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how are digital devices and digital media changing the ways in which people read/write and engage with the world around us what does it mean to remix restoring and participate in online communities what is digital literacy or is it digital literacies what impact do these concepts and questions have on teaching learning and schooling in general how does online learning differ from traditional learning if you are a parent an educator or student you might be asking these questions or pondering possible answers or you might be someone who's just interested in the way we learn in an increasingly technology driven culture my name is dr. Betty Chaffee and I along with doctors Bobby Kishan and Donna Murdock of the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania's virtual online teaching certificate program or The Fault program present this introductory course in teaching and learning online there are many important considerations and strategies which should be taken into account when teaching and learning in today's world and especially in online spaces we invite you to join us over the next six weeks to embark on this journey and consider changing digital literacies and how digital technologies can help us reinvent teaching and learning as we know it we hope to see you in class you

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