Introducing the new Stafford library

Stafford Library is relocating and being transformed into a vibrant 21st century library in a showpiece building accessible to all In the centre of Stafford We caught up with Ben Adams – cabinet member for learning and skills at Staffordshire county council To find out more about the new library and what it has to offer We have very exciting plans for a modern new flexible library Right in the centre of Stafford here in Staffordshire Place It will be open 7 days a week and people will be able to enjoy it from early September Great books, fiction and non-fiction great opportunities for young people and children to enjoy reading and meeting each other But also some exciting technology Desk based screens called digi tables An innovation suite Really hi tech, modern facilities including a 3D Printer So we expect businesses and community groups to come in and take advantage of the space too Businesses who might have an interest in 3D printing or prototyping can benefit Or more importantly people who would like to up their own skills school groups they may be familiar with the Raspberry Pi computer programming learning system we will have here All of those facilities will be here which will allow us to stay in touch with schools and individuals looking for work So realising the idea that libraries help you get on in life Right from childhood To perhaps retraining later on It’s key to business because We have some great job opportunities here in Staffordshire and we want local people to take them I think its going to be feature of modern libraries Where all that digital technology comes together and is accessible to traditional library users, but also to businesses Other public services Voluntary groups That might like to get involved in something that the perhaps can’t afford to invest in themselves We are stepping into a better space More accessible More easily accessed by everybody And the space itself is more flexible too We can set it up to handle talks, readings and presentations In a way we couldn’t do before We have thousands of existing members who are going to find this to be an excellent resource But perhaps those people who haven’t been to a library for a long time perhaps since they were younger They are going to see something very different A very exciting place to come and spend some time On your own or with your family and friends do some research, have some fun reading enjoy using the new technology You can visit our website and read all about it It’s going to be a really exciting place to come and spend some time The new Stafford library is expected to open in early September 2015

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