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Hey friends! Welcome to this new world. Oh no! Here he comes again. I’m sure you have guessed by now where I am. That’s right kids, inside a video game. Playing video games is so much fun. I can do this all day long. But not with these dragons. So today, I’m going to tell you
the fascinating story.. ..behind the invention of video games. Ouch. We need to get out of here. Zooom in. Did you know? The Video Game Era
started as early as the 1950’s. But because of the high costs back then,.. ..these video games were used only for
boring research purposes. But soon, in 1958,.. .. a video game was created
for entertainment. It was a tennis game for two. Oops, this is not the game I
am talking about! Just a minute, friends. Here it is. The game looked something like
this, at that time. But again, it was discontinued in a year,
because of it’s high cost. As the decade progressed, many game
designing enthusiasts,.. ..came up with different kinds
of computer games. Like sports, puzzles, cards, logic
and even board games. However, these too didn’t make it
to the common public. But one man, decided to take
the road less traveled. And today, we know this man as
the ‘Father of Video Games’. Ralph Baer, was an engineer, who saw an
opportunity in the falling prizes of TV sets. To bring down costs, Ralph began
to explore the idea,.. .. of playing video games on TV screens. But his early attempts were not fruitful. However, in 1966.. ..Ralph decided to present his brain child
to one of his supervisors. A smart move, indeed. As he was given a sum of
2500 dollars immediately. Along with the time and help of
two other engineers,.. ..and then began the days and
nights of hard work. Soon, Ralph and the 2 men,.. ..developed the world’s first
Video Game Console. And to play the exciting games, all you had
to do was connect the console to your TV set. So, Ralph took his invention to
apply for a patent. Interestingly, within 15 minutes,
every examiner on the floor,.. ..was around it, wanting to play the game. You see these adults, fighting
over a video game? And they say kids are addicted to it. Soon, Ralph started seeking a buyer
for his invention. But no one took him, or his
invention seriously. Luckily, there was one electronics company,
who saw it’s potential. And in 1972,.. ..the world’s first video game system
was rolled out to the public. And as you know how entertaining
video games are.. just one year,
100,000 consoles were sold. And, 300,000 by the end of 1975. Through the years as the cost
of computers fell.. The coin based Arcade video games came in
and ruled the gaming industry. Technology progressed by leaps and bounds. And so did the home gaming systems. And today, we even have
motion sensing video games. Exciting, right? Hey, umm… Why am I telling this to an expert like you? But I’m sure I can tell you some facts,
that you probably don’t know. TRIVIA TIME! You must have heard things like, “Video
games are bad for you, kid’.. ..or “Video games harm your brain”. Well the good news is, this isn’t quite true. Studies have shown that playing action games
help us make the right decisions faster. You know what’s more? The International Video Game Industry.. ..generated a whopping 99.6 Billion Dollars
in 2016! Which was more than double the revenue
of the International Film Industry. Isn’t it amazing to know,.. ..that characters in games, are bigger stars
than our movie stars. Woah! Who called her? Oh! Help… Help! Where is that gun when you need it? Buh-bye… Ouch! So, that was fun. Hey kids, I hope the next time you are in a
game world, you will know where it all started. Until next time, this is me, zoooming out. Hey kids, you liked my videos, didn’t you? Before you go, don’t forget to click on
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