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Hey, friends! Can’t see you there. But now that there is light, we can see
each other crystal clear! Have you ever wondered,
how light bulbs came into existence? Come, let’s find out. Zoom in! Back in the days, before the
light bulb was invented.. ..use of candles were quite common
in households. In fact, they are used even today when
we experience a black out. But candles can be very very messy. Though candles are beautiful to look at,
they can be very dangerous. I can smell something burning. See what I mean? And that is why, we need to thank
Thomas Edison.. ..for inventing the first ever Light Bulb. That has since, enlightened the world. I mean, it has helped light up
our world, literally. Thomas Edison., the inventor
of the light bulb,.. also known to have developed more
than 1000 other inventions. Apart from the light bulb, some of his famous
inventions include the Voting Machine,.. ..Electric Battery and the Movie Camera. Thomas Edison wasn’t a very bright student. He found it to be a painfully dull routine
to go to school. However, he had a very curious mind. And was always inquisitive to conduct science
experiments under the tutelage of his mother. It was his inquisitive nature that led
Edison to illuminate our homes. The principle is quite simple actually. It is the electricity that flows
into the filament. And when the filament heats up
sufficiently it begins to glow. And thus we have light. But to make his invention viable?
Edison faced a major hurdle. He had to make the bulb glow bright enough,
and long enough without it over heating. Edison experimented with different kinds of filaments
to find the perfect match for his light bulb. He tried copper, platinum and at last
he tried filaments made from metal. After trying out many options,
something finally clicked. And Edison returned to his original choice. The carbon filament was the
winner amongst all. But before he could officially
declare his invention,.. ..Edison had to put his invention to test
and see if it was long lasting. On 22nd October, 1879.. ..Thomas Edison ran his first
successful test on the light bulb. The filament burnt strong and bright, for a
good 13 and a half hours. And, that was marked as the great
grand invention of the Light Bulb! And friends, that’s not all. I have
something interesting to tell you. What’s that? TRIVIA TIME! 23 light bulbs were developed
before Edison’s. Sir Humphry Davy created the 1st Electric
Arc Lamp in 1809. And, Warren De La Rue, designed the first
Incandescent Light in 1820. After over half a century of experimentation,.. ..Sir Joseph Wilson Swan created the light
bulb, that was more of an Industrial nature. Which was used to illuminate the
Savoy theater, in the city of Westminster. The very first public building in the world
to be entire lit by electricity. Edison tried 4700 different materials,
to find the perfect filament. Including hair from a beard. Light Bulb production has evolved
over the years. Latest being the millennial LEDs. So the next time you switch on the light at
home, you know who invented it. Bye for now, kids. Until next time, when I will bring another
amazing invention for you. This is me, zoooming out! Hey, kids. You liked my videos didn’t you? Before you go, don’t forget to click on
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