46 thoughts on “Introduction to Teaching Pronunciation Workshop – Adrian Underhill (COMPLETE)”

  1. the teacher is excellent… if only the camera wouldn't pan off somewhere else when he was pointing at something 🙁

  2. My nemesis! But Mr. Underhill is an utter genius and I can see myself referring to this brilliantly useful video many more times. Thank you for putting it up.

  3. Beautiful class i've ever heard and listend. Looking for more… Thank you uploader and The sir for your kind interest in teaching like guys like us who are watching online. It helped me alot.

  4. These are all teachers and yet many of them seem like a phonological chart is completely new to them. How is that possible?

  5. I'm afraid in Vietnam, nobody will participate and instead giggle shyly. Good luck with trying to pull this off.

  6. Thank you so much professor Adrian . Your video has been very useful in shaping my lesson and engaging my students.:)

  7. I am an English student teacher, now I am conducted a research as my final project. I plan to use your proprioception method as the method to improve students pronunciation accuracy. Do you have any journal or books as the source to support my research and my teaching?

  8. Awesome! I´ve got the book "Sound Foundations", I bought it in 2007. Thanks for this amazing lesson!

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