Introduction to the Race & Sex Working Group

I am Linda Chavez. I am Chair of the Center for Equal Opportunity, but I also chair a committee for the Regulatory Transparency Project of the Federalist Society and the panel that I chair has to do with race and sex regulations. Regulations on race and sex are quite abundant. We have, of course, laws that make it illegal
to discriminate against persons based on the color of their skin, their national origin,
their ethnicity, or their sex. And many of those laws were passed in the
1960s, outlawing such things as discrimination in employment, discrimination in wages, discrimination
in housing, and also discrimination in education. Those laws, passed by Congress, generally
tend to be pretty simple. They can be read and understood by the average
person. But, once they get to the federal bureaucracy,
the bureaucracy takes a law that might be several hundred words and turns it into several
thousand pages of regulations. And that’s where we sometimes encounter problems because the regulations do not always follow the spirit of the law. They often extend farther and are much more
intrusive and sometimes require things that seem to be in conflict with the very purpose
of outlawing discrimination. The working group on race and sex regulations
has actually taken a look at a host of regulations in the race and sex arena to try to evaluate
whether or not those regulations help or harm in our efforts to end discrimination. If you’re interested in the work that we do,
you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, or you can check us out at

2 thoughts on “Introduction to the Race & Sex Working Group”

  1. Double talk… She's looking into, whether those policies stop Racism, in general? Lol.. They're designed to protect the labor market from racism.. But there's 10 million illegal workers here. Those laws don't protect them, so they're not protecting the labor market from getting undermined…

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