
learn more. Some recent storms served as a reminder for how homeowners can deal with downed branches. In order for the City to pick-up tree debris,
the branches must be broken down into smaller piles. Branches and sticks must be four inches in
diameter or less. They must be securely tied in bundles that are no bigger around than 18 inches, and no more than four feet long. Each bundle must weigh less than 50 pounds. Follow these specifications and set the bundle at the curb for pick-up on your regular collection day. Another option is to haul storm debris to
the yard waste facility at the Iowa City Landfill. Yard waste must be kept separate from trash. Learn more at Come out to the Terry Trueblood Recreation
Area this Saturday to help us Grow Our Future. The City is teaming up with United Way to
plant 40 new pine trees and we need your help. We will be planting the grove from ten to
noon on Saturday. You can sign up to volunteer for the event
by visiting After planting the trees you can cool down
with complimentary refreshments. We’d love to have you join us! Have a great week, everybody! We’ll see you next time on Iowa City Update.

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