Inzone Programme giving disadvantaged kids a chance at top notch education

The Inzone Programme helps
disadvantaged kids attend Auckland’s
most elite schools, the cost being subsidised
by those willing to lend a hand. Te Karere went inside one of the
programs glitzy fundraising events which can net up to $250,000
in one night. Ripeka Timutimu has this story. A world famous opera singer
among some of Auckland’s A-listers here to fundraise for youngsters
like Antonio Ripata to grab an opportunity
of a lifetime. The scheme gives students a chance
to live within the school zone for Auckland Grammar
and now Epsom Girls. The scheme can take around 70 kids
costing $16,000 each per year. Tonight is great. We’re from Te Tai Rawhiti. My daughter got into Inzone
this year. In the past, nights like this have
netted up to $250k in one night. Antonio says it has helped
make his dreams a reality. Applications for the scheme
are now open for 2018. Ripeka Timutimu, Te Karere.

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