Introduction to Amazon Machine Learning – Predictive Analytics on AWS

Have you noticed how applications
seem to be getting smarter all the time? Websites provide
recommendations for new items based on past purchases, you get an alert from your bank if they suspect
a fraudulent transaction and you get emails
from your favorite stores when items related to things
you typically buy are on sale. All of these things are examples of ways
you can use a technology called machine learning. Machine learning algorithms discover patterns in data and construct mathematical models using this patterns. Then you can use these models to make predictions on new data. Machine learning is something you could use
for lots of applications, but learning and implementing
the complex algorithms required to build models is difficult
and time consuming. And then deploying
and managing infrastructure to analyze the large data sets required to build accurate models and generate
predictions at high scale, is expensive
and requires continual maintenance to keep it all up and running. What if there was a better way? Introducing
Amazon Machine Learning. Amazon Machine Learning
is a service that allows you
to quickly and easily build smart applications that can perform
important functions like fraud detection, demand forecasting, predictive customer support, and click prediction. Amazon Machine Learning
uses powerful algorithms to create machine learning models by finding patterns
in your existing data and using these patterns
to make predictions from new data as it becomes available. For example, you could use
Amazon Machine Learning to analyze
customer feedback in emails, product reviews, forums, or phone transcripts, and recommend corrective actions
to your product or service teams or connect the customers with customer care specialists. Getting started with
Amazon Machine Learning is easy. First, you configure
a connection to read your data from Amazon S3, Amazon Redshift, or Amazon RDS. Amazon Machine Learning’s
visual tools help you preview the data
to ensure quality and the Wizards and APIs
will guide you through the process of creating
machine learning models. Once the models are built, you use Amazon Machine Learning’s
built-in tools to evaluate and fine-tune them and then the models
are ready to generate predictions. Now your applications
can either call the batch API to get predictions for
entire data sets at once, or you can use
the real-time API to generate predictions on demand. With Amazon Machine Learning you can create models
from large data sets, generate billions of predictions and serve these predictions
in real-time and at high throughput. There’s no upfront cost and you pay as you go,
so you can start small and scale
as your application grows. To learn more
about Amazon Machine Learning visit our website, and you can get
your first predictive application up and running today!

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